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Table of Contents

Plenary and Special Sessions Accelerator Applications
Synchrotron Light Sources and Free Electron Lasers Low and Intermediate Energy Accelerators
High Energy Hadron Accelerators and Colliders Circular Electron Accelerators and Colliders
Linear Colliders and Advanced Accelerator Concepts Linear Colliders
New Acceleration Techniques Accelerators and Storage Rings, Misc.
Particle Sources and Injectors Radio Frequency Guns and Linac Injectors
Particle Sources Linear Accelerators
Pulsed and High Intensity Beams and Technology Magnet Technology
Radio Frequency Technology Radio Frequency Power Sources
Superconducting RF Room Temperature RF
Injection, Extraction and Targetry Power Supplies
Cryogenics, Vacuum, Alignment and Other Technical Systems Controls and Computing
Controls Computer Codes
Instrumentation and Feedback Instrumentation
Feedback High Energy Accelerator Beam Dynamics
Linear and Nonlinear Orbit Theory Beam-beam Interaction and Beam Cooling
Instabilities and Cures Low Energy Accelerator Beam Dynamics
Beam Dynamics, Misc.

Author Index

Plenary and Special Sessions

CEBAF Commissioning and Future Plans
Hermann A. Grunder
The Advanced Photon Source
John N. Galayda
Commissioning and Performance of the HIMAC Medical Accelerator
S. Yamada
Accelerator Field Development at Novosibirsk (History, Status, Prospects)
A. Skrinsky
A Personal Perspective of High Energy Accelerators
Gustav-Adolf Voss
Photon-Photon Colliders
Andrew M. Sessler
Transmutation and Energy Production with High Power Accelerators
G.P. Lawrence
The Large Hadron Collider
L.R. Evans
Frontiers of Particle Physics
L. Okun
Experimental Studies of Longitudinal Dynamics of Space-Charge Dominated Electron Beams
D.X. Wang
High-Energy High-Luminosity µ+ µ- Collider Design
Robert B. Palmer, Richard Fernow, Juan C. Gallardo, Y.Y. Lee, Yagmur Torun, David Neuffer, David Winn

Accelerator Applications

Hadron Particle Therapy
Jose R. Alonso
Micromechanics via Synchrotron Radiation
H. Guckel
Radionuclide Production for the Biosciences
Thomas J. Ruth
Microelectronic Applications for RF Sources and Accelerators
Cha-Mei Tang
Medical and Surgical Applications of FELs
Benedikt Jean
Medical Uses of Monochromatic X-Rays
Frank E. Carroll
Texas Regional Medical Technology Center
R. Sah, T.D. Cain, E.K. Cleveland, K. Saadatmand, M.E. Schulze, R.A. Winje
A Proposed 100-400 MeV Beam Facility at Fermilab
C. Johnstone, C. Ankenbrandt, S. Bjerklie, D. Boehnlein, M. Foley, T. Kroc, J. Lackey, A. Lennox, A. Leveling, E. McCrory, M. Popovic, C. Schmidt, K. Vaziri
Cyclotrons for Isotope Production
B.F. Milton, N.R. Stevenson
European Heavy Ion ICF Driver Development
G. Plass
A 3-Stage Cyclotron Complex for Driving the Energy Amplifier
P. Mandrillon, N. Fietier, C. Rubbia
Accelerator-Based Gamma Neutron Transmutation of Radionuclides as a New Technology for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
I.P. Eremeev
A High-Average-Power FEL for Industrial Applications
H.F. Dylla, S. Benson, J. Bisognano, C.L. Bohn, L. Cardman, D. Engwall, J. Fugitt, K. Jordan, D. Kehne, Z. Li, H. Liu, L. Merminga, G.R. Neil, D. Neuffer, M. Shinn, C. Sinclair, M. Wiseman, L.J. Brillson, D.P. Henkel, H. Helvajian, M.J. Kelley
X-Ray Radiation by Relativistic Electrons in Condensed Media on Base of MSU Race-Track Microtron
V.K. Grishin, A.S. Chepurnov, K.A. Gudkov, B.S. Ishkhanov, S.A. Kosterin, E.V. Lasutin, S.V. Blazhevich, N.N. Nasonov
Applications of MeV Proton and Deuteron Linear Accelerators
George H. Gillespie, Gerald E. McMichael
Accelerator Requirements for Fast-Neutron Interrogation of Luggage and Cargo
B.J. Micklich, C.L. Fink, T.J. Yule
Energy Varying Resonant Beam Extraction from the Synchrotron
K. Hiramoto, M. Tadokoro, J.I. Hirota, M. Nishi
Radiotherapy Process Integration Using a Compact Photon Source Together with Fluence Control and Patient Imaging
D. Tronc, F. Dugardin, J.P. Georges, R. Letoumelin, J.L. Pourre
A 1.5 GeV Compact Light Source with Superconducting Bending Magnets
A.A. Garren, D.B. Cline, M.A. Green, D.E. Johnson, J.J. Kolonko, E.M. Leung, D.D. Madura, L.C. Schachinger
Applications of Industrial Electron Accelerators at Samsung Heavy Industries
Bumsoo Han, Keeman Kim, Kihun Joh, Sungmyun Kim, Byungmun Kim, Heunggyu Park, Johgpil Park, Jinsoo Kim, Wongu Kang, Kyungwoo Kang, Yuri Kim, Sangil Lee, Younghee Kim
Application of Accelerated Electron Beams for Rubber and Polymer Modification
A. Shalnov, B.Yu. Bogdanovich, A. Ignatyev, V. Senyukov
Status on Low Energy (10 MeV Range X-band Linacs Developed Worldwide)
A.V. Michine
Linear Accelerator for Radiation Chemistry Research at Notre Dame
K. Whitham, S. Lyons, R. Miller, D. Nett, P. Treas, A. Zante, R.W. Fessenden, M.D. Thomas, Y. Wang
IREN Status: New Electron Linac Driven Intense Resonance Neutron Source
A. Krasnykh
A Cost Estimation Model for High power FELS
George R. Neil
Details of the Initial Part of the Tungsten Ion Linac for Particle Track Membranes Production
V. Kushin, T. Kulevoy, N. Nesterov, A. Oreshnikov, S. Plotnikov, D. Seleznev, V. Zubovskiy
A Series of Ion Accelerators for Industry
B.N. Sukhina, N.I. Alinovsky, I.L. Chertok, S.N. Chumakov, N.S. Dikansky, A.D. Goncharov
A Pulsed Source of Neutron Focus for Fundamental and Applied Research in High-Energy Electron Accelerator Centres
I.P. Eremeev
Moderator/Collimator for a Proton/Deuteron Linac to Produce a High-Intensity, High-Quality Thermal Neutron Beam for Neutron Radiography
R.C. Singleterry Jr., G.R. Imel, G.E. McMichael
Experimental Set-up for Multiplication Coefficient Fluctuation Study vs Accelerator Parameter Deviations on the JINR Pulsed Acclerator Driven Neutron Source
V. Belkovets, A. Ivanov, A. Kaminsky, A. Krasnykh, N. Malakhov, L. Menshikov, Yu. Popov, V. Piataev, N. Pilyar, V. Rudenko, L. Somov, A. Sumbaev, V. Tarabrin

Synchrotron Light Sources and Free Electron Lasers

European Synchrotron Radiation Storage Rings
H. Zyngier
Development of the JAERI FEL Driven by a Superconducting Accelerator
E.J. Minehara, M. Sugimoto, M. Sawamura, R. Nagai, N. Kikuzawa
Free Electron Laser Research in China
Jialin Xie
Accelerator Physics Trends at the ESRF
A. Ropert, L. Farvacque, J. Jacob, J.L. Laclare, E. Plouviez, J.L. Revol, K. Scheidt
Commissioning of the PLS 2 GeV Storage Ring
M. Yoon, J.Y. Huang, J.S. Jang, M. Kwon, T. Lee, S.H. Nam
Femtosecond X-Rays from 90o Thomson Scattering
W. Leemans, R. Schoenlein, A. Chin, E. Glover, R. Govil, P. Volfbeyn, S. Chattopadhyay, K.-J. Kim, C.V. Schank
Design of a Diffraction Limited Light Source (DIFL)
D. Einfeld, J. Schaper, M. Plesko
Updated Pans for DIAMOND, a New X-ray Light Source for the UK
V.P. Suller, J.A. Clarke, J.B. Fitzgerald, H.L. Owen, M.W. Poole, X. Queralt, S.L. Smith
Design Optimization for an X-Ray Free Electron Laser Driven by SLAC Linac
Ming Xie
The FERMI FEL Project at Trieste
D. Bulfone, F. Cargnello, G. D'Auria, F. Daclon, M. Ferianis, M. Giannini, G. Margaritondo, A. Massarotti, A. Rindi, R. Rosei, C. Rubbia, R. Visintini, R.P. Walker, A. Wrulich, D. Zangrando, F. Ciocci, G. Dattoli, A. De Angelis, A. Dipace, A. Doria, G.P. Gallerano, F. Garosi, L. Giannessi, E. Giovenale, L. Mezi, P.L. Ottaviani, A. Renieri, E. Sabia, A. Segreto, A. Torre, M. Castellano, P. Patteri, S. Tazzari, F. Tazzioli, F. Cevenini, A. Cutolo
Studies on a Free Electron Laser for the TESLA Test Facility
J. Rossbach
MIT Microwiggler for Free Electron Laser Applications
P. Catravas, R. Stoner, J. Blastos, D. Sisson, I. Mastovsky, G. Bekefi, X.-J. Wang, A. Fisher
DORIS III as a Dedicated Source for Synchrotron Radiation
H. Nesemann, W. Brefeld, F. Brinker, W. Decking, O. Kaul, B. Sarau
Beam Lifetime and Beam Brightness in ALS
C. Kim, A. Jackson, A. Warwick
Asynchronized Energy Ramping at SRRC Storage Ring
Gwo-Huei Luo, L.H. Chang, Y. Cheng, K.T. Hsu, C.C. Kuo, W.C. Lau, Ch. Wang, P.K. Tseng, Y.C. Liu
Emittance Measurements in the ALS Booster Synchrotron
D. Massoletti, C.H. Kim, A. Jackson
Compton Scattering in the ALS Booster
D. Robin, C. Kim, A. Sessler
Beam Stability at SRRC Storage Ring
W.T. Weng, H.P. Chang, J.R. Chen, Y. Cheng, K.T. Hsu, C.C. Kuo, J.C. Lee, K.K. Lin, Y.C. Liu, G.H. Luo, K.L. Tsang
Commissioning of the Duke Storage Ring
V.N. Litvinenko, Y. Wu, B. Burnham, J.M.J. Madey, F. Carter, C. Dickey, M. Emamian, J. Gustavsson, N. Hower, P. Morcombe, S.H. Park, P. O'Shea, R. Sachtshale, D. Straub, G. Swift, P. Wang, J. Widgren
Pulsed VUV Synchrotron Radiation Source
S.H. Kim, Y.S. Cho, T.Y. Kim, K.H. Chung
Merits of a Sub-Harmonic Approach to a Single-Pass, 1.5-201 FEL
W.M. Fawley, H.-D. Nuhn, R. Bonifacio, E.T. Scharlemann
Operation of the ELETTRA Injection Linac in the FEL Mode
G. D'Auria, C.J. Bocchetta, M. Plesko, C. Rossi, L. Tosi, R.P. Walker, A. Wrulich
Free Electron Laser - FEL - Study in Institute of Nuclear Physics of MSU
V.K. Grishin, B.S. Ishkhanov, T.A. Novikova, V.I. Shvedunov
A Chirped-Pulse Regenerative-Amplifier FEL for the Gamma-Gamma Collider
K.C.D. Chan, J.C. Goldstein, D.C. Nguyen, H. Takeda
Alignment and Magnet Error Tolerances for the LCLS X-Ray FEL
H.-D. Nuhn, E.T. Scharlemann, R. Schlüter
Electron Transport and Emittance Diagnostics in CIRFEL
J. Krishnaswamy, I.S. Lehrman, R. Hartley, R.H. Austin
Study on Accelerator Noise Effects on a Far-Infrared FEL Oscillator
Shinian Fu, Yinbao Chen, Zhibin Huang
Status of the UCLA High-Gain Infrared Free Electron Laser
M. Hogan, C. Pellegrini, J. Rosenzweig, G. Travish, A. Varfolomeev
Accelerator Design for the High-Power Industrial FEL
D.V. Neuffer, S. Benson, J. Bisognano, D. Douglas, H.F. Dylla, D. Kehne, J. Fugitt, K. Jordan, Z. Li, H.-X. Liu, L. Merminga, G. Neil, M. Shinn, C. Sinclair, M. Wiseman, M. Cornacchia
Free Electron Laser Amplifier Experiment Based on 3.5 MeV Linear Induction Accelerator
Ding Bainan, Deng Jianjun, Hu Shenzong, Shi Jinsui, Zhu Wenjun, Li Qing, He Yi
A High Duty Factor Electron Linac for FEL
T.D. Hayward, D.H. Dowell, A.M. Vetter, C. Lancaster, L. Milliman, D. Smith, J. Adamski, C. Parazzoli
A Kilowatt Class Visible Free Electron Laser Facility
J.L. Adamski, D.H. Dowell, T.D. Hayward, C.G. Parazzoli, A.M. Vetter
Self-Consistent Analysis of Radiation and Relativistic Electron Beam Dynamics in a Helical Wiggler Using Lienard-Wiechert Fields
M. Tecimer, L.R. Elias
First Lasings at Visible and IR Range of Linac-Based FELs at the FELI
T. Tomimasu, E. Oshita, S. Okuma, K. Wakita, K. Saeki, A. Zako, T. Suzuki, Y. Miyauchi, A. Koga, S. Nishihara, A. Nagai, E. Tongu, K. Wakisaka, A. Kobayashi, M. Yasumoto
The Northrop Grumman Compact Infrared FEL (CIRFEL)
I.S. Lehrman, J. Krishnaswamy, R.A. Hartley, R.H. Austin
A Proposed NSLS X-Ray Ring Upgrade Using B Factory Technology
E.B. Blum
A Low Emittance Lattice for the NSLS X-Ray Ring
J. Safranek
Design of a 1.2 GeV Synchrotron Light Source for X-Ray Lithography at Samsung Heavy Industries
Keeman Kim, Bumsoo Han, Kihun Joh, Sungmyun Kim, Byungmun Kim, Heunggyu Park, Jongpil Park, Jinsoo Kim, Wongu Kang, Kyungwoo Kang, Yuri Kim, Sangil Lee, Younghee Kim
ANKA, A Synchrotron Light Source for Microstructure Fabrication and Analysis
H.O. Moser, M. Ballauff, V. Bechtold, H. Bertagnolli, J. Bialy, P. v. Blanckenhagen, C. Bocchetta, W. Bothe, C. Coluzza, A.N. Danilewsky, K.D. Eichhorn, B. Eigenmann, D. Einfeld, L. Friedrich, M. Haller, N. Holtkamp, V. Honecker, K. Hümmer, E. Huttel, J. Jacob, V. Kashikin, J. Kircher, H. Klewe-Nebenius, A. Knöchel, A. Krüssel, G. Kumpe, K.D. Möller, J. Mohr, M. Nagaenko, F.J. Pantenburg, M. Plesko, J. Schaper, K. Schlösser, G. Schulz, S. Schuppler, H. Schweickert, I. Seidel, Y. Severgin, I. Shukeilo, L. Steinbock, R. Steininger, M. Svandrlik, G. Williams, K. Wilson, J. Zegenhagen
An Undulator at PETRA II - A New Synchrotron Radiation Source at DESY
K. Balewski, W. Brefeld, U. Hahn, J. Pflüger, R. Rossmanith
Electron Storage Ring, KSR for Light Source with Synchrotron Radiation
A. Noda, H. Dewa, H. Fujita, M. Ikegami, Y. Iwashita, S. Kakigi, M. Kando, K. Mashiko, H. Okamoto, T. Shirai, M. Inoue
A Lattice for the Future Project of VUV and Soft X-Ray High Brilliant Light Source
H. Takaki, Y. Kobayashi, K. Matsuda, Y. Kamiya
Millimeter Wave Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in a Compact Electron Storage Ring
J.B. Murphy, E. Blum, R. Heese, J. Keane, S. Krinsky
Commissioning of the Argonne Positron Accumulator Ring
M. Borland
APS Storage Ring Commissioning and Early Operational Experience
G. Decker
New Specifications for the SOLEIL Project
M.-P. Level, P. Brunelle, A. Nadji, M. Sommer, H. Zyngier, J. Faure, P. Nghiem, J. Payet, A. Tkatchenko
A Combined Magnet Lattice of the Synchrotron Light Source ISI-800
I. Karnaukhov, S. Kononenko, A. Shcherbakov, V. Nemoshkalenko, V. Molodkin, A. Shpak
Progress of the ISI-800 Project
E. Bulyak, S. Efimov, A. Gevchuk, P. Gladkikh, I. Karnaukhov, S. Kononenko, V. Kozin, V. Markov, N. Mocheshnikov, A. Mytsykov, A. Shcherbakov, Yu. Telegin, A. Zelinsky, V. Molodkin, V. Nemoshkalenko, A. Shpak
Reduction of Open-Loop Low Frequency Beam Motion at the APS
G. Decker, Y.G. Kang, S. Kim, D. Mangra, R. Merl, D. McGhee, S. Sharma
Horizontal-Vertical Coupling Correction at Aladdin
R.A. Bosch, W.S. Trzeciak
One and a Half Years of Experience with the Operation of the Synchrotron Light Source ELETTRA
C.J. Bocchetta, D. Bulfone, F. Daclon, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, R. Fabris, M. Ferianis, M. Giannini, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, A. Massarotti, R. Nagaoka, N. Pangos, R. Richter, C. Rossi, M. Svandrlik, L. Tosi, R. Visintini, R.P. Walker, F. Wei, A. Wrulich

Low and Intermediate Energy Accelerators

First Generation ISOL Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities
D.K. Olsen
Latest Developments in Superconducting Cyclotrons
H.W. Schreuder
Synchrotron-Driven Spallation Sources
P.J. Bryant
Commissioning the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring
K. Jacobs, R. Averill, S. Bradley, A. Carter, G. Dodson, K. Dow, M. Farkhondeh, E. Ihloff, S. Kowalski, B. McAllister, W. Sapp, C. Sibley, S. Sobczynski, D. Tieger, C. Tschalaer, E. Tsentalovich, W. Turchinetz, A. Zolfaghari, T. Zwart
The AmPS Ring: Actual Performance and Future Plans
G. Luijckx, R. Bakker, H. Boer Rookhuizen, C. de Jager, F. Kroes, J. van der Laan, R. Maas, J. Noomen, Y. Wu
Feasibility Study for Using the FNAL Antiproton Source as a Low Energy Proton-Antiproton Collider
Mike Church, Stephan Maury
CIS, A Low Energy Injector for the IUCF Cooler
D.L. Friesel, S.Y. Lee
The R&D Works on the High Intensity Proton Linear Accelerator for Nuclear Waste Transmutation
N. Ito, M. Mizumoto, K. Hasegawa, H. Oguri, J. Kusano, Y. Okumura, M. Kawai, H. Ino, H. Murata, Y. Touchi
Development of the RFD Linac Structure
D.A. Swenson, K.R. Crandall, F.W. Guy, J.W. Lenz, A.D. Ringwall, L.S. Walling
Proposed Upgrade of the NSCL
R.C. York, H. Blosser, T. Grimm, D. Johnson, D. Lawton, F. Marti, J. Vincent, X. Wu, A.F. Zeller
ISAC-1: Radioactive Ion Beams Facility at TRIUMF
P.G. Bricault, R. Baartman, J.L. Beveridge, G.S. Clark, J. Doornbos, G. Dutto, T. Hodges, S. Koscielniak, L. Root, P.W. Schmor, H.R. Schneider
First Beam Tests of the INS Split Coaxial RFQ for Radioactive Nuclei
S. Arai, A. Imanishi, K. Niki, M. Okada, Y. Takeda, E. Tojyo, N. Tokuda
Accelerator Complex for a Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at ATLAS
J.A. Nolen
The Lattice Design of Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Cooler Injector Synchrotron
D. Li, X. Kang, D.L. Friesel, S.Y. Lee, J.Y. Liu, A. Pei, A. Riabko, L. Wang
Design Study of AntiProton Accumulation and Deceleration Ring in the KEK PS Complex
S. Machida, M. Yoshii, Y. Mori, N. Tokuda, Y. Ishi
Feasibility Study of a 1-MW Pulsed Spallation Source
Y. Cho, Y.-C. Chae, E. Crosbie, M. Fathizadeh, H. Friedsam, K. Harkay, D. Horan, S. Kim, R. Kustom, E. Lessner, W. McDowell, D. McGhee, F. Mills, H. Moe, R. Nielsen, G. Norek, K.J. Peterson, A. Rauchas, K. Symon, K. Thompson, D. Warner, M. White
ORIC Central Region Calculations
J.D. Bailey, D.T. Dowling, S.N. Lane, S.W. Mosko, D.K. Olsen, B.A. Tatum
An Internal Timing Probe for Use in the MSU K1200 Cyclotron
J.D. Bailey, J. Kuchar, F. Marti, J. Ottarson
Axial Injection and Phase Selection Studies of the MSU K1200 Cyclotron
J.D. Bailey
Study and Redesign of the NSCL K500 Central Region
S.L. Snyder, F. Marti
Heavy Ion Acceleration Strategies in the AGS Accelerator Complex -- 1994 Status Report
L.A. Ahrens, J. Benjamin, M. Blaskiewicz, J.M. Brennan, C.J. Gardner, H.C. Hseuh, Y.Y. Lee, R.K. Reece, T. Roser, A. Soukas, P. Thieberger
Observation of Intensity Dependent Losses in Au(15+) Beams
M. Blaskiewicz, L.A. Ahrens, H.C. Hseuh, T. Roser, Y. Shoji, K. Zeno
High Intensity Proton Operations at the Brookhaven
M. Blaskiewicz, L.A. Ahrens, E.J. Bleser, J.M. Brennan, C.J. Gardner, J.W. Glenn, R.K. Reece, T. Roser, M.J. Syphers, W. VanAsselt, S.Y. Zhang
Fast Extracted Proton Beams at Low Energies in the CPS East Experimental Area
R. Cappi, L. Durieu, J.-Y. H351mery, M. Martini, J.-P. Riunaud, Ch. Steinbach
Ion-Optics Systems Of Multiply Charged High-Energy Ions For High Emittance Beams
V.O. Naidenov, L.A. Baranova, G.M. Gusinskii, A.V. Matyukov, S.Ya. Yavor

High Energy Hadron Accelerators and Colliders

The Status of the Fermilab Main Injector Project
D. Bogert, W. Fowler, S. Holmes, P. Martin, T. Pawlak
Status and Future of the Tevatron
V. Bharadwaj
The RHIC Project - Status and Plans
M. Harrison
HERA Status and Plans
R. Brinkmann
The CERN Heavy Ion Accelerating Facility
H.D. Haseroth
UNK Status and Plans
G. Gurov
Reduction of Particle Losses in HERA by Generating an Additional Harmonic Tune Modulation
O.S. Brüning, F. Willeke
Acceleration of Lead Ions in the CERN PS Booster and the CERN PS
F. Blas, P. Bossard, R. Cappi, G. Cyvoct, R. Garoby, G. Gelato, H. Haseroth, E. Jensen, D. Manglunki, K. Metzmacher, F. Pedersen, N. Rasmussen, K. Schindl, G.C. Schneider, H. Schönauer, L. Sermeus, M. Thivent, M. van Rooij, F. Völker, E. Wildner
Highly Efficient Deflection of the Divergent Beam by Bent Single Crystal
V.I. Baranov, V.M. Biryukov, A.P. Bugorsky, Yu.A. Chesnokov, V.I. Kotov, M.V. Tarakanov, V.I. Terekhov, S.V. Tsarik, O.L. Fedin, M.A. Gordeeva, M.P. Gur'yev, Yu.P. Platonov, A.I. Smirnov
Potential Accelerator Improvements Required for the Tevatron Upgrade at Fermilab
G. Jackson, G.W. Foster
Beyond the LHC: A Conceptual Approach to a Future High Energy Hadron Collider
M.J. Syphers, M.A. Harrison, S. Peggs
132 nsec Bunch Spacing in the Tevatron Proton-Antiproton Collider
S.D. Holmes, J.A. Holt, J. Johnstone, J. Marriner, M. Martens, D. McGinnis
Aluminum Beam Tube for the Super Collider: An Option for No-Coating & No-Liner
W. Chou
Variable Bunch Spacing in Super Collider
W. Chou
Fermilab Collider Run 1B Statistics
V. Bharadwaj, J. Crawford, R. Mau
Optimizing the Luminosity in the Tevatron by Independently Moving the Horizontal and Vertical Beta Stars Longitudinally
M.A. Martens, G.P. Goderre
A Model of the Fermilab Collider for Optimization of Performance
Elliot S. McCrory, Peter W. Lucas
Coupling in the Tevatron
Norman M. Gelfand
Calculating Luminosity for a Coupled Tevatron Lattice
J.A. Holt, M.A. Martens, L. Michelotti, G. Goderre
Remarks Concerning the g-Production Probability of High Relativistic Dirac-Electrons in the Positron Bunch
Huschang Heydari
Field Quality Evaluation of the Superconducting Magnets of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
J. Wei, R.C. Gupta, A. Jain, S.G. Peggs, C.G. Trahern, D. Trbojevic, P. Wanderer
High Intensity Proton Beams in a Multi-cycled SPS
A. Faugier, X. Altuna, R. Bailey, R. Blanchard, T. Bohl, H. Burkhardt, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, N. Garrel, A. Hilaire, M. Jonker, R. Keizer, M. Lamont, T. Linnecar, G. de Rijk, G. Roy, H. Schmickler, J. Wenninger
The SPS as Accelerator of Pb82+ Ions
A. Faugier, X. Altuna, R. Bailey, R. Blanchard, T. Bohl, E. Brouzet, H. Burkhardt, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, G. de Rijk, F. Ferioli, A. Hilaire, M. Lamont, T. Linnecar, M. Jonker, C. Niquille, G. Roy, H. Schmickler
Experimental Evidence for Multi-pass Extraction with a Bent Crystal
B. Dehning, K. Elsener, G. Fidecaro, M. Gyr, W. Herr, J. Klem, W. Scandale, G. Vuagnin, E. Weisse, S. Weisz, S.P. Møller, E. Uggerhoj, A. Freund, R. Hustache, G. Carboni, M.P. Bussa, F. Tosello
Storage Ring for Enhanced Antiproton Production at Fermilab
G. Jackson, G.W. Foster

Circular Electron Accelerators and Colliders

LEP Status and Plans
S. Myers
CESR Status and Plans
David L. Rubin
PEP II Status and Plans
John T. Seeman
KEKB Status and Plans
Shin-ichi Kurokawa
DAFNE Status and Plans
G. Vignola
Electron-Positron Colliders at Novosibirsk
N. Dikansky
BEPC Status and Plans
Shu-Hong Wang
The First Attainment and Routine Use of Longitudinal Spin Polarization at a High Energy Electron Storage Ring
D.P. Barber
Experiments with Bunch Trains in LEP
O. Brunner, W. Herr, G. von Holtey, E. Keil, M. Lamont, M. Meddahi, J. Poole, R. Schmidt, A. Verdier, C. Zhang
Trapped Macroparticles in Electron Storage Rings
F. Zimmermann, J.T. Seeman, M. Zolotorev, W. Stoeffl
A Compact-High Performance NLC Damping Ring Using High Magnetic Field Bending Magnets
D.B. Cline, A. Garren, M. Green, J. Kolonko, D. Madura
Application of Precision Magnetic Measurements for Control of the Duke Storage Ring
B. Burnham, V.N. Litvinenko, Y. Wu
Wiggler Insertion of the PEP-II B-Factory LER
J. Heim, L. Bertolini, J. Dressler, O. Fackler, B. Hobson, M. Kendall, T. O'Connor, W. Stoeffl, T. Swan, A. Zholents, M.S. Zisman
Status of the High Energy Ring of the PEP II B-Factory
U. Wienands, E. Reuter, J.T. Seeman, W. Davies-White, A. Fisher, J. Fox, L. Genova, J. Gracia, C. Perkins, M. Pietryka, H. Schwarz, T. Taylor, T. Jackson, C. Belser, D. Shimer
Design of the PEP-II Low-Energy Ring
M.S. Zisman, R.B. Yourd, H. Hsieh
Injection Envelope Matching in Storage Rings
M.G. Minty, W.L. Spence
A Mathematical Model for Investigating Chromatic Electron Beam Extraction from a Pulse Stretcher Ring
Yu.N. Grigor'ev, A.Yu. Zelinsky
The Dynamical Aperture of ISI - 800
S. Efimov, I. Karnaukhov, S. Kononenko, A. Shcherbakov, A. Tarasenko, A. Zelinsky
The Influence of Residual Vertical Dispersion on LEP Performance
P. Collier, H. Schmickler
Operational Procedures to Obtain High Beam-Beam Tune Shifts in LEP Pretzel Operation
R. Bailey, P. Collier, T. Bohl, H. Burkhardt, K. Cornelis, G. De Rijk, A. Faugier, M. Jonker, M. Lamont, G. Roy, H. Schmickler, J. Wenninger
Synchrotron Phase Space Injection into LEP
P. Collier
Systematic Studies of the LEP Working Point
P. Collier, H. Schmickler
Modification of the LEP Electrostatic Separator Systems for Operation with Bunch Trains
B. Balhan, A. Burton, E. Carlier, J.-P. Deluen, J. Dieperink, N. Garrel, B. Goddard, R. Guinand, W. Kalbreier, M. Laffin, M. Lamont, V. Mertens, J. Poole, H. Verhagen
Low Emittance Lattice for LEP
Y. Alexahin, D. Brandt, K. Cornelis, A. Hofmann, J.P. Koutchouk, M. Meddahi, G. Roy, A. Verdier
Radiation Damping Partitions and RF-Fields
M. Cornacchia, A. Hofmann
Experiments on Beam-Beam Depolarization at LEP
R. Assmann, A. Blondel, B. Dehning, A. Drees, P. Grosse-Wiesmann, H. Grote, M. Placidi, R. Schmidt, F. Tecker, J. Wenninger
Measurements of Impedance Distributions and Instability Thresholds in LEP
D. Brandt, P. Castro, K. Cornelis, A. Hofmann, G. Morpurgo, G.L. Sabbi, J. Wenninger, B. Zotter
A Preliminary Lattice Design of a Tau-Charm Factory Storage Ring in Beijing
N. Huang, L. Jin, Y. Wu, G. Xu
Low Energy Ring Lattice of the PEP II Asymmetric B-Factory
Y. Cai, M. Donald, R. Helm, J. Irwin, Y. Nosochkov, D.M. Ritson, Y. Yan, E. Forest, A. Zholents
Damping Rates of the SRRC Storage Ring
K.T. Hsu, C.C. Kuo, W.K. Lau, W.T. Weng
Performance of the SRRC Storage Ring and Wiggler Commissioning
C. Kuo, K.T. Hsu, G.H. Luo, W.K. Lau, Ch. Wang, H.P. Chang, L.H. Chang, M.H. Wang, J.C. Lee, C.S. Hsue, W.T. Weng, Y.C. Liu
Detector Solenoid Compensation in the PEP-II B-Factory
Y. Nosochkov, Y. Cai, J. Irwin, M. Sullivan, E. Forest
Swamp Plots for Dynamic Aperture studies of PEP-II Lattices
Y.T. Yan, J. Irwin, Y. Cai, T. Chen, D. Ritson
Lattice Design for the High Energy Ring of the SLAC B-Factory (PEP-II)
M.H.R. Donald, Y. Cai, J. Irwin, Y. Nosochkov, D.M. Ritson, J. Seeman, H.-U. Wienands, Y.T. Yan
The APS Booster Synchrotron: Commissioning and Operational Experience
S.V. Milton
A Preliminary Design for a Tau-Charm Factory
J. Norem, E. Crosbie, J. Repond, L. Teng
A Spin Control System for the South Hall Ring at the Bates Linear Accelerator Center
T. Zwart, P. Ivanov, Yu. Shatunov, R. Averill, K. Jacobs, S. Kowalski, W. Turchinetz
Beam-Based Alignment of Sextupoles with the Modulation Method
M. Kikuchi, K. Egawa, H. Fukuma, M. Tejima

Linear Colliders and Advanced Accelerator Concepts

The Stanford Linear Collider
Paul Emma
Options and Trade-Offs in Linear Collider Design
J. Rossbach
Test Facilities for Future Linear Colliders
Ronald D. Ruth
Channel Guided Lasers for Plasma Accelerators
H.M. Milchberg, C.G. Durfee III, T.M. Antonsen, P. Mora
Inverse Cerenkov Accelerator Results
W.D. Kimura
Measurements of Plasma Wake-Fields in the Blow-Out Regime
N. Barov, M. Conde, J.B. Rosenzweig, P. Schoessow, G. Cox, W. Gai, R. Konecny, J. Power, J. Simpson
Experimental Study of Electron Acceleration by Plasma Beat-Waves with Nd Lasers
F. Amiranoff, F. Moulin, J. Fusellier, J.M. Joly, M. Juillard, M. Bercher, D. Bernard, A. Debraine, J.M. Dieulot, F. Jacquet, P. Matricon, Ph. Miné, B. Montès, R. Morano, P. Poilleux, A. Specka, J. Morillo, J. Ardonceau, B. Cros, G. Matthieussent, C. Stenz, P. Mora
A Broadband Electron Spectrometer and Electron Detectors for Laser Accelerator Experiments
C.E. Clayton, K.A. Marsh, C. Joshi, C.B. Darrow, A.E. Dangor, A. Modena, Z. Najmudin, V. Malka
Photon Acceleration from Rest to the Speed of Light
C.H. Lai, T. Katsouleas, R. Liou, W.B. Mori, C. Joshi, P. Muggli, R. Brogle, J. Dawson
A Constant Gradient Planar Accelerating Structure for Linac Use
Y.W. Kang, P.J. Matthews, R.L. Kustom
Pulse to Pulse Stability Issues in the SLC
C. Adolphsen, R. Assmann, F.J. Decker, P. Emma, J. Frisch, L.J. Hendrickson, P. Krejcik, M. Minty, N. Phinney, P. Raimondi, M.C. Ross, T. Slaton, W. Spence, R. Stege, H. Tang, F. Tian, J. Turner, M. Woodley, F. Zimmermann
HOM-Free Linear Accelerating Structure for e+e- Linear Collider at C-Band
T. Shintake, K. Kubo, H. Matsumoto, O. Takeda
SLAC/CERN High Gradient Tests of an X-Band Accelerating Section
J.W. Wang, G.A. Loew, R.J. Loewen, R.D. Ruth, A.E. Vlieks, I. Wilson, W. Wuensch

Linear Colliders

Performance of the 1994/95 SLC Final Focus System
F. Zimmermann, T. Barklow, S. Ecklund, P. Emma, D. McCormick, N. Phinney, P. Raimondi, M. Ross, T. Slaton, F. Tian, J. Turner, M. Woodley, M. Placidi, N. Toge, N. Walker
Direct Measurement of Transverse Wakefields in the SLC Linac
P. Krejcik, R. Assmann, F.-J. Decker, S. Hartman, R. Miller, T. Raubenheimer
Feedback Performance at the Stanford Linear Collider
M.G. Minty, C. Adolphsen, L.J. Hendrickson, R. Sass, T. Slaton, M. Woodley
Vibration Studies of the Stanford Linear Accelerator
J.L. Turner, C. Adolphsen, G.B. Bowden, F.J. Decker, S.C. Hartman, S. Matsumoto, G. Mazaheri, D. McCormick, M. Ross, R. Stege, S. Virostek, M. Woodley
SLAC Modulator Availability and Impact on SLC Operation
A.R. Donaldson, J.R. Ashton
The SLC as a Second Generation Linear Collider
J.E. Spencer
Status of the Design for the TESLA Linear Collider
R. Brinkmann
The TESLA Test Facility (TTF Linac - A Status Report)
H. Weise
The Infrastructure for the TESLA Test Facility (TTF - A Status Report)
S. Wolff
The Status of the S-Band Linear Collider Study
N. Holtkamp
The S-Band Linear Collider Test Facility
N. Holtkamp
Beam Dynamics Studies for the SBLC
M. Drevlak, R. Wanzenberg
S-Band HOM-Damper Calculations and Experiments
M. Dohlus, M. Marx, N. Holtkamp, P. Hülsmann, W.F.O. Müller, M. Kurz, H.-W. Glock, H. Klein
The S-Band 36-Cell Experiment
B. Krietenstein, O. Podebrad, U. v.Rienen, T. Weiland, H.-W. Glock, P. Hülsmann, H. Klein, M. Kurz, C. Peschke, M. Dohlus, N. Holtkamp
Parameters for the SLAC Next Linear Collider
T. Raubenheimer, C. Adolphsen, D. Burke, P. Chen, S. Ecklund, J. Irwin, G. Loew, T. Markiewicz, R. Miller, E. Paterson, N. Phinney, M. Ross, R. Ruth, J. Sheppard, H. Tang, K. Thompson, P. Wilson
A Damping Ring Design for the SLAC Next Linear Collider
T.O. Raubenheimer, J. Byrd, J. Corlett, R. Early, M. Furman, A. Jackson, P. Krejcik, K. Kubo, T. Mattison, M. Minty, W. Moshammer, D. Robin, B. Scott, J. Spencer, K. Thompson, P. Wilson
A Bunch Compressor for the Next Linear Collider
P. Emma, T. Raubenheimer, F. Zimmermann
A Final Focus System for the Next Linear Collider
F. Zimmermann, K. Brown, P. Emma, R. Helm, J. Irwin, P. Tenenbaum, P. Wilson
Optimization of the NLC Final Focus System
F. Zimmermann, R. Helm, J. Irwin
The SLAC NLC Extraction & Diagnostic Line
J. Spencer, J. Irwin, D. Walz, M. Woods
CLIC - A Compact and Efficient High Energy Linear Collider
H. Braun, R. Corsini, J.-P. Delahaye, G. Guignard, C. Johnson, J. Madsen, W. Schnell, L. Thorndahl, I. Wilson, W. Wuensch, B. Zotter
CLIC Test Facility Developments and Results
R. Bossart, H. Braun, F. Chautard, M. Comunian, J.P. Delahaye, J.C. Godot, I. Kamber, J.H.B. Madsen, L. Rinolfi, S. Schreiber, G. Suberlucq, I. Wilson, W. Wuensch
Generation of a 30 GHz Train of Bunches Using a Magnetic Switch-Yard
B. Autin, R. Corsini
A New Family of Isochronous Arcs
G. Guignard, E.T. d'Amico
Updating of Beam Dynamics in the CLIC Main Linac
G. Guignard
Improved CLIC Performances Using the Beam Response for Correcting Alignment Errors
C. Fischer
Experimental Studies of a CERN-CLIC 32.98 GHz High Gradient Accelerating Structure Driven by the MIT Free Electron Laser Amplifier
P. Volfbeyn, I. Mastovsky, G. Bekefi, I. Wilson, W. Wuensch
Design of a Relativistic Klystron Two-Beam Accelerator Prototype
G. Westenskow, G. Caporaso, Y. Chen, T. Houck, S. Yu, S. Chattopadhyay, E. Henestroza, H. Li, C. Peters, L. Reginato, A. Sessler
Beam Dynamics Issues in an Extended Relativistic Klystron
G. Giordano, H. Li, N. Goffeney, E. Henestroza, A. Sessler, S. Yu, T. Houck, G. Westenskow
Engineering Conceptual Design of the Relativistic Klystron Two-Beam Accelerator Based Power Source for 1-TeV Next Linear Collider
L. Reginato, C. Peters, D. Vanecek, S. Yu, F. Deadrick
Design of Inductively Detuned RF Extraction Cavities for the Relatavistic Klystron Two Beam Accelerator
E. Henestrosa, S.S. Yu, H. Li
Beam-Based Optical Tuning of the Final Focus Test Beam
P. Tenenbaum, D. Burke, S. Hartman, R. Helm, J. Irwin, R. Iverson, P. Raimondi, W. Spence, V. Bharadwaj, M. Halling, J. Holt, J. Buon, J. Jeanjean, F. Le Diberder, V. Lepeltier, P. Puzo, K. Oide, T. Shintake, N. Yamamoto
Fermilab Contributions to the FFTB
V. Bharadwaj, A. Braun, M. Halling, J.A. Holt, D. Still
HV Injection Phase Orbit Characteristics for Sub-Picosecond Bunch Operation with a High Gradient 17 GHz Linac
J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg

New Acceleration Techniques

Electron Acceleration in Relativistic Plasma Waves Generated by a Single Frequency Short-Pulse Laser
C.A. Coverdale, C.B. Darrow, C.D. Decker, W.B. Mori, K.-C. Tzeng, C.E. Clayton, K.A. Marsh, C. Joshi
Theory and Simulation of Plasma Accelerators
W.B. Mori, K.-C. Tzeng, C.D. Decker, C.E. Clayton, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, P. Lai, T.C. Chiou, R. Kinter
An Injector-prebuncher for a Plasma Electron Accelerator
M. Lampel, C. Pellegrini, R. Zhang, C. Joshi, W.M. Fawley
Measurements of the Beatwave Dynamics in Time and Space
A. Lal, K. Wharton, D. Gordon, M.J. Everett, C.E. Clayton, C. Joshi
A Novel Technique for Probing theTransverse Interactions Between an Electron Beam and a Plasma
D. Gordon, A. Lal, C.E. Clayton, M. Everett, C. Joshi
Studies of Intense Laser Propagation in Channels for Extended Length Plasma Accelerators
T. Katsouleas, T.C. Chiou, W.B. Mori, J.S. Wurtele, G. Shvets
UV Laser Ionization and Electron Beam Diagnostics for Plasma Lenses
R. Govil, P. Volfbeyn, W. Leemans
Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiments in Overdense Regime Driven by Narrow Bunches
T. Kozawa, T. Ueda, T. Kobayashi, M. Uesaka, K. Miya, A. Ogata, H. Nakanishi, T. Kawakubo, M. Arinaga, K. Nakajima, H. Shibata, N. Yugami, Y. Nishida, D. Whittum, Y. Yoshida
The Wake-Field Excitation in a Plasma-Dielectric Structure by a Sequence of Short Bunches of Relativistic Electrons
I.N. Onishchenko, V.A. Kiseljov, A.K. Berezin, G.V. Sotnikov, V.V. Uskov, A.F. Linnik, Ya.B. Fainberg
A Beam Focusing System for a Linac Driven by a Traveling Laser Focus
A.A. Mikhailichenko
2 x 2 TeV µ+µ- Collider: Lattice and Accelerator-Detector Interface Study
N.M. Gelfand, N.V. Mokhov
Muon Cooling and Acceleration Experiment at TRIUMF
S.A. Bogacz, D.B. Cline, P.H. Sandler, D.A. Sanders
Helical Siberian Snakes
E. Ludmirsky
Performance of Achromatic Lattice with Combined Function Sextupoles at Duke Storage Ring
V.N. Litvinenko, Y. Wu, B. Burnham, J.M.J. Madey, S.H. Park
Matreshka High-Intensity Accelerator of Continuous Particle Beams
F.A. Vodopianov

Accelerators and Storage Rings, Misc.

The Amplitude and Phase Control of the ALS Storage Ring RF System
C.C. Lo, B. Taylor, K. Baptiste
Integral Dipole Field Calibration of the SRRC Storage Ring Combined Function Bending Magnets
J.C. Lee, Peace Chang, C.S. Hsue
Improved Mobile 70 MeV Race-Track Microtron Design
V.I. Shvedunov, A.I. Karev, V.N. Melekhin, N.P. Sobenin, W.P. Trower
The Improvement of Energy Measurement in BTS Transport Line by Using Beam Tracing Method
M.H. Wang, J.C. Lee
Design Study of PAL-Stretcher Ring
I.S. Ko, G.N. Kim, J. Choi, M.H. Cho, W. Namkung
Thermomechanical Analysis of a Compact-Design High Heat Load Crotch Absorber
I.C. Sheng, S. Sharma, R. Rotela, J. Howell
Novosibirsk Tau-Charm Factory Design Study
N. Dikansky, V. Parkhomchuk, A. Skrinsky, V. Yakimenko
Development of a RAMI Program for LANSCE Upgrade
K.C.D. Chan, A. Browman, R.L. Hutson, R.J. Macek, P.J. Tallerico, C.A. Wilkinson
Accelerator Waveform Synthesis and Longitudinal Beam Dynamics in a Small Induction Recirculator
T.J. Fessenden, D.P. Grote, W.M. Sharp
Progress Toward a Prototype Recirculating Induction Accelerator for Heavy-Ion Fusion
A. Friedman, J.J. Barnard, M.D. Cable, D.A. Callahan, F.J. Deadrick, S. Eylon, T.J. Fessenden, D.P. Grote, D.L. Judd, H.C. Kirbie, D.B. Longinotti, S.M. Lund, L.A. Nattrass, M.B. Nelson, M.A. Newton, T.C. Sangster, W.M. Sharp, S.S. Yu
Three Dimensional Simulations of a Small Induction Recirculator Accelerator
D.P. Grote, A. Friedman, I. Haber
A Dynamic Momentum Compaction Factor Lattice in the FERMILAB DEBUNCHER Ring
D.N. Olivieri, M. Church, J. Morgan
Mechanical Design of Recirculating Accelerator Experiments for Heavy-Ion Fusion
V. Karpenko, J. Barnard, F. Deadrick, A. Friedman, D. Grote, S. Lund, J. Meredith, L. Nattrass, M. Nelson, G. Repose, C. Sangster, W. Sharp, T. Fessenden, D. Longinotti, C. Ward
The PEP-II Project-Wide Database
A. Chan, S. Calish, G. Crane, I. MacGregor, S. Meyer, J. Wong, A. Weinstein
Chromaticity Compensation - Booster Sextupoles
S.A. Bogacz, K.-Y. Ng, J.-F. Ostiguy
Overview of µ+µ- Collider Options
D.B. Cline
HIRFL Status and HIRFL-CSR Proposal
Ye Feng, Wang Yifang

Particle Sources and Injectors

A Review of Polarized Ion Sources
P.W. Schmor
Sources for Production of Radioactive Ion-Beams
Helge L. Ravn
The TRIUMF High-Curent DC Optically -Pumped Polarized H- Ion Source
A. N. Zelenski, C. D. P. Levy, K. Jayamanna, M. McDonald, P. W. Schmor, W. T. H. van Oers, J. Welz, G. W. Wight, G. Dutto, Y. Mori, T. Sakae
Lifetime Test on a High-Performance DC Microwave Proton Source
J. Sherman, D. Hodgkins, P. Lara, J.D. Schneider, R. Stevens Jr.
Performance Enhancement of a Compact Radio Frequency Ion Source by the Injection of Supplemental Electrons
R.F. Welton, G.D. Alton, D. Becher, G.D. Mills, J. Dellwo, S.N. Murray
A High-Current Position Source
V.V. Gorev
Polarized Electron Sources
J. E. Clendenin
High Brightness Electron Sources
Richard L. Sheffield
Polarization Studies of Strained GaAs Photocathodes at the SLAC Gun Test Laboratory
P. Sáez, R. Alley, J. Clendenin, J. Frisch, R. Kirby, R. Mair, T. Maruyama, R. Miller, G. Mulhollan, C. Prescott, H. Tang, K. Witte
Experimental Results of the ATF In-line Injection System
X.J. Wang, T. Srinivasan-Rao, K. Batchelor, M. Babzien, I. Ben-Zvi, R. Malone, I. Pogorelsky, X. Qiu, J. Sheehan, J. Skaritka
High Power Testing of a 17 GHz Photocathode RF Gun
S.C. Chen, B.G. Danly, J. Gonichon, C.L. Lin, R.J. Temkin, S.R. Trotz, J.S. Wurtele
Analytical Model for Emittance Compensation in RF Photo-Injectors
L. Serafini, J.B. Rosenzweig
Emission, Plasma Formation, and Brightness of a PZT Ferroelectric Cathode
S. Sampayan, G. Caporaso, D. Trimble, G. Westenskow

Radio Frequency Guns and Linac Injectors

Design and Testing of the 2 MV Heavy Ion Injector for the Fusion Energy Research Program
W. Abraham, R. Benjegerdes, L. Reginato, J. Stoker, R. Hipple, C. Peters, J. Pruyn, D. Vanecek, S. Yu
K+ Diode for the LLNL Heavy Ion Recirculator Accelerator Experiment
S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, F. Deadrick
A Single Bunch RFQ System for Heavy Ions
J. Madlung, A. Firjahn-Andersch, A. Schempp
The Design of Low Frequency Heavy Ion RFQ Resonators
A. Schempp, H. Vormann, U. Beisel, H. Deitinghoff, O. Engels, D. Li
A VE-RFQ-Injector for a Cyclotron
A. Schempp, O. Engels, F. Marhauser
Fermilab Linac Injector, Revisited
M. Popovic, L. Allen, C.W. Schmidt
New RF Structures for the Fermilab Linac Injector
M. Popovic, A. Moretti, R.J. Nobel
High-Power RF Operations Studies with the CRITS RFQ
G.O. Bolme, D.R. Keffeler, V.W. Brown, D.C. Clark, D. Hodgkins, P.D. Lara, M.L. Milder, D. Rees, P.J. Schafstall, J.D. Schneider, J.D. Sherman, R.R. Stevens, T. Zaugg
Beam Dynamics Studies of the Heavy Ion Fusion Accelerator Injector
E. Henestroza, S.S. Yu, S. Eylon, D.P. Grote
First Tests at Injector for the S-Band Test Facility at DESY
M. Schmitz, W. Herold, N. Holtkamp, W. Kriens, R. Walther
RF Phasing of the Duke Linac
Ping Wang, Nelson Hower, Patrick G. O'Shea
Simulations and Measurements of the TTF Phase-1 Injector Gun
T. Garvey, M. Omeich, M. Jablonka, J.M. Joly, H. Long
Experimental Studies on Cold Cathode Magnetron Gun
A.N. Dovbnya, V.V. Zakutin, V.F. Zhiglo, A.N. Opanasenko, V.P. Romasko, S.A. Cherenshchikov
Secondary Emission in Cold-Cathode Magnetron Injection Gun
S.A. Cherenshchikov, A.N. Dovbnya, A.N. Opanasenko
Design of a High Charge CW Photocathode Injector Test Stand at CEBAF
H. Liu, D. Kehne, S. Benson, J. Bisognano, L. Cardman, F. Dylla, D. Engwall, J. Fugitt, K. Jordan, G. Neil, D. Neuffer, C. Sinclair, M. Wiseman, B. Yunn
CANDELA Photo-Injector Experimental Results With a Dispenser Photocathode
C. Travier, B. Leblond, M. Bernard, J.N. Cayla, P. Thomas, P. Georges
A Multi-Cell RF Photoinjector Design
Sanghyun Park
On the Frequency Scalings of RF Guns
Leon C.-L. Lin, J.S. Wurtele, S.C. Chen
Waveguide Broad-Wall Coupling for RF Guns
Leon C.-L. Lin, S.C. Chen, J.S. Wurtele
Charge and Wavelength Scaling of RF Photoinjectors: A Design Tool
J. Rosenzweig, E. Colby
A Photocathode RF Gun Design for a mm-Wave Linac-Based FEL
A. Nassiri, T. Berenc, J. Foster, G. Waldschmidt, J. Zhou
The RF Gun Development at SRRC
C.H. Ho, W.K. Lau, J.I. Hwang, S.Y. Hsu, Y.C. Liu
Design and Construction of High Brightness RF Photoinjectors for TESLA
E. Colby, V. Bharadwaj, J.F. Ostiguy, T. Nicol, M. Conde, J. Rosenzweig
Jitter Sensitivity in Photoinjectors
Patrick G. O'Shea
Asymmetric Emittance Beam Generation Using Round Beam RF Guns and Non-linear Optics
G. Fiorentini, C. Pagani, L. Serafini
The Argonne Wakefield Accelerator High Current Photocathode Gun and Drive Linac
P. Schoessow, E. Chojnacki, G. Cox, W. Gai, C. Ho, R. Konecny, J. Power, M. Rosing, J. Simpson, N. Barov, M. Conde
Witness Gun for the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator
J. Power, J. Simpson, E. Chojnacki, R. Konecny
Microwave Measurements of the BNL/SLAC/UCLA 1.6 Cell Photocathode RF Gun
D.T. Palmer, R.H. Miller, H. Winick, X.J. Wang, K. Batchelor, M. Woodle, I. Ben-Zvi
Subpicosecond, Ultra-Bright Electron Injector
Bruce E. Carlsten, Martin L. Milder, John M. Kinross-Wright, Donald W. Feldman, Steven Russell, John G. Plato, Alan Shapiro, Boyd Sherwood, Jan Studebaker, Richard Lovato, David Warren, Carl Timmer, Ronald Cooper, Ronald Sturges, Mel Williams
Energy Spread Compensation in an Electron Linear Accelerator
Yu.D. Tur, A.N. Dovbnya, V.A. Kushnir, V.V. Mitrochenko, D.L. Stepin
On Enhancement of Limited Accelerating Charge
Yu. Tur
Magnetic Pulse Compression Using a Third Harmonic RF Linearizer
D.H. Dowell, T.D. Hayward, A.M. Vetter
A Comparison of L-Band and C-Band RF Guns as Sources for Inline-Injection Systems
Juan C. Gallardo, Harold G. Kirk, Thomas Meyerer
Progress in the Study and Construction of the TESLA Test Facility Injector
R. Chehab, M. Bernard, J.C. Bourdon, T. Garvey, B. Jacquemard, M. Mencick, B. Mouton, M. Omeich, J. Rodier, P. Roudier, J.L. Saury, M. Taurigna-Quere, Y. Thiery, B. Aune, M. Desmons, J. Fusellier, F. Gougnaud, J.F. Gournay, M. Jablonka, J.M. Joly, M. Juillard, Y. Lussignol, A. Mosnier, B. Phung, S. Buhler, T. Junquera

Particle Sources

Hollow Beam Profile in the Extraction System of ECR Ion Source
Y. Batygin, A. Goto, Y. Yano
Ion Sources for Use in Research and Applied High Voltage Accelerators
S. Nikiforov, V. Golubev, D. Solnyshkov, M. Svinin, G. Voronin
Direct Fast Beam Chopping of H- Ion Beam in the Surface-Plasma H- Ion Source
K. Shinto, A. Takagi, Z. Igarashi, K. Ikegami, M. Kinsho, S. Machida, M. Yoshii, Y. Mori
Emittance Measurements of the High Intensity Polarized Ion Source at IUCF
V. Derenchuk, R. Brown, H. Petri, E. Stephenson, M. Wedekind
Report on EBIS Studies for a RHIC Preinjector
E. Beebe, A. Hershcovitch, A. Kponou, K. Prelec, J. Alessi, R. Schmieder
Development of a Volume H- Ion Source for LAMPF
D.R. Swenson, R.L. York, R.R. Stevens Jr., C. Geisik, W. Ingalls, J.E. Stelzer, D. Fitzgerald
Generation of High Purity CW Proton Beams from Microwave-Driven Sources
David Spence, Keith R. Lykke
Computational Studies for an Advanced Design ECR Ion Source
G.D. Alton, J. Dellwo, R.F. Welton, D.N. Smithe
Pulsed Ion Sources of Duoplasmatron Type with Cold and Hot Cathodes
A. Glazov, V. Krasnopolsky, R. Meshcherov, V. Masalov
Double Pulse Experiment with a Velvet Cathode on the ATA Injector
G. Westenskow, G. Caporaso, Y. Chen, T. Houck, S. Sampayan
Emittance Measurements for the Illinois/CEBAF Polarized Electron Source
B.M. Dunham, L.S. Cardman, C.K. Sinclair
The NLC Positron Source
H. Tang, A.V. Kulikov, J.E. Clendenin, S.D. Ecklund, R.A. Miller, A.D. Yeremian
Ferroelectric Cathodes as Electron Beam Sources
D. Flechtner, G.S. Kerslick, J.D. Ivers, J.A. Nation, L. Schächter
Studies of Linear and Nonlinear Photoelectric Emission for Advanced Accelerator Applications
R. Brogle, P. Muggli, P. Davis, G. Hairapetian, C. Joshi
A Derivative Standard for Polarimeter Calibration
G. Mulhollan, J. Clendenin, P. Sáez, D. Schultz, H. Tang, A.W. Pang, H. Hopster, K. Trantham, M. Johnston, T. Gay, B. Johnson, M. Magugumela, F.B. Dunning, G.K. Walters, G.F. Hanne
Analysis of Positron Focusing Section for SPring-8 Linac
A. Mizuno, S. Suzuki, H. Yoshikawa, T. Hori, K. Yanagida, H. Sakaki, T. Taniuchi, H. Kotaki, H. Yokomizo
R & D Activity on High QE Alkali Photocathodes for RF Guns
P. Michelato, A. Di Bona, C. Pagani, D. Sertore, S. Valeri
Development of an Accelerator-Ready Photocathode Drive Laser at CEBAF
S. Benson, M. Shinn

Linear Accelerators

Analytical Formulae for the Loss Factors and Wakefields of a Disk-loaded Accelerating Structure
J. Gao
Design Parameters for the Damped Detuned Accelerating Structure
K. Ko, K. Bane, R. Gluckstern, H. Hoag, N. Kroll, X.T. Lin, R. Miller, R. Ruth, K. Thompson, J. Wang
Operation of PLS 2-GeV Linac
W. Namkung, I.S. Ko, M.H. Cho, J.S. Bak, J. Choi, H.S. Lee
Radiation Measurements at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator
H.J. Moe, J.H. Vacca, V.R. Veluri, M. White
Positron Focusing in the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator
Y.L. Qian, M. White
Bunch Length Measurements at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator
N.S. Sereno, R. Fuja, C. Gold, A.E. Grelick, A. Nassiri, J.J. Song, M. White
Performance of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator
M. White, N. Arnold, W. Berg, A. Cours, R. Fuja, J. Goral, A. Grelick, K. Ko, Y.L. Qian, T. Russell, N.S. Sereno, W. Wesolowski
TW Accelerating Structures with Minimal Surface Electric Field
O. Nezhevenko, D. Myakishev, V. Tarnetsky, V. Yakovlev
A 100 MeV Injector for the Electron Storage Ring at Kyoto University
T. Shirai, M. Kando, M. Ikegami, Y. Iwashita, H. Okamoto, S. Kakigi, H. Dewa, H. Fujita, A. Noda, M. Inoue, K. Mashiko
Phase Control and Intra-Pulse Phase Compensation of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator
A.E. Grelick, N. Arnold, K. Ko, N. Sereno, M. White
Error Sensitivity Study for Side Coupled Muffin Tin Structures using a Finite Difference Program
Warner Bruns
Design of Input Couplers and Endcells for Side Coupled Muffin-Tin Structures
Warner Bruns
Accelerator Archeology - The Resurrection of the Stanford MARKIII Electron Linac at Duke
P.G. O'Shea, F. Carter, C. Dickey, N. Hower, V.N. Litvinenko, R. Sachtschale, G. Swift, P. Wang, Y. Wu, J.M.J. Madey
Cold Model Test of Biperiodic L-Support Disk-and-Washer Linac Structure
Y. Iwashita, A. Noda, H. Okamoto, T. Shirai, M. Inoue
Compact Low Energy CW Linac with High Beam Current
A. Alimov, A. Chepurnov, O. Chubarov, D. Ermakov, K. Gudkov, B. Ishkhanov, I. Piskarev, V. Shvedunov, A. Shumakov
C-Band Linac RF-System for e+e- Linear Collider
T. Shintake, N. Akasaka, K.L.F. Bane, H. Hayano, K. Kubo, H. Matsumoto, S. Matsumoto, K. Oide, K. Yokoya
Initial Operation of the UCLA Plane Wave Transformer (PWT Linac)
R. Zhang, P. Davis, G. Hairapetian, M. Hogan, C. Joshi, M. Lampel, S. Park, C. Pellegrini, J. Rosenzweig, G. Travish
The UCLA Compact High Brightness Electron Accelerator
P. Davis, G. Hairapetian, M. Hogan, C. Joshi, M. Lampel, S. Park, C. Pellegrini, J. Rosenzweig, G. Travish, R. Zhang
A Semi-Automated System for the Characterization of NLC Accelerating Structures
S.M. Hanna, G.B. Bowden, H.A. Hoag, R. Loewen, A.E. Vlieks, J.W. Wang
SLAC Accelerator Operations Report: 1992-1995
R. Erickson, C.W. Allen, T.K. Inman, W. Linebarger, M. Stanek
Beam Current Limitation in Microwave Accelerators
A.V. Mishin, I.S. Shchedrin
Installation and Commissioning of the e+/e- Injector for DAFNE at Frascati
K. Whitham, H. Amankath, J. Edighoffer, K. Fleckner, E. Gower, S. Lyons, D. Nett, D. Palmer, R. Sheppard, S. Sutter, P. Treas, A. Zante, R. Miller, R. Boni, H. Hsieh, F. Sannibale, M. Vescovi, G. Vignola
Recent Studies of Linac for Production of Radioactive Beams in the INR
I.N. Birukov, I.V. Gonin, D.V. Gorelov, A.N. Iljinov, V.A. Moiseev, P.N. Ostroumov, A.V. Tiunov
RFQ Cold Model Studies
P.G. Bricault, D. Joffe, H.R. Schneider
Simulation of the TRIUMF Split-Ring 4-Rod RFQ with MAFIA
P.G. Bricault, H.R. Schneider
A Low-charge-state Injector Linac for ATLAS
K.W. Shepard, J.W. Kim
Progress of the Heidelberg High Current Injector
C.-M. Kleffner, S. Auch, M. Grieser, D. Habs, V. Kössler, M. Madert, R. Repnow, D. Schwalm, H. Deitinghoff, A. Schempp, E. Jaeschke, R. von Hahn, S. Papureanu
The New Concepts in Designing the CW High-current Linacs
B.P. Murin, G.I. Batskikh, V.M. Belugin, B.I. Bondarev, A.A. Vasiljev, A.P. Durkin, Yu.D. Ivanov, V.A. Konovalov, A.P. Fedotov, I.V. Shumakov
A Versatile, High-Power Proton Linac for Accelerator Driven Transmutation Technologies
J.H. Billen, S. Nath, J.E. Stovall, H. Takeda, R.L. Wood, L.M. Young
A Compact High-Power Proton Linac for Radioisotope Production
H. Takeda, J.H. Billen, S. Nath, J.E. Stovall, R.L. Wood, L.M. Young
Potentialities of Electron and Ion Beam Accelerators for Long-Lived Nuclear Waste Transmutation
A. Shalnov, N. Abramenko, B. Bogdanovich, M. Karetnikov, A. Nesterovich, A. Puchkov
RFQ Design for High-Intensity Proton Beams
R. Ferdinand, J.-M. Lagniel, P. Mattei
Methods for Increasing of Beam Intensity in Undulator Linear Accelerator
E.S. Masunov
Linac Integrated Scheme Using RF Energy Storage and Compression
A.V. Smirnov
Magnetic Field Influence on RF-Structures Electrodynamic Characteristics and Sparking Limit
A. Shalnov, N. Abramenko, B. Bogdanovich, M. Karetnikov, A. Nesterovich, M. Tubaev
Calculations on the Possibility of the Simultaneous Acceleration of Ions with Different Charge States in a RFQ
H. Deitinghoff
Phase-Scan Analysis Results for the First Drift Tube Linac Module in the Ground Test Accelerator: Data Reproducibility and Comparison to Simulations
K.F. Johnson, O.R. Sander, G.O. Bolme, S. Bowling, R. Connolly, J.D. Gilpatrick, W.P. Lysenko, J. Power, E.A. Wadlinger, V. Yuan
Accelerator Systems Optimizing Code
C.C. Paulson, A.M.M. Todd, M.A. Peacock, M.F. Reusch, D. Bruhwiler, S.L. Mendelsohn, D. Berwald, C. Piaszczyk, T. Meyers, G.H. Gillespie, B.W. Hill, R.A. Jamison
Unexpected Matching Insensitivity in DTL of GTA Accelerator
V.W. Yuan, O.R. Sander, R.C. Connolly, J.D. Gilpatrick, K.F. Johnson, W.P. Lysenko, D.P. Rusthoi, M. Smith, R. Weiss
Current Losses and Equilibrium in RF Linear Accelerators
Nathan Brown, Martin Reiser
MMF Linac Upgrade Possibilities for the Pulsed Neutron Source
S.K. Esin, L.V. Kravchuk, A.I. Kvasha, P.N. Ostroumov, V.L. Serov
Moscow Meson Factory DTL RF System Upgrade
S.K. Esin, L.V. Kravchuk, A.I. Kvasha, V.L. Serov

Pulsed and High Intensity Beams and Technology

Heavy Ion Fusion 2 MV Injector
S. Yu, S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, C. Peters, L. Reginato, D. Vanecek, F. delaRama, R. Hipple, J.D. Stoker, D. Grote, F. Deadrick
Linac-Driven Spallation-Neutron Source
Andrew J. Jason
High Average Power, High Current Pulsed Accelerator Technology
Eugene L. Neau
Studies of Localized Space-Charge Waves in Space-Charge Dominated Beams
J.G. Wang, M. Reiser
Design of the Jupiter Accelerator for Large X-ray Yields
J.J. Ramirez
Design and Power Flow Studies of a 500-TW Inductive Voltage Adder (IVA) Accelerator
M.G. Mazarakis, J.W. Poukey, J.P. Corley, D.L. Smith, L. Bennett, J.J. Ramirez, P. Pankuch, I. Smith, P. Corcoran, P. Spence
COBRA Accelerator for Sandia ICF Diode Research at Cornell University
David L. Smith, Pete Ingwersen, Lawrence F. Bennett, John D. Boyes, David E. Anderson, John B. Greenly, Ravi N. Sudan
Beam Injector and Transport Calculations for ITS
Thomas P. Hughes, David C. Moir, Paul W. Allison
Status of the AIRIX Induction Accelerator
Ph. Eyharts, Ph. Anthouard, J. Bardy, C. Bonnafond, Ph. Delsart, A. Devin, P. Eyl, J. Labrouche, J. Launspach, J. De Mascureau, E. Merle, A. Roques, P. Le Taillandier, M. Thevenot, D. Villate, L. Voisin
Pulse Modulators for Ion Recirculator Cells
T.F. Godlove, L.K. Len, F.M. Mako, W.M. Black, K. Sloth
A High Charge State Heavy Ion Beam Source for HIF
S. Eylon, E. Henestroza
Design and Operation of a 700kV, 700A Modulator
J.D. Ivers, G.S. Kerslick, J.A. Nation, L. Schächter
The 3 MEV, 200 KW High Voltage Electron Accelerator for Industrial Application
N.G. Tolstun, V.S. Kuznetsov, A.S. Ivanov, V.P. Ovchinnikov, M.P. Svinjin
Klystron Modulator for Industrial Linac
Yu.D. Tur, V.I. Beloglazov, E.A. Khomyakov, V.P. Krivchikov, V.B. Mufel, V.V. Zakutin
Optimization of High-Current Ion Beam Acceleration and Charge Compensation in Two Cusps of Induction Linac
Vyacheslav I. Karas', Nadya G. Belova
2,5-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Propagation of the Finite Sequence of Relativistic Electron Bunches (REB) in Tenuous and Dense Plasmas
V.I. Karas', Ya.B. Fainberg, V.D. Levchenko, Yu.S. Sigov
Kinetic Simulation of Fields Excitation and Particle Acceleration by Laser Beat Wave in Non-Homogeneous Plasmas
V.I. Karas', Ya.B. Fainberg, V.D. Levchenko, Yu.S. Sigov
An Upgraded Proton Injection Kicker Magnet for the Fermilab MIR
J. Dinkel, R. Reilly
Fermilab Main Injector Abort Kicker System
C.C. Jensen, J.A. Dinkel
Analysis of the Electrical Noise from the APS Kicker Magnet Power Supplies
J.A. Carwardine, J. Wang
Design and Test Results of Kicker Units for the Positron Accumulator Ring at the APS
J. Wang
Development of a Modular and Upgradeable Fast Kicker Magnet System for the Duke Storage Ring
R.J. Sachtschale, C. Dickey, P. Morcombe
High Current High Accuracy IGBT Pulse Generator
V.V. Nesterov, A.R. Donaldson
Analysis and Design Modifications for Upgrade of Storage Ring Bump Pulse System Driving the Injection Bump Magnets at the ALS
G.D. Stover
Eddy Currents Induced in a Muon Storage Ring Vacuum Chamber Due to a Fast Kicker
W.Q. Feng, E.B. Forsyth
High Pulse Power Modulator for a S-Band Transmitter
J. DeCobert, B. Binns, R. Campbell, A. Hawkins, D. Wang, A. Zolfaghari
Modulator for Klystron 5045
N.S. Dikansky, V. Akimov, B. Estrin, K. Gubin, I. Kazarezov, V. Kokoulin, N. Kot, A. Novokhatsky, Yu. Tokarev, S. Vasserman
High Voltage Nanosecond Generators for SIBERIA - 2
A. Kadnikov, V. Deviatilov, V. Korchuganov, Yu. Matveev, D. Shvedov
High Gradient Insulator Technology for the Dielectric Wall Accelerator
S. Sampayan, G. Caporaso, B. Carder, Y. Chen, C. Holmes, E. Lauer, D. Trimble, J. Elizondo, M. Krogh, B. Rosenblum, C. Eichenberger, J. Fockler
Status of the First Stage of Linear Induction Accelerator SILUND-21
A.A. Fateev, G.V. Dolbilov, I.I. Golubev, I.N. Ivanov, V.V. Kosukhin, N.I. Lebedev, V.A. Petrov, V.N. Razuvakin, V.S. Shvetsov, M.V. Yurkov
EMIR-M Installation in the Mode of Operation with Plasma Opening Switch
V.P. Kovalev, V.M. Korepanov, B.M. Lavrent'ev, R.N. Munasypov, B.A. Filatov

Magnet Technology

New Developments in Niobium Titanium Superconductors
D.C. Larbalestier, P.J. Lee
Superconducting Magnets
R. Perin
Assembly and Commissioning of the LHC Test String
P. Faugeras
Construction and Testing of Arc Dipoles and Quadrupoles for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at BNL
P. Wanderer, J. Muratore, M. Anerella, G. Ganetis, A. Ghosh, A. Greene, R. Gupta, A. Jain, S. Kahn, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, A. Prodell, M. Rehak, W. Sampson, R. Thomas, P. Thompson, E. Willen
Permanent Magnet Design for the Fermilab Main Injector Recycler Ring
G.W. Foster, K. Bertsche, J.-F. Ostiguy, B. Brown, H. Glass, G. Jackson, M. May, D. Orris, Dick Gustafson
Recent Advances in Insertion Devices
E. Gluskin, E.R. Moog
Permanent Magnet Beam Transport
R.F. Holsinger
Statistical Analyses of the Magnet Data for the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring Magnets
S.H. Kim, D.W. Carnegie, C. Doose, R. Hogrefe, K. Kim, R. Merl
The Magnet System for the BESSY II Injector Synchrotron
T. Knuth, D. Krämer, E. Weihreter, I. Chertok, S. Michailov, B. Sukhina
Segmented High Quality Undulators
J. Chavanne, P. Elleaume, P. Van Vaerenbergh
Design of the PEP-II Low-Energy Ring Arc Magnets
T. Henderson, N. Li, J. Osborn, J. Tanabe, D. Yee, R. Yourd, W. Du, Y. Jiang, Y. Sun
Prototype Developement of the BESSY II Storage Ring Magnetic Elements
T. Becker, D. Krämer, S. Küchler, U. Strönisch, V. Korchuganov, N. Kuznetsov, E. Levichev
Design, Construction, and Procurement Methodology of Magnets for the 7-GeV Advanced Photon Source
A. Gorski, J. Argyrakis, J. Biggs, E. Black, J. Humbert, J. Jagger, K. Thompson
The Main Injector Trim Dipole Magnets
R. Baiod, D.J. Harding, D.E. Johnson, P.S. Martin, S. Mishra
The Main Injector Chromaticity Correction Sextupole Magnets: Measurements and Operating Schemes
C.M. Bhat, A. Bogacz, B.C. Brown, D.J. Harding, Si J. Fang, P.S. Martin, H.D. Glass, J. Sim
Magnetic Field Measurements of the Initial Fermilab Main Injector Production Quadrupoles
D.J. Harding, R. Baiod, B.C. Brown, J.A. Carson, N.S. Chester, E. Desavouret, J. DiMarco, J.D. Garvey, H.D. Glass, P.J. Hall, P.S. Martin, P.O. Mazur, C.S. Mishra, A. Mokhtarani, J.M. Nogiec, D.F. Orris, J.E. Pachnik, A.D. Russell, S.A. Sharonov, J.W. Sim, J.C. Tompkins, K. Trombly-Freytag, D.G.C. Walbridge, V.A. Yarba
Magnetic Field Measurements of the Initial Fermilab Main Injector Production Dipoles
D.J. Harding, R. Baiod, B.C. Brown, J.A. Carson, N.S. Chester, E. Desavouret, J. DiMarco, J.D. Garvey, H.D. Glass, P.J. Hall, P.S. Martin, P.O. Mazur, S. Mishra, A. Mokhtarani, J.M. Nogiec, D.F. Orris, J.E. Pachnik, A.D. Russell, S.A. Sharonov, J.W. Sim, J.C. Tompkins, K. Trombly-Freytag, D.G.C. Walbridge, V.A. Yarba
The Fermilab Main Injector Dipole and Quadrupole Cooling Design and Bus Connections
J.A. Satti
Design of the Fermilab Main Injector Lambertson
D.E. Johnson, R. Baiod, D.J. Harding, P.S. Martin, M. May
Three-Dimensional End Effects in Iron Septum Magnets
J.-F. Ostiguy, D.E. Johnson
Design and B-field Measurements of a Lambertson Injection Magnet for the RHIC Machine
N. Tsoupas, E. Rodger, J. Claus, H.W. Foelsche, P. Wanderer
The APS Direct-Drive Pulsed Septum Magnets
S. Sheynin, F. Lopez, S.V. Milton
Development of the Pulse Magnets for the Booster Synchrotron of SPring-8
H. Yonehara, H. Suzuki, T. Nagafuchi, M. Kodaira, T. Aoki, N. Tani, S. Hayashi, Y. Ueyama, T. Kaneda, Y. Sasaki, H. Abe, H. Yokomizo
Magnetic Design of the LNLS Transport Line
R.H.A. Farias, Liu Lin, G. Tosin
Construction and Characterization of Combined Function Quadrupoles
G. Tosin
Dipole Magnets for the SLAC 50 GeV A-Line Upgrade
R. Erickson, S. DeBarger, C.M. Spencer, Z. Wolf
Design and Testing of the Magnetic Quadrupole for the Heavy Ion Fusion Program
R. Benjegerdes, A. Faltens, W. Fawley, C. Peters, L. Reginato, M. Stuart
Design and Construction of a Large Aperture, Quadrupole Electromagnet Prototype for ILSE
M. Stuart, A. Faltens, W.M. Fawley, C. Peters, M.C. Vella
A Permanent Race-Track Microtron End Magnet
A.I. Karev, V.N. Melekhin, V.I. Shvedunov, N.P. Sobenin, W.P. Trower
Planar Permanent Magnet Multipoles: Measurements and Configurations
T. Cremer, R. Tatchyn
Temperature Considerations in the Design of a Permanent Magnet Storage Ring
K. Bertsche, J.-F. Ostiguy, W.B. Foster
3D Numerical Analysis of Magnets and the Effect of Eddy Current on Fast Steering
T. Nagatsuka, T. Koseki, Y. Kamiya, Y. Terada
MEB Resitive Magnets Prototypes Manufacturing
G. Batskikh, G. Mamaev, T. Latypov, I. Tenyakov, Y. Tereshkin
Quench Antennas for RHIC Quadrupole Magnets
T. Ogitsu, A. Terashima, K. Tsuchiya, G. Ganetis, J. Muratore, P. Wanderer
Superconducting 8 cm Corrector Magnets for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)
A. Morgillo, J. Escallier, G. Ganetis, A. Greene, A. Ghosh, A. Jain, E. Kelly, A. Marone, G. Morgan, J. Muratore, W. Sampson, P. Thompson, P.J. Wanderer, E. Willen
Superconducting Sextupoles and Trim Quadrupoles for RHIC
P. Thompson, M. Anerella, G. Ganetis, A. Ghosh, A. Greene, R. Gupta, A. Jain, E. Kelly, M. Lindner, G. Morgan, J. Muratore, W. Sampson, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Study of UNK Quench Protection System on the String of 4 UNK Superconducting Magnets
A. Andriishchin, O. Afanasiev, V. Gridasov, A. Erochin, E. Kachtanov, K. Myznikov, V. Sytchev, L. Vassiliev, O. Veselov, N. Yarygin
Two Alternate High Gradient Quadrupoles; An Upgraded Tevatron IR and a "Pipe" Design
A.D. McInturff, J.M. van Oort, R.M. Scanlan
Superconducting Focusing Solenoid for X-band Klystron
T. Ogitsu, T. Higo, H. Mizuno, Y. Imai, T. Inaguchi, T. Minato, T.H. Kim, T. Uemura, S. Yokoyama, Z. Wolf, D. Jensen, P. Radusewicz
A High Gradient Superconducting Quadrupole for a Low Charge State Ion Linac
J.W. Kim, K.W. Shepard, J.A. Nolen
Status of the High Brilliance Synchrotron Radiation Source BESSY-II
E. Jaeschke, S. Khan, D. Krämer, D. Schirmer
Harmonic Generation FEL Magnets: Measured B-fields Compared to 3D Simulations
W.S. Graves, L. Solomon
Measurement of Ramp Rate Sensitivity in Model Dipoles with Ebanol-Coated Cable
C. Haddock, V. Kovachev, D. Capone
Combined Element Magnet Production for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at BNL
S. Mulhall, H. Foelsche, G. Ganetis, A. Greene, E. Kelly, S. Plate, E. Willen
Field Quality Control Through the Production Phase of the RHIC Arc Dipoles
R. Gupta, A. Jain, S. Kahn, G. Morgan, P. Thompson, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
The Ellipitical Multipole Wiggler Project
E. Gluskin, D. Frachon, P.M. Ivanov, J. Maines, E.A. Medvedko, E. Trakhtenberg, L.R. Turner, I. Vasserman, G.I. Erg, Yu.A. Evtushenko, N.G. Gavrilov, G.N. Kulipanov, A.S. Medvedko, S.P. Petrov, V.M. Popik, N.A. Vinokurov, A. Friedman, S. Krinsky, G. Rakowsky, O. Singh
Results of Magnetic Measurements and Field Integral Compensation for the Elliptical Multipole Wiggler
D. Frachon, P.M. Ivanov, E.A. Medvedko, I. Vasserman, O. Despe, Y.G. Kang
Status of ELETTRA Insertion Devices
R.P. Walker, R. Bracco, A. Codutti, B. Diviacco, D. Millo, D. Zangrando
Expected Radiation Spectra of a 30-m Long Undulator in SPring-8
M. Takao, Y. Miyahara
Analytical Formulation of a Quasi-periodic Undulator
M. Takao, S. Hashimoto, S. Sasaki, Y. Miyahara
High-Field Strong-Focusing Undulator Designs for X-Ray Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Applications
S. Caspi, R. Schlueter, R. Tatchyn
Wigglers at the Advanced Light Source
E. Hoyer, J. Akre, D. Humphries, T. Jackson, S. Marks, Y. Minamihara, P. Pipersky, D. Plate, G. Portmann, R. Schlueter
Design of End Magnetic Structures for the Advanced Light Source Wigglers
D. Humphries, J. Akre, E. Hoyer, S. Marks, Y. Minamihara, P. Pipersky, D. Plate, R. Schlueter
Passive End Pole Compensation Scheme for a 1.8 Tesla Wiggler
L.H. Chang, Ch. Wang, C.H. Chang, T.C. Fan
Insertion of Helical Siberian Snakes in RHIC
A. Luccio, F. Pilat
Modeling of WLS Field with Piecewisely Constant Magnets
Zuping Liu, Aihua Zhao
A BESSY-1 6 Tesla WLS Effect Compensation Scheme
Zuping Liu, Aihua Zhao
16 Tesla Block-Coil Dipole for Future Hadron Colliders
Peter M. McIntyre, Weijun Shen
Automated Methods of Field Harmonic Signal Extraction and Processing for the Magnets in Superconducting Supercollider
T.S. Jaffery, J. Butteris, M. Wake

Radio Frequency Technology

Review of the Development of RF Cavities for High Currents
J. Kirchgessner
Performance of Normal Conducting Structures for Linear Colliders
Toshiyasu Higo
High Gradient Superconducting RF Systems
J. Graber
Development and Advances in Conventional High Power RF Systems
P.B. Wilson
The Upgraded RF System for the AGS and High Intensity Proton Beams
J.M. Brennan
Phase-Stable, Microwave FEL Amplifier
Bruce E. Carlsten, Michael V. Fazio, W. Brian Haynes, Lisa M. May, James M. Potter
1.2 MW Klystron for Asymmetric Storage Ring B Factory
W.R. Fowkes, G. Caryotakis, E. Doyle, E. Jongewaard, C. Pearson, R. Phillips, J. Sackett, E. Wright, H. Bohlen, G. Huffman, S. Lenci, E. Lien, E. McCune, G. Miram
Analysis of Multipacting in Coaxial Lines
E. Somersalo, P. Ylä-Oijala, D. Proch
An Accelerator Resonantly Coupled with an Energy Storage (ARES) for the KEKB
Y. Yamazaki, K. Akai, N. Akasaka, E. Ezura, T. Kageyama, F. Naito, T. Shintake, Y. Takeuchi
Non Integer Harmonic Number Acceleration of Lead Ions in the CERN SPS
D. Boussard, T. Bohl, T. Linnecar, U. Wehrle
Analysis and Results of the Industrial Production of the Superconducting Nb/Cu Cavities for the LEP2 Project
E. Chiaveri, C. Benvenuti, R. Cosso, D. Lacarrere, K.M. Schirm, M. Taufer, W. Weingarten
Performance Experience with the CEBAF SRF Cavities
C. Reece, J. Benesch, M. Drury, C. Hovater, J. Mammosser, T. Powers, J. Preble
Beam Test of a Superconducting Cavity for the CESR Luminosity Upgrade
H. Padamsee, P. Barnes, S. Belomestnykh, K. Berkelman, M. Billing, R. Ehrlich, G. Flynn, Z. Greenwald, W. Hartung, T. Hays, S. Henderson, R. Kaplan, J. Kirchgessner, J. Knobloch, D. Moffat, H. Muller, E. Nordberg, S. Peck, M. Pisharody, J. Reilly, J. Rogers, D. Rice, D. Rubin, D. Sagan, J. Sears, M. Tigner, J. Welch

Radio Frequency Power Sources

Development of Input & Output Structures for High Power X-Band TWT Amplifiers
S. Naqvi, Cz. Golkowski, G.S. Kerslick, J.A. Nation, L. Schächter
Characterization of a Klystrode as a RF Source for High-Average-Power Accelerators
D. Rees, D. Keffeler, W. Roybal, P.J. Tallerico
Choppertron II
T.L. Houck, G.A. Westenskow, J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg
The Resistive-Wall Klystron as a High-Power Microwave Source
Han S. Uhm
Operating Conditions of High-Power Relativistic Klystron
Han S. Uhm
Spurious Oscillations in High Power Klystrons
B. Krietenstein, K. Ko, T. Lee, U. Becker, T. Weiland, M. Dohlus
In-House Repair of a 30 Megawatt S Band Klystron
R. Sachtschale, P.G. O'Shea, M. Ponds, G. Swift
Development of a High Power 1.2 MW CW L-Band Klystron
K. Hirano, Y.L. Wang, T. Emoto, A. Enomoto, I. Sato
Ultrarelativistic Klystron - a Future Super Power UHF Generator
F.A. Vodopianov
A 200 KW Power Amplifier and Solid State Driver for the Fermilab Main Injector
J. Reid, H. Miller
A 476 MHz RF System for the Storage Mode of the AmPS Ring
F. Kroes, P. de Groen, E. Heine, B. Heutenik, A. Kruijer, B. Munneke, R. Pirovano, T. Sluijk, J. Verkooyen
Lifetime Experience with Low Temperature Cathodes Equipped in Super Power Klystrons
Rudolf Backmor
Microwave System of PLS 2-GeV Linac
H.S. Lee, O.H. Hwang, S.H. Park, C.M. Ryu, W. Namkung
Klystron-Modulator System Performances for PLS 2-GeV Linac
M.H. Cho, J.S. Oh, S.S. Park, W. Namkung
Klystron Modulator Operation and Upgrades for the APS Linac
Thomas J. Russell, Alexander Cours
Prospects for Developing Microwave Amplifiers to Drive Multi-TeV Linear Colliders
V.L. Granatstein, G.S. Nusinovich, J. Calame, W. Lawson, A. Singh, H. Guo, M. Reiser
Design of 100 MW, Two-Cavity Gyroklystrons for Accelerator Applications
J.P. Calame, W. Lawson, J. Cheng, B. Hogan, M. Castle, V.L. Granatstein, M. Reiser
Design of Three-Cavity Coaxial Gyroklystron Circuits for Linear Collider Applications
W. Lawson, G. Saraph, J.P. Calame, J. Cheng, M. Castle, B. Hogen, M. Reiser, V.L. Granatstein, H. Metz
Numerical Simulation of Magnicon Amplifier
V. Yakovlev, O. Danilov, O. Nezhevenko, V. Tarnetsky
RF-Power Upgrade Systems with Energy Compression for Electron Linacs
A. Shalnov, B.Yu. Bogdanovich, A. Ignatyev, V. Senyukov
RF-Power Upgrade System with Resonant Loading
A. Shalnov, B. Bogdanovich, A. Ignatyev, V. Senyukov
High-Power Test of Traveling-Wave-Type RF-Pulse Compressor
S. Yamaguchi, A. Enomoto, I. Sato, Y. Igarashi
Active Radiofrequency Pulse Compression Using Switched Resonant Delay Lines
Sami G. Tantawi, Ronald D. Ruth, A.E. Vlieks
Design of a Multi-Megawatt X-band Solid State Microwave Switch
Design of a Multi-Megawatt X-band Solid State Microwave Switch
Reduced Field TE01 X-Band Traveling Wave Window
W.R. Fowkes, R.S. Callin, S.G. Tantawi, E.L. Wright
Design and High-Power Test of a TE11-Mode X-Band RF Window with Taper Transitions
Y. Otake, S. Tokumoto, H. Mizuno
Feasibility Study of Optically Coupling RF-Power at mm Waves
B. Littmann, H. Henke
A Low-Frequency High-Voltage RF-Barrier Bunching System for High-Intensity Neutron Source Compressor Rings
T.W. Hardek, D. Rees, C. Ziomek
Temporal Evolution of Multipactor Discharge
R. Kishek, Y.Y. Lau, R.M. Gilgenbach
Stabilizing a Power Amplifier Feeding a High Q Resonant Load
A.K. Mitra, R.L. Poirier, J.J. Lu, R. Hohbach
Study of 14 GHz VLEPP Klystron With RF Absorbing Drift Tubes
G.V. Dolbilov, N.I. Azorsky, A.A. Fateev, N.I. Lebedev, V.A. Petrov, V.P. Sarantsev, V.S. Shvetsov, M.V. Yurkov
24-MW, 24-µs Pulse RF Power Supply For Linac-Based FELs
E. Ohshita, Y. Morii, S. Abe, S. Okuma, K. Wakita, T. Tomimasu, I. Ito, Y. Miyai, K. Nakata, M. Hakota
Initial Operation of an X-Band Magnicon Amplifier Experiment
S.H. Gold, A.K. Kinkead, A.W. Fliflet, B. Hafizi

Superconducting RF

The Effects of Tuning and Terminating on the Operating Mode of Multi-Cell Coupled Cavity
Zubao Qian
Response of Superconducting Cavities to High Peak Power
T. Hays, H. Padamsee
Development of HOM Damper for B-Factory (KEKB) Superconducting Catities
T. Tajima, K. Asano, T. Furuya, M. Izawa, S. Mitsunobu, T. Takahashi, N. Gamo, S. Iida, Y. Ishi, Y. Kijima, S. Kokura, M. Kudo, K. Sennyu, S. Tachibana, H. Takashina, N. Taniyama
Microscopic Examination of Defects Located by Thermometry in 1.5 GHz Superconducting Niobium Cavities
J. Knobloch, R. Durand, H. Muller, H. Padamsee
RF System for the NSLS Coherent Infrared Radiation Source
W. Broome, R. Biscardi, J. Keane, P. Mortazavi, M. Thomas, J.M. Wang
Development of TESLA-type Cavity at KEK
M. Ono, E. Kako, S. Noguchi, K. Saito, T. Shishido, M. Wake, H. Inoue, T. Fujino, Y. Funahashi, M. Matsuoka, T. Suzuki, T. Higuchi, H. Umezawa
Study of Luminous Spots Observed on Metallic Surfaces Subjected to High RF Fields
T. Junquera, S. Maïssa, M. Fouaidy, A. Le Goff, B. Bonin, M. Luong, H. Safa, J. Tan
Test Results for a Heat-Treated 4-Cell 805-MHz Superconducting Cavity
Brian Rusnak, Alan Shapiro
An Advanced Rotating T-R Mapping & its Diagnoses of TESLA 9-Cell Superconducting Cavity
Q.S. Shu, G. Deppe, W-D. Möller, M. Pekeler, D. Proch, D. Renken, P. Stein, C. Stolzenburg, T. Junquera, A. Caruette, M. Fouaidy
Improvements to Power Couplers for the LEP2 Superconducting Cavities
J. Tückmantel, C. Benvenuti, D. Bloess, D. Boussard, G. Geschonke, E. Haebel, N. Hilleret, S. Juras, H.P. Kindermann, J. Uythoven, C. Wyss, M. Stirbet
Arcing Phenomena on CEBAF RF-Windows at Cryogenic Temperatures
Tom Powers, Peter Kneisel, Ray Allen
Surface Scanning Thermometers for Diagnosing the TESLA SRF Cavities
T. Junquera, A. Caruette, M. Fouaidy, Q.S. Shu
Microwave Surface Resistance of YBaCuO Superconducting Films Laser-Ablated on Copper Substrates
J. Liu, K. Asano, E. Ezura, M. Fukutomi, S. Inagaki, S. Isagawa, K. Komori, S. Kumagai, H. Nakanishi, M. Tosa, K. Yoshihara
Transverse Coupling Impedance Measurement Using Image Current
D. Sun, P. Colestock, M. Foley

Room Temperature RF

Decreasing Transient Beam Loading in RF Cavities of U-70 Accelerator
O.P. Lebedev
RF System for Bunch Lengthening
R. Biscardi, G. Ramirez
Electromagnetic Field Vector Components Precise Measurements in Accelerating Structures
M.A. Chernogubovsky, M.F. Vorogushin
A New Tuning Method for Traveling Wave Structures
T. Khabiboulline, V. Puntus, M. Dohlus, N. Holtkamp, G. Kreps, S. Ivanov, K. Jin
RF Systems for RHIC
J. Rose, J. Brodowski, R. Connolly, D.P. Deng, S. Kwiatkowski, W. Pirkl, A. Ratti
A New RF System for Bunch Coalescing in the Fermilab Main Ring
J. Dey, I. Kourbanis, D. Wildman
Higher Order Modes of the Main Ring Cavity at Fermilab
J. Dey, D. Wildman
RF Measurements and Control of Higher Order Modes in Accelerating Cavities
V. Veshcherevich, S. Krutikhin, I. Kuptsov, S. Nosyrev, A. Novikov, I. Sedlyarov
RF System of VEPP-4M Electron-Positron Collider
E. Gorniker, P. Abramsky, V. Arbuzov, S. Belomestnykh, A. Bushuyev, M. Fomin, I. Kuptsov, G. Kurkin, S. Nosyrev, V. Petrov, I. Sedlyarov, V. Veshcherevich
Storage Ring Cavity Higher-Order Mode Dampers for the Advanced Photon Source
Paul Matthews, Yoon Kang, Robert Kustom
Reduction of Multipactor in RF Ceramic Windows Using a Simple Titanium-Vapor Deposition System
K. Primdahl, R. Kustom, J. Maj
Cooling the APS Storage Ring Radio-Frequency Accelerating Cavities Thermal/Stress/Fatigue Analysis and Cavity Cooling Configuration
K. Primdahl, R. Kustom
RF Cavities for the Positron Accumulator Ring (PAR) of the Advanced Photon Source (APS)
Y.W. Kang, A. Nassiri, J.F. Bridges, T.L. Smith, J.J. Song
The Proposal of Complex Impedance Termination for Versatile HOM Damper Cavity
V.V. Paramonov
The Magnetron-Type Varactor for Fast Control in Accelerator RF Systems
M.I. Kuznetsov, V.V. Paramonov, Yu.V. Senichev, I.B. Enchevich, R.L. Poirier
The Distortion of the Accelerating Field Distribution in Compensated Structures due to Steady-State Beam Loading
V.G. Andreev, V.V. Paramonov,
The Indiana University Cooler Injector Synchrotron RF System
A. Pei, M. Ellison, D. Friesel, D. Jenner, X. Kang, S.Y. Lee, D. Li, J. Liu, A. Riabko, L. Wang, K. Hedblom
The Indiana University Cooler Injection Synchrotron RF Cavity
A. Pei, M. Ellison, D. Friesel, D. Jenner, X. Kang, S.Y. Lee, D. Li, J. Liu, A. Riabko, L. Wang, K. Hedblom
Determination of Resonant Frequency and External Q Values for the Bessy II HOM-Damped Cavity
Frank Schönfeld, Bengt Littmann
106 MHz Cavity for Improving Coalescing Efficiency in the Fermilab Main Ring
J. Dey, I. Kourbanis, D. Wildman
On the Higher Order Mode Coupler Design for Damped Accelerating Structures
Jie Gao
High Power Window Tests on a 500 MHz Planar Window for the CESR Upgrade
M. Pisharody, P. Barnes, E. Chojnacki, R. Durand, T. Hays, R. Kaplan, J. Kirchgessner, J. Reilly, H. Padamsee, J. Sears
Operational Peformances and Future Upgrades for the ELETTRA RF System
A. Fabris, A. Massarotti, C. Pasotti, M. Svandrlik
X-Band High Power Dry Load for NLCTA
K. Ko, H. Hoag, T. Lee, S. Tantawi
Development of a High-Power RF Cavity for the PEP-II B Factory
R.A. Rimmer, M.A. Allen, J. Saba, H. Schwarz, F.C. Belser, D.D. Berger, R.M. Franks
A Design of Input Coupler for RF-Cavity
T. Nagatsuka, T. Koseki, Y. Kamiya, M. Izawa, Y. Terada
Design of the KEKB RF System
K. Akai, E. Ezura, Y. Yamazaki
RF Characteristics of ARES Cold Models
N. Akasaka, K. Akai, T. Kageyama, T. Shintake, Y. Yamazaki
Design of Traveling Wave Windows for the PEP-II RF Coupling Network
N.M. Kroll, C.-K. Ng, J. Judkins, M. Neubauer
Impedance Spectrum for the PEP-II RF Cavity
X.E. Lin, K. Ko, C.-K. Ng
Measurement and Analysis of Higher-Order-Mode (HOM) Damping in B-Factory R-F Cavities
D.A. Goldberg, M. Irwin, R.A. Rimmer
Planar Structures for Electron Acceleration
H. Henke
Precise Fabrication of X-Band Detuned Accelerating Structure for Linear Collider
T. Higo, H. Sakai, Y. Higashi, T. Takatomi, S. Koike
Development of a Beam-Pipe HOM Absorber for the ATF Damping Ring
F. Hinode, S. Sakanaka
Development of a HOM-Damped Cavity for the KEK B-Factory (KEKB)
T. Kageyama, K. Akai, N. Akasaka, E. Ezura, F. Naito, T. Shintake, Y. Takeuchi, Y. Yamazaki, T. Kobayashi
Possible Cavity Construction Techniques for the DIAMOND Storage Ring
D.M. Dykes, D.S.G. Higgins
The Design of the 26.7 MHz RF Cavity for RHIC
J. Rose, J. Brodowski, D.P. Deng, S. Kwiatkowski, W. Pirkl, A. Ratti
A Design Upgrade of the RF Cavity and Its Power Window for High Current Operation of the NSLS X-Ray Storage Ring
P. Mortazavi, M. Thomas
A Ferrite Loaded Untuned Cavity for a Compact Proton Synchrotron
J.I. Hirota, K. Hiramoto, M. Nishi, Y. Iwashita, A. Noda, M. Inoue
On the Theory of Two Coupled Cavities
N.I. Aizatsky
Measurement of Multipacting Currents of Metal Surfaces in RF Fields
D. Proch, D. Einfeld, R. Onken, N. Steinhauser
Optimization of CLIC Transfer Structure (CTS) Design to Meet New Drive Beam Parameters
A. Millich
A High-Power Multiple-Harmonic Acceleration System for Proton- and Heavy-Ion Synchrotrons
P. Ausset, G. Charruau, F.J. Etzkorn, C. Fougeron, H. Meuth, S. Papureanu, A. Schnase
A Bunch Lengthening RF Cavity for Aladdin
K.J. Kleman
Design of a High-Power Test Cavity for the ATF Damping Ring
S. Sakanaka, F. Hinode, M. Akemoto, S. Tokumoto, T. Higo, J. Urakawa, T. Miura, Y. Hirata, K. Satoh
Design of an RF System for the ATF Damping Ring
S. Sakanaka, F. Hinode, M. Akemoto, H. Hayano, H. Matsumoto, K. Kubo, S. Tokumoto, T. Higo, J. Urakawa
Development of a Damped Cavity with SiC Beam-Duct
T. Koseki, M. Izawa, Y. Kamiya
HOM Absorber for the KEKB Normal Conducting Cavity
Y. Takeuchi, K. Akai, N. Akasaka, E. Ezura, T. Kageyama, F. Naito, T. Shintake, Y. Yamazaki
PEP-II B-Factory Prototype Higher Order Mode Load Design
R. Pendleton, K. Ko, C. Ng, M. Neubauer, H. Schwarz, R. Rimmer
High-Power RF Window and Coupler Develoment for the PEP-II B Factory
M. Neubauer, K. Fant, J. Hodgson, J. Judkins, H. Schwarz, R.A. Rimmer
Input Coupler for the KEKB Normal Conducting Cavity
F. Naito, K. Akai, N. Akasaka, E. Ezura, T. Kageyama, T. Shintake, Y. Takeuchi, Y. Yamazaki
Minimum Wakefield Achievable by Waveguide Damped Cavity
Xintian E. Lin, Norman M. Kroll
PLS RF System Operation During the Commissioning
M. Kwon, I.H. Yu, H.J. Park, D.H. Han, M. Yoon, Y.S. Kim
Acoustic Experimental Studies of High Power Modes in Accelerating Structure of Kurchatov SR Source
M. Gangeluk, A. Kadnikov, Yu. Krylov, S. Kuznetsov, V. Moisseev, V. Petrenko, V. Ushkov, Yu. Yupinov
Computer Simulations of a Wide-Bandwidth Ferrite-Loaded High-Power Waveguide Termination
J. Johnson, R. Rimmer, J. Corlett
Effects of Temperature Variation on the SLC Linac RF System
F.-J. Decker, R. Akre, M. Byrne, Z.D. Farkas, H. Jarvis, K. Jobe, R Koontz, M. Mitchell, R. Pennacchi, M. Ross, H. Smith
Broadband Coax-Waveguide Transitions
T. Rizawa, R. Pendleton
Rectangular Microtron Accelerating Structure
N.P. Sobenin, V.N. Kandrunin, V.N. Melekhin, A.I. Karev, V.I. Shvedunov, W.P. Trower
Investigation of the Biperiodic Accelerating Structure For The Free Electron Laser Buncher
N.P. Sobenin, S.N. Yarygin, D.V. Kostin, A.A. Zavadtsev
Ferromagentic Cores Made from Amorphous Material for Broad-Band Accelerating System
I. Bolotin, V. Budilin, A. Glazov, V. Krasnopolsky, V. Skuratov
A New Structure with Continuous RF Acceleration and Focusing
J.J. Manca, M.C. Fallis, J.P.J. Manca
Spark Location in RF Cavities
Q. Kerns, M. Popovic, C. Kerns
RF System for the Duke 1 GeV Storage Ring
Ping Wang, Peter Morcombe, Ying Wu, Grigori Kurkin

Injection, Extraction and Targetry

Matching Section to the RFQ Using Permanent Magnet Symmetric Lens
M. Kando, M. Ikegami, H. Dewa, H. Fujita, T. Shirai, H. Okamoto, Y. Iwashita, S. Kakigi, A. Noda, M. Inoue
Conceptual Designs of Beam Choppers for RFQ Linacs
Subrata Nath, Ralph R. Stevens Jr, Thomas P. Wangler
The Role of Space Charge in the Performance of the Bunching System for the ATLAS Positive Ion Injector
R.C. Pardo, R. Smith
Experimental Investigations of Plasma Lens Focusing and Plasma Channel Transport of Heavy Ion Beams
A. Tauschwitz, S.S. Yu, S. Eylon, L. Reginato, W. Leemans, J.O. Rasmussen, R.O. Bangerter
A Low Energy Ion Beam Transport System with Variable Field Permanent Magnetic Quadrupoles
Y. Mori, A. Takagi, M. Kinsho, T. Baba, K. Shinto
A Comparison of Two Injection Line Matching Sections for Compact Cyclotrons
T. Kuo, R. Baartman, L. Root, B. Milton, R. Laxadal, D. Yuan, K. Jayamanna, P. Schmor, G. Dutto, M. Dehnel, K. Erdman
Stripping Injection Into the New Booster Ring at IUCF
K. Hedblom, D.L. Friesel
Accurate Tuning of 90o Cells in a FODO Lattice
K. Bertsche, N. Mao
Design Principles for High Current Beam Injection Lines
H. Liu, D. Neuffer
Survey and Analysis of Line-Frequency Interference in the CEBAF Accelerator
M.G. Tiefenback, Rui Li
Location and Correction of 60 Hz in the CEBAF Injector
R. Legg, D. Douglas, G.A. Krafft, Q. Saulter
PEP-II Injection Transport Construction Status and Commissioning Plans
T. Fieguth, E. Bloom, F. Bulos, T. Donaldson, B. Feerick, G. Godfrey, G. Leyh, D. Nelson, M. Ross, D. Schultz, J. Sheppard, P. Smith, C. Spencer, J. Weinberg
Beam Transport Lines at BESSY-II
D. Schirmer, M. v.Hartrott, S. Khan, D. Krämer, E. Weihreter
Matching the Emittance of a Linac to the Acceptance of a Racetrack Microtron
R.W. de Leeuw, M.C.J. de Wijs, J.I.M. Botman, G.A. Webers, W.H.C. Theuws, C.J. Timmermans, H.L. Hagedoorn
The Extraction Orbit and Extraction Beam Transport Line for a 75 MeV Racetrack Microtron
R.W. de Leeuw, H.R.M. van Greevenbroek, J.I.M. Botman, G.A. Webers, C.J. Timmermans, H.L. Hagedoorn
Electromagnetic, Thermal and Structural Analysis of the Fermilab Antiproton Source Lithium Collection Lens
S. O'Day, K. Anderson
A New Concept in the Design of the LHC Beam Dump
J.M. Zazula, M. Gyr, G.R. Stevenson, E. Weisse
Loss Concentration and Evacuation by Mini-Wire-Septa from Circular Machines for Spallation Neutron Sources
H. Schönauer
Status of the Radioactive Ion Beam Injector at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
D.T. Dowling, G.D. Alton, R.L. Auble, M.R. Dinehart, D.L. Haynes, J.W. Johnson, R.C. Juras, Y.S. Kwon, M.J. Meigs, G.D. Mills, S.W. Mosko, D.K. Olsen, B.A. Tatum, C.E. Williams, H. Wollnik
A New Fast Rise Time Kicker System For Antiproton Injection Into The Tevatron
B. Hanna, J. Dinkel, C. Jensen, D. Qunell, R. Reilly, D. Tinsley, J. Walton
Design of the MI40 Beam-Abort Dump
C.M. Bhat, P.S. Martin, A.D. Russell
Study on the Metallic Coating of the Ceramic Chamber for the ATF Damping Ring Kicker Magnets
N. Terunuma, H. Nakayama, J. Urakawa
Prospect of the Fast Extraction from KEK-PS for the Long Base Line Neutrino Experiment
H. Sato, Y. Shoji, T. Kawakubo
Helium Beam Acceleration in the KEK Proton Synchrotron with a Newly Developed Injection System for Positive/Negative Ions
I. Sakai, A. Takagi, Y. Mori, S. Machida, M. Yoshii, T. Toyama, M. Shirakata, Y. Shoji, H. Sato
Fast and Reliable Kicker Magnets for the SLC Damping Rings
T.S. Mattison, R.L. Cassel, A.R. Donaldson, G. Gross
Status of the Nuclotron Slow Extraction System
V.I. Chernikov, I.B. Issinsky, O.S. Kozlov, V.A. Mikhailov, S.A. Novikov
The RHIC Injection Fast Kicker
E.B. Forsyth, G.C. Pappas, J.E. Tuozzolo, W. Zhang
The Active Filter Voltage Ripple Correction System of the Brookhaven AGS Main Magnet Power Supply
I. Marneris, R. Bonati, J. Geller, J.N. Sandberg, A. Soukas
The Injection Kicker System for the Muon G-2 Experiment
G.C. Pappas, E.B. Forsyth, W. Feng
The AGS Accelerator Complex with the New Fast Extraction System
M. Tanaka, E.J. Bleser, J.W. Glenn, Y.Y. Lee, A. Soukas
DESY III - Dump System with One Fast Kicker
J. Ruemmler
Utilizing a Pulsed Deflector for Extraction of Pulsed Beams from the TRIUMF Cyclotron
R.E. Laxdal
Requirements for a Beam Sweeping System for the Fermilab Antiproton Source Target
F.M. Bieniosek, K. Anderson, K. Fullett
Measurement and Reduction of Quadrupole Injection Oscillations in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator
F.M. Bieniosek, K. Fullett
Results from Experiments of Crystal Extraction of 900 GeV Proton Beams from the Tevatron Collider
G. Jackson, D. Carrigan, D. Chen, C.T. Murphy, A. Bogacz, S. Ramachandran, J. Rhoades, A. McManus, S. Baker
High Energy Beam Line Based on Bending Crystal
V.M. Biryukov, Yu.A. Chesnokov, V.N. Greth, A.A. Ivanov, V.I. Kotov, V.S. Selesnev, M.V. Tarakanov, V.I. Terekhov, S.V. Tsarik
Observation of the Influence of the Crystal Surface Defects on the Characteristics of the High Energy Particle Beam Deflected With a Bent Monocrystal
V.I. Baranov, V.M. Biryukov, Yu.A. Chesnokov, V.I. Kotov, M.V. Tarakanov, S.V. Tsarik
Beam Extraction with Using of Volume Reflection Effect in Crystals
I. Yazynin
Use of a Bent Crystal for Beam Extraction in a Slow Extraction Mode
A.A. Asseev, M.Yu. Gorin
Computer Simulation of the Tevatron Crystal Extraction Experiment
Valery Biryukov

