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Keyword: halo

Title Other Keywords Page
Critical Design Issues of High Intensity Proton Linacs accelerator, emittance, focusing, linac 236
  • G. P. Lawrence (LANL)
Cosmic Accelerators acceleration, background, field, x-ray 434
  • A. W. Wolfendale (University of Durham)
Beam Measurements and Operating Experiences at MAMI emittance, linac, radiation, synchrotron 506
  • H. Euteneuer, F. Hagenbuck, R. Herr, J. Herrmann, K. Herter, M. O. Ihm, K.-H. Kaiser, Ch Klümper, H. P. Krahn, H.-J. Kreidel, U. Ludwig-Mertin, G. Stephan, Th Weis (Insitiut für Kernphysik, Mainz)
Chaotic Behaviour Induced by Space Charge coupling, emittance, focusing, space-charge 1177
  • J. M. Lagniel (CEA, Direction des Sciences de la Matiére, LNS, Gif-sur-Yvette)
Perturbative Theory of the Core-Halo Interaction in a Continuous Focusing Channel emittance, focusing, plasma, space-charge 1186
  • N. Piovella, A. Bourdier, P. Chaix, D. Iracane (CEA, Bruyères-le-Châtel)
Emittance Growth and Beam Halo due to Incoherent Random Phenomenoms betatron, electron, emittance, synchrotron 1362
  • J.-M. De Conto (ISN-IN2P3-Univ. Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)