EPAC1994 Keywords
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Keyword: positron

Title Other Keywords Page
Study of Asymmetric Factory Options accelerator, factory, linac, luminosity 461
  • D. B. Cline, A. Garren (University of California, Los Angeles)
An Injector Complex for the Main Beams of the CERN Linear Collider collider, damping, electron, linac 677
  • J. P. Delahaye (CERN)
New Optics of the LEP Injector Linac for Positron Production field, linac, optics, target 704
  • C. Bourat (CERN, Geneva and from General Electric Medical Systems), H. Braun, L. Rinolfi (CERN)
Design and Factory Test of the e+ e- Frascati Linear Accelerator for DANE accelerator, electron, linac, solenoid 716
  • H. Anamkath, S. Lyons, R. Miller, D. Nett, P. Treas, K. Whitham, T. Zante (Titan Beta, Dublin, CA), R. Boni, H. Hsieh, F. Sannibale, M. Vescovi, G. Vignola (INFN, Frascati), R. Miller (SLAC)
Construction of SPring-8 Linac booster, electron, klystron, linac 733
  • S. Suzuki, T. Hori, Y. Itoh, M. Kodera, A. Kuba, A. Mizuno, H. Sakaki, K. Tamezane, K. Yanagida, H. Yokomizo, H. Yoshikawa (JAERI-RIKEN, Ibaraki-ken)
High Energy Gamma Sources with Small Energy Spread. Possible Schemes. electron, laser, luminosity, photon 837
  • A. A. Varfolomeev (Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow)
Temporal and Spectral Stability of the Super-ACO Storage Ring Free Electron Laser Source cw, feedback, laser, spectrum 843
  • T. Hara, M. E. Couprie, L. Nahon (LURE, Orsay and CEA, Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette), A. Delboulbé, D. Garzella (LURE), M. Billardon (LURE, Orsay and ESPCI, Paris)
Effects of Undulator Errors on Beam Motion field, photon, simulation, undulator 1015
  • R. K. Koul (ANL)
Simulation of Influence of a Bunch Gap in TRISTAN-II electron, field, ion, luminosity 1141
  • K. Akai, E. Ezura (KEK)
Positron Jitter and Wakefield Effects in the SLC Injector Linac injection, linac, simulation, wakefield 1312
  • F. Tian, D. McCormick, M. Ross (SLAC)
Positron Source Employing Crystalline Radiator crystal, electron, radiation, spectrum 1492
  • V. Lapko, I. Mondrus, N. Nasonov (Kharkov Institute)
Spectral-Angular Distribution of Bremsstrahlung by Sets of Fast Charged Particles Moving in a Thick Target plasma, radiation, scattering, spectrum 2447
  • A. V. Koshelkin (Moscow Physical Engineering Institute)
Electron-Positron Pair Production by a Set of Ultrarelativistic Charged Particles in a Scattering Target electron, photon, radiation, scattering 2450
  • A. V. Koshelkin (Moscow Physical Engineering Institute)
Technology Transfer from Accelerator Laboratories (Challenges and Opportunities) accelerator, feedback, survey 2635
  • V. K. Verma, P. L. Gardner (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC)