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Perezhogin S.A.

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 Monitoring Position Of The Electron Beam In The Air 

  • Boriskin V.N., Mitrochenko V.V., Perezhogin S.A., Popenko V.A., Savchenko A.N., Shevchenko V.A.,Tatanov V.I.
    NSC KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine

A possibility of the operative control position of the electron beam with energy from 20 to 90 MeV, pulse currents up to 1A and operate frequency 50 - 300 Hz at the exit of two-structure electron linac has been investigated. The irradiated samples are situated in ambient air of the linac bunker. Special secondary emission monitors are developed for the operative control of the beam position on the target. The monitor signals are used by linac control system.



 Injector of Electron Linac for NESTOR Storage Ring 

  • M.I.Ayzatskiy, A.N.Dovbnya, V.A.Kushnir, V.V.Mytrochenko, A.N.Opanasenko, S.A.Perezhogin, V.F.Zhiglo
    National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physic and Technology", Kharkov, Ukraine

Design of the compact S-band injector and results of simulation of particle dynamics are presented in the report. The injector consists of the low-voltage diode electron gun and a bunching system based on the resonant system with the evanescent oscillations. RF field increases in amplitude along the axis in such bunching system. RF power is supplied to the injector through a coaxial coupler. The injector can be supplied with two types of the guns: 25 kV, 250 mA and 25 kV, 1.5 A. The first gun will provide the linac with the electron beam in a long pulse regime (1500 ns) while the second one will be used in a short pulse regime (40 ns). The resonance system of the injector has been optimized to obtain the electron bunches with energy about 1 MeV, phase length less than 20 and energy spread less than 5% (for 70 % particles) at the linac entrance. The coaxial coupler allows applying the solenoid magnetic field along the bunching system. Influence of magnetic field configuration on beam parameters is described.