EPAC1994 Keywords
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Keyword: simulation

Title Other Keywords Page
Who is Afraid of a Crossing Angle? betatron, luminosity, resonance, tune 190
  • K. Hirata (KEK)
Beam Dynamics in High Intensity Beams with Space Charge electron, ion, spectrum, tune 218
  • I. Hofmann (GSI Darmstadt)
Comparison of Calculated with Measured Dynamic Aperture field, proton, resonance, tune 327
  • F. Zimmermann (SLAC)
Technology Transfer Experience at Philips/VALVO accelerator, field, gun, klystron 353
  • W. Matziol (Philips Semiconductors RHW)
Dark Current under Low and High Electric Field electron, field, impedance, spectrum 775
  • G. Bienvenu, P. Brunet (LAL Orsay)
Computer Simulation of Stabilizing the Radiation Power of Storage Ring Free Electron Laser electron, feedback, radiation, wiggler 879
  • Y. Miyahara (SPring-8 Team, JAERI-RIKEN, Tokyo)
Spin Tune Shifts and Closed Orbit Distortions betatron, collider, polarization, tune 947
  • Yu. I. Eidelman, Yu. M. Shatunov, V. Ye Yakimenko (INP, Novosibirsk)
Transition-Energy Crossing with a t-Jump coupling, impedance, ion, lattice 973
  • J. Wei, S. Peggs (BNL)
Experimental Study of Slow-Rate Transition Crossing in AGS background, emittance, field, sextupole 976
  • J. Wei, L. Ahrens, J. M. Brennan, W. W. Mackay, S. Peggs, A. Ratti, K. Reece, T. Roser, W. A. Ryan, C. Saltmarsh, T. Satogata, D. Trbojevic, W. Van Asselt, A. Warner (BNL)
Effects of Undulator Errors on Beam Motion field, photon, positron, undulator 1015
  • R. K. Koul (ANL)
Simulation of Stability Thresholds in LEP coupling, feedback, impedance, instability 1066
  • D. Brandt, G. L. Sabbi, B. W. Zotter (CERN)
Six-Dimensional Modeling of Coherent Bunch Instabilities and Related Feedback Systems in Storage Rings with Power-Series Maps for the Lattice feedback, resistive wall, software, synchrotron 1084
  • J. Bengtsson (LBNL), M. Meddahi (CERN), D. Briggs (SLAC)
Beam-beam Tune Shift and Dynamical Beta Function in PEP-II betatron, lattice, luminosity, tune 1144
  • M. A. Furman (LBNL)
Injection and Capture Simulations for a High Intensity Proton Synchrotron acceleration, injection, linac, synchrotron 1228
  • Y. Cho, E. Lessner, K. Symon (ANL)
Numerical Simulation of Waveguide Input/Output Couplers for a Planar mm-wave Linac Cavity accelerator, coupling, field, waveguide 1259
  • Y. W. Kang (ANL)
Fabrication and Measurement of a 10x Scale Model of a Double-sided Planar mm-wave Linac Cavity Stucture accelerator, coupling, impedance, linac 1297
  • Y. W. Kang, R. L. Kustom, P. Matthews, A. Nassiri (ANL)
Electromagnetic Field Measurements on a mm-wave Linear Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, synchrotron 1303
  • P. Matthews, T. Berenc, Y. Kang, R. L. Kustom (ANL), A. Feinerman, T. Willke (University of Illinois)
Positron Jitter and Wakefield Effects in the SLC Injector Linac injection, linac, positron, wakefield 1312
  • F. Tian, D. McCormick, M. Ross (SLAC)
PRIAM/ANTIGONE: a 2D/3D Package for Accelerator Design accelerator, field, finite element, thermal 1321
  • G. LeMeur, F. Touze (LAL Orsay)
TYPHOON Code for 3-D Eddy Currents Simulation in Conducting Thin Shells field, finite element, plasma, vacuum 1324
  • A. V. Belov, N.I. Doinikov, A. E. Duke, V. V. Kokotkov, V. P. Kukhtin, S. Sytchevsky (Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus)
Simulation of Beam-Beam Lifetime for LEP accelerator, lattice, lifetime, resonance 1356
  • T. Chen, J. Irwin, R. Siemann (SLAC)
A Novel Chopper System with Very Little Emittance Growth chopper, electron, emittance, field 1373
  • Y. L. Wang, T. Emoto, M. Nomura, S. Toyama (Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp. (PNC) Ibaraki-ken), I. Sato (KEK)
Crystalline Beam in a Storage Ring: How Long Can It Last? betatron, field, focusing, lattice 1379
