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Keyword: pick-up

Title Other Keywords Page
New Techniques for Tailoring Longitudinal Density in a Proton Synchrotron acceleration, emittance, proton, synchrotron 282
  • R. Garoby, S. Hancock (CERN)
Coping with Alignment Tolerances on CLIC Components in the 10 m Range alignment, emittance, injection, linac 683
  • C. Fischer (CERN)
Reciprocity between Pick-up and Kicker Structures including the Far-Field Zone coupling, field, scattering, stochastic cooling 1208
  • F. Caspers, G. Dôme (CERN)
The Resistively Matched Transition for Measuring the Coupling Impedance of RHIC Devices accelerator, coupling, impedance, ion 1262
  • A. Ratti (BNL)