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Khodak, I.V.

Paper Title Page

 RF Electron Guns With Plasma-Assisted Emission Cathodes 

  • M.I.Ayzatskiy, A.N.Dovbnya, I.V.Khodak, V.A.Kushnir, V.V.Mytrochenko
    The National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physic and Technology" (KIPT), Kharkov, Ukraine

Electron beams with charge up to 100 nC in a nanosecond current pulse can be generated by photoemission RF guns. Thermal heating of a cathode caused by high power flow density of laser pulse limits the increasing of the pulse charge. The alternative way the high charge can be achieved in RF guns is the application of cathodes with plasma-assisted electron emission. The feature of the cathodes is high emission current density (>102 /cm2). It was proposed earlier to apply in RF guns plasma cathodes based on ferroelectrics. Results of beam dynamics simulation and results of the experimental research of one-cell S-band RF gun operation with driven plasma cathode are considered in the paper. Results of operation of experimental samples of the cathode are provided and analysed.