  • X.-P. Li (BIOSYM Technologies Inc., San Diego), J. Wei (BNL), A. M. Sessler (LBNL)
Development of Global Feedback for Beam Position Control in the Daresbury SRS Storage Ring electron, feedback, lattice, software 1574
  • B. G. Martlew, R. J. Smith, S. L. Smith (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
The Impact of the Local Feedback Systems on the Performance of the Racetrack Microtron Linac accelerator, feedback, field, linac 1607
  • A. Chepurnov, I. V. Gribov, K. Gudkov, A. Shumakov, V. Shvedunov (INP, Moscow State University)
A Formal Approach to the Design of Multibunch Feedback Systems: LQG Controllers accelerator, damping, feedback, single-bunch 1622
  • H. Hindi, J. Fox, I. Linscott, G. Oxoby, S. Prabhakar, L. Sapozhnikov, D. Teytelman (SLAC)
The High Level Software of ELETTRA accelerator, commissioning, optics, software 1776
  • M. Plesko, C. J. Bocchetta, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, R. Nagaoka, L. Tosi (Sincrotrone Trieste)
X-Band Klystrons for Japan Linear Collider accelerator, cathode, klystron, x-band 1918
  • H. Mizuno, T. Higo, J. Odagiri (KEK), H. Yonezawa (Toshiba Corp., Ohtawara)
RF Feedback Simulation for the PEP-II B Factory feedback, impedance, klystron, synchrotron 1957
  • R. Tighe (SLAC)
Broad-Band, Multi-Kilowatt, Vacuum, HOM Waveguide Loads for the PEP-II RF Cavity damping, dielectric, ferrite, waveguide 2013
  • R. Pendleton, K. Ko, C. Ng, H. Schwarz (SLAC), J. Corlett, J. Johnson, R. Rimmer (LBNL)
A mm-Wave Coupler Design accelerator, electron, field, waveguide 2019
  • B. W. Littmann, M. H. Bairu, H. Henke (Technische Universität Berlin)
Design Study for the Accelerating Cavity of the Racetrack Microtron Eindhoven accelerator, coupling, microtron, resonance 2092
  • R. W. de Leeuw, J. I. M. Botman, J. E. Coppens, W. J. G. M. Kleeven, C. J. Timmermans (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Electrodinamical Parameters of Bunchers, Based on Quaterwave Coaxial Cavities acceleration, bunching, field, rf cavities 2118
  • I. V. Gonin, V. P. Gorbul, L. V. Kravchuk, V. V. Paramonov, G. V. Romanov (INR of RAS, Moscow)
Coupling Network Simulation for the PEP-II RF Cavityfff coupling, damping, field, waveguide 2140
  • C.-K. Ng, K. Ko, N. Kroll (SLAC), R. Rimmer (LBNL)
Stuudies of the TRIUMF KAON Factory Booster Cavity HOM Damper booster, coupling, damping, factory 2161
  • E. N. Zaplatin (HMI, Berlin)
A Study of Multipactor Phenomena in the 52 MHz PETRA II Cavity at DESY acceleration, electron, field, vacuum 2197
  • I. Gonin, L. Kravchuk, G. Romanov, S. Tarasov (INR, Moscow), A. Gamp, R. Kaiser, W. Molinnus (DESY), M. Kuchnir (FNAL)
The Design, Fabrication and Testing of an Iron-core Current Compensated Magnetic Channel for Cyclotron Extraction coupling, cyclotron, extraction, field 2382
  • R. E. Laxdal, K. Fong, H. Houtman, K. Lukas, G. H. Mackenzie, L. Root, G. Stanford, M. Zach (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC), A. Papash (INR, Kiev), M. Olivo (PSI, Villigen)
Simulation of the CERN-SPS Crystal Extraction Experiment channeling, crystal, extraction, field 2391
  • V. Biryukov (IHEP, Protvino)
Simulation of the LHC Beam Crystal Extraction accelerator, crystal, extraction, scattering 2394
  • V. Biryukov (IHEP, Protvino), P. F. Vita (INFN, Pisa)
A Blumlein Type Modulator for a 100 MW-class X-band Klystron accelerator, impedance, modulator, x-band 2538
  • H. Mizuno (KEK), Y. Kobayashi, T. Majima, S. Sakamoto (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co, Ltd. (IHI), Tokyo)
Applications of the Monte Carlo Code for Radiation Transport Simulation for Use in Radiotherapy electron, radiation, scattering, vacuum 2622
  • I. Zychor (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk)