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Dallin, L.

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 Insertion Device Commissioning at the CLS 

  • L.Dallin
    Canadian Light Source, Canada

The Canadian Light Source (CLS) storage ring was commissioned in early 2004 and has been supplying light to a growing number of beamlines over the last two years. Insertion devices (IDs) for the beamlines include three planar undulators, an elliptically polarizing undulator (EPU) and a superconducting (SC) wiggler. Two of the planar undulators occupy the same straight in the CLS lattice where a small magnet chicane is used to separate the two beams by an angle of 1.8 mrad. Such a small chicane allows both beams to pass through the same beamline front end after which there is adequate separation to direct the beams to separate beamlines. The third planar undulator is an in-vacuum device that can operate at a gap as low as 5.5 mm. This device is also in a chicaned straight where there is room to install another device in the future. The EPU has a chicaning arrangement that allows several options for delivering the beam. In the near future a second EPU will be placed in the same straight. A system of five chicane magnets will allow the two EPU beams to be delivered to simultaneously to both beamlines or to either one of the lines. The second option will be used for rapid polarization switching. The SC wiggler occupies a single straight where there is no chicane. The storage ring commissioning of the various IDs will be discussed