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Sharkov, B.Yu.

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 ITEP-TWAC Facility Progress Report 

  • N.N.Alexeev, D.G.Koshkarev, B.Ju.Sharkov
    Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia

The ITEP-TWAC facility is in three years of operation with proton and ion beams in several modes of acceleration and accumulation by using the multiple charge exchange injection technique. Some progress is achieved in laser ion source technology development, in output ion beam current of the linear injector I3, in intensity of the buster synchrotron UK, in efficiency of ion beam stacking and longitudinal compression in the storage ring U10. The machine status analysis and current results of activities aiming at both subsequent improvement of beam parameters and extending beam applications are presented




 Plasma Lens Investigation For The Heavy Ion Accelerator AT ITEP 

  • M.M.Basko, A.A.Drozdovsky, A.A.Golubev, A.Kancerev, A.E.Kochyaryan, Yu.B.Novojilov, A.P. Kuznetsov, P.V. Sasorov, D.A. Sobur, B.Yu.Sharkov, V.B.Shvachkin
    Moscow institute of physics and technology, Moscow, Russia
  • A.P.Kuznethcov, V.V.Yanenko
    Institute for theoretical and experimental physics, Moscow,Russia
  • D.A.Sobur
    Moscow engineering and physics institute, Moscow, Russia

The problem of transportation and focusing of an intense heavy-ions beam is an important issue for heavy ion beam-driven inertial confinement fusion and for investigation of high energy densities (HED) in matter produced by heavy ion beam. A plasma lens application has a number of essential advantages in comparison with traditional focusing system on a quadruple lenses basic [1]. Description of the plasma lens with the maximum of the current discharge in 250 kA for HED research on the heavy ion accelerator-accumulated facility TWAC-ITEP is presented [2]. The minimum beam spot size on a target which will get by using this plasma lens is 300 mm for 300MeV/u ion energy and the beam emittance 40 mm·mrad. The investigation of plasma discharge dynamic and a plasma parameters diagnostic in temporal and spatial resolution are reported. References [1] E. Boggasch, B. Heimrich, D.H.H. Hoffmann, Nucl. Instr.Meth.336 (1993), p.438-41. [2] B.Yu. Sharkov et al., Nucl. Instr.Meth. A464 (2001), p.1-5.