Power Supplies

PEP-II Magnet Power Conversion Systems
L.T. Jackson, A.H. Saab, D.W. Shimer
The AGS Main Magnet Power Supply Upgrade
J.N. Sandberg, R. Casella, J. Geller, I. Marneris, A. Soukas, N. Schumburg
Performance of the Ramping Power Supplies for the APS Booster Synchrotron
J.A. Carwardine, S.V. Milton, D.G. McGhee
A Distributed Dipole Power Supply System for the EUTERPE Electron Ring
A.H. Kemper, Boling Xi, R.W. de Leeuw, W.H.C. Theuws, J.I.M. Botman, C.J. Timmermans, H.L. Hagedoorn, R.G.J. Oude Velthuis
A 20 Ampere Shunt Regulator for Controlling Individual Magnets in a Seriesed String
E.J. Martin, N. Dobeck, G.S. Jones, M.K. O'Sullivan
A Multi-Channel Corrector Magnet Controller
G.E. Leyh, A.R. Donaldson, L.T. Jackson
Advances in Power Supply and Control System for Electrostatic Accelerators
S.N. Chumakov, A.D. Goncharov, A.N. Malygin, V.P. Ostanin, B.N. Sukhina, V.S. Tupikov
Mode Analysis of Synchrotron Magnet Strings
M. Kumada
Autotransformer Configurations to Enhance Utility Power Quality of High Power AC/DC Rectifer Systems
Sewan Choi, Prasad N. Enjeti, Ira J. Pitel
Performance of a 2-Megawatt High Voltage Test Load
D. Horan, R. Kustom, M. Ferguson
Early Operating and Reliability Experience with the CEBAF DC Magnet Power Supplies
W. Merz, R. Flood, E.J. Martin, M. O'Sullivan

Cryogenics, Vacuum, Alignment and Other Technical Systems

CEBAF Cryogenic System
Claus H. Rode
The Large Hadron Collider Vacuum System
B. Angerth, F. Bertinelli, J.-C. Brunet, R. Calder, F. Caspers, P. Cruikshank, J.-M. Dalin, O. Gröbner, N. Kos, A. Mathewson, A. Poncet, C. Reymermier, F. Ruggiero, T. Scholz, S. Sgobba, E. Wallén
Large Medical Gantries
J.B. Flanz
Alignment Considerations for the Next Linear Collider
Robert E. Ruland
Reliability of the LEP Vacuum System: Experience and Analysis
P.M. Strubin, J.-P. Bojon
On the Electron Beam Lifetime Problem in HERA
D.R.C. Kelly, W. Bialowons, R. Brinkmann, H. Ehrlichmann, J. Kouptsidis
Design and Testing of a High Power, Ultra-High Vacuum, Dual-Directional Coupler for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator
S.O. Brauer, A.E. Grelick, J. Grimmer, R.D. Otocki, Y.W. Kang, J. Noonan, T. Russell
A Pulse Septum Magnet with Low Outgassing Rate
Yuan Ji Pei, W.M. Li, D.M. Jiang, X.Q. Wang
Surveying the Monument System at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Advanced Light Source Accelerator
W. Thur, T. Lauritzen
Induced Radioactivity of Thick Copper and Lead Targets Irradiated by Protons, 4He and 12C Nuclei with Energy 3.65 GeV/Nucleon
A.A. Astapov, V.P. Bamblevski
The PEP-II High Power Beam Dumping System
A. Kulikov, J. Seeman, M. Zolotorev
Cryogenic Thermometry in Superconducting Accelerators
V. I. Datskov, J. A. Demko, J . G. Weisend, M. Hentges.
Cryogenic Operation and On-line Measurement of RF Losses in the SC Cavities of LEP2
G. Winkler, Ph. Gayet, D. Güsewell , Ch. Titcomb
Pressure Measurement for the UNK-1 Vacuum System
A. Kiver, V. Komarov, K. Mirzoev, V. Terekhov, A. Vasilevsky
Total Pressure Measurements in the ELETTRA Storage Ring According to the Performance of the Sputter-Ion Pumps
F. Giacuzzo, J. Miertusova
Insertion Device Vacuum Chamber for the ELETTRA Storage Ring
J. Miertusova, N. Pangos
Bellows Design for the PEP-II High Energy Ring Arc Chambers
M.E. Nordby, N. Kurita, C.-K. Ng
A Zero-Length Bellows for the PEP-II High-Energy Ring
M. Nordby, E.F. Daly, N. Kurita, J. Langton
Processing of O.F.E. Copper Beam Chambers for PEP-II High Energy Ring
E. Hoyt, M. Hoyt, R. Kirby, C. Perkins, D. Wright, A. Farvid
Stretchforming Vacuum Chambers for the PEP-II B-Factory High Energy Storage Ring
E.F. Daly, D. Bostic, A. Lisin, M. Palrang, C. Perkins, K. Skarpaas
Beam Vacuum Chambers for Brookhaven's Muon Storage Ring
H. C. Hseuh, L. Snydstrup, W. S. Jiang, C. Pai, M. Mapes
Test Results of Pre-Production Prototype Distributed Ion Pump Design for the PEP-II Asymmetric B-Factory Collider
F.R. Holdener, D. Behne, D. Hathaway, K. Kishiyama, M. Mugge, W. Stoeffl, K. van Bibber, C. Perkins, E.F. Daly, E. Hoyt, M. Hoyt, M. Nordby, J. Seeman, D. Wright
Design of the PEP-II Low Energy Ring Vacuum System
D. Hunt, K. Kennedy, T. Stevens
The Vacuum Upgrade of the CERN PS and PS Booster
M. van Rooij, J.-P. Bertuzzi, M. Brouet, A. Burlet, C. Burnside, R. Gavaggio, L. Petty, A. Poncet
The Vacuum System for Insertion Devices at the Advanced Photon Source
E. Trakhtenberg, E. Gluskin, P. Den Hartog, T. Klippert, G. Wiemerslage, S. Xu
Test Results of a Combined Distributed Ion Pump/Non-Evaporable Getter Pump Design Developed as a Proposed Alternative Pumping System for the PEP-II Asymmetric B-Factory Collider
F.R. Holdener, D. Behne, D. Hathaway, K. Kishiyama, M. Mugge, W. Stoeffl, K. van Bibber, C. Perkins, E.F. Daly, E. Hoyt, M. Hoyt, M. Nordby, J. Seeman, D. Wright
Ground Motion Measurements in HERA
V. Shiltsev, B. Baklakov, P. Lebedev, C. Montag, J. Rossbach
Alignment of Duke Free Electron Laser Storage Ring
M. Emamian, N. Hower, Y. Levashov
Beamline Smoothing of the Advanced Photon Source
H. Friedsam, M. Penicka, S. Zhao
Improvement of the Alignment System for the KEK 2.5-GeV Electron Linac
Y. Ogawa, A. Enomoto, I. Sato
A Mechanical Feedback System for Linear Colliders to Compensate Fast Magnet Motion
C. Montag, J. Rossbach
A Microstrip Based Position System for the Alignment of the TTF Cryostat
D. Giove, A. Bosotti, C. Pagani, G. Varisco
Beam-Based Magnetic Alignment of the Final Focus Test Beam
P. Tenenbaum, D. Burke, R. Helm, J. Irwin, P. Raimondi, K. Oide, K. Flöttmann
Alignment and Survey of the Elements in RHIC
D. Trbojevic, P. Cameron, G.L. Ganetis, M.A. Goldman, R. Gupta, M. Harrison, M.F. Hemmer, F.X. Karl, A. Jain, W. Louie, S. Mulhall, S. Peggs, S. Tepikian, R. Thomas, P. Wanderer
RF Radiation Measurement for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Personnel Safety System
J.J. Song, J. Kim, R. Otocki, J. Zhou
Radiation Shielding of the Main Injector
C.M. Bhat, P.S. Martin
The Safety Interlock System of Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
T.F. Lin, J.P. Wang
Radiological Protection Policy Aspects Concerning the Preliminary Design and Operation Modus of the Athens RT Microtron Facility
B. Spyropoulos
SLAC Synchronous Condenser
C. Corvin
Printed-Circuit Quadrupole Design
Terry F. Godlove, Santiago Bernal, Martin Reiser
Microprocessor Controlled Four-Axis Goniometer
A. Bortnyansky, M. Klopenkov, M. Pavlovets, M. Svinin, P. Kovach, J. Dobrovodsky
Optically Induced Surface Flashover Switching for the Dielectric Wall Accelerator
S. Sampayan, G. Caporaso, B. Carder, M. Norton, D. Trimble, J. Elizondo
Measurements of Magnet Vibrations at the Advanced Photon Source
V. Shiltsev
The Vacuum System for the PEP II High Energy Ring Straight Sections
U. Wienands, E. Daly, S.A. Heifets, A. Kulikov, N. Kurita, M. Nordby, C. Perkins, E. Reuter, J.T. Seeman, F.C. Belser, J. Berg, F.R. Holdener, J.A. Kerns, M.R. McDaniel, W. Stoeffl
Compact X-band High Power Load Using Magnetic Stainless Steel
Sami G. Tantawi, A. E. Vlieks
Progress on Plasma Lens Experiments at the Final Focus Test Beam
P. Kwok, P. Chen, D. Cline, W. Barletta, S. Berridge, W. Bugg, C. Bula, S. Chattopadhyay, W. Craddock, I. Hsu, R. Iverson, T. Katsouleas, P. Lai, W. Leemans, R. Liou, K.T. McDonald, D.D. Meyerhofer, K. Nakajima, H. Nakanishi, C.K. Ng, Y. Nishida, J. Norem, A. Ogata, J. Rosenzweig, M. Ross, A. Sessler, T. Shintake, J. Spencer, J.J. Su, A.W. Weidemann, G. Westenskow, D. Whittum, R. Williams, J. Wurtele
Measurement of the Electric Field Uniformity in an Electrostatic Separator
Weiran Lou, James J. Welch
Analysis and Redesign of RF Filter Bar to Relieve Thermal Stresses
E.G. Schmenk, K.W. Kelly, V. Saile, H.P. Bluem
Loaded Delay Lines for Future R.F. Pulse Compression Systems
R.M. Jones, P.B. Wilson, N.M. Kroll

Controls and Computing

Integrating Industrial and Accelerator Control Systems
R. Saban
Control System for Fermilab's Low Temperature Upgrade
B.L. Norris
Databases for Accelerator Control - An Operations Viewpoint
J. Poole
Taking an Object-Oriented View of Accelerators
Hiroshi Nishimura
The CEBAF Control System
William A. Watson III
MECAR (Main Ring Excitation Controller and Regulator): A Real Time Learning Regulator For The Fermilab Main Ring Or The Main Injector Synchrotron
R. Flora, K. Martin, A. Moibenko, H. Pfeffer, D. Wolff, P. Prieto, S. Hays
Framework for a General Purpose, Intelligent Control System for Particle Accelerators
R.T. Westervelt, W.B. Klein, G. Luger
Automatic Beam Steering in the CERN PS Complex
B. Autin, G.H Hemelsoet, M. Martini, E. Wildner
Integrated On-Line Accelerator Modeling at CEBAF
B.A. Bowling, H. Shoaee, J. van Zeijts, S. Witherspoon, W. Watson
A Self-Describing File Protocol for Simulation Integration and Shared Post-Processors
M. Borland
Analytic Computation of Beam Impedances in Complex Heterogenous Accelerator Geometries
S. Petracca, I.M. Pinto, F. Ruggiero
Comparison of CONDOR, FCI and MAFIA Calculations for a 150MW S-Band Klystron with Measurements
U. Becker, T. Weiland, M. Dohlus, S. Lütgert, D. Sprehn


The BEPC Control System Upgraded
J. Zhao, X. Geng, Y. Yu, B. Wang, C. Wang, J. Xu, W. Liu, H. Luo, Y.Wang, M. Zhan
Control System of PLS 2-GeV Linac
I.S. Ko, W. Namkung
Control System of the Synchrotron Radiation Source SIBERIA-2
A. Valentinov, A. Kadnikov, Y. Krylov, S. Kuznetsov, Y. Yupinov
Control System for the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
B.A. Tatum, R.C. Juras, M.J. Meigs
Control System Design for KEKB Accelerators
S.-I. Kurokawa, T. Katoh, T.T. Nakamura, T. Mimashi, N. Yamamoto
Design of SPring-8 Linac Control System Using Object Oriented Concept
H. Sakaki, H. Yoshikawa, Y. Itoh, A. Kuba, T. Hori, A. Mizuno, H. Yokomizo
The Slow Control System of the Muon g-2 Experiment
Arnold Stillman
The Duke Storage Ring Control System
Y. Wu, B. Burnham, V.N. Litvinenko
EPICS at Duke University
C. Dickey, B. Burnham, F. Carter, R. Fricks, V. Litvinenko, A. Nagchaudhuri, P. Morcombe, R. Pantazis, P. O'Shea, R. Sachtschale, Y. Wu
The Integration of Two Control Systems
M. Bickley, K. White
Upgrade of NSLS Timing System
O. Singh, S. Ramamoorthy, J. Sheehan, J. Smith
Accelerator Timing at Brookhaven National Laboratory
B. Oerter, C.R. Conkling
The RHIC General Purpose Multiplexed Analog to Digital Converter System
R. Michnoff
The Datacon Master - Renovation of a Datacon Field Bus Communications System for Accelerator ControlT. The Datacon Master - Renovation of a Datacon Field Bus Communications System for Accelerator Control
T. M. Kerner, R. Warkentien
Upgrade of the Controls for the Brookhaven Linac
W.E. Buxton
Commissioning Software Tools at the Advanced Photon Source
L. Emery
Rapid Application Development Using the Tcl/Tk Language
Johannes van Zeijts
Accelerator Operation Management Using Objects
H. Nishimura, C. Timossi, M. Valdez
Orbit Control at the ALS Based on Sensitivity Matrices
H. Nishimura, L. Schachinger, H. Ohgaki
Error Handling in the NSLS Control System
Susila Ramamoorthy, Pauline Pearson, John Smith
History Data Collection, Retriving and Display in the NSLS Control System
Y.N. Tang, J.D. Smith
Virtual Instrumentation Interface for SRRC Control System
Jenny Chen, C.H. Kuo, Gloria Huang, J.S. Chen, C.J. Wang, K.T. Hsu, G.J. Jan
User-Friendly Interface for Operator in the Controls of UNK Beam-Transfer Line.
Yu. Karshev, Yu. Fedotov, V. Komarov, I. Lobov
Macmon: A Monitoring Program for ELETTRA
Emanuel Karantzoulis, Mark Plesko
Device Control at CEBAF
S. Schaffner, D. Barker, V. Bookwalter, B. Bowling, K. Brown, L. Doolittle, T. Fox, S. Higgins, A. Hofler, G. Lahti, P. Letta, B. Montjar, N. Patavalis, J. Tang, W. Watson, C. West, D. Wetherholt, K. White, S. Witherspoon, M. Wise
Automated Frequency Tuning of SRF Cavities at CEBAF
M. Chowdhary, L. Doolittle, G. Lahti, S. N. Simrock, R. Terrell
Operational Monitoring of the CEBAF RF System
J. Karn, B. Dunham, M. Tiefenback
Operating Experience with the New TRIUMF RF Control System
K. Fong, M. Laverty, S. Fang
Managing Control Algorithms with an Object-Oriented Database
M. Bickley, W. Watson
Design of the Commissioning Software for the AGS to RHIC Transfer Line
C.G. Trahern, C. Saltmarsh, T. Satogata, J. Kewisch, S. Sathe, T. D'Ottavio, S. Tepikian, D. Shea

Computer Codes

A Relational Database for Magnets and Measurement Systems at the Fermilab Magnet Test Facility
J.W. Sim, B.C. Brown, H.D. Glass, D.J. Harding, C.S. Mishra, A.D. Russell, K. Trombly-Freytag, D.G.C. Walbridge
Software for a Database-Controlled Measurement System at the Fermilab Magnet Test Facility
J.W. Sim, R. Baiod, B.C. Brown, E. Desavouret, H.D. Glass, P.J. Hall, D.J. Harding, C.S. Mishra, J.M. Nogiec, J.E. Pachnik, A. Russell, K. Trombly-Freytag, D.G.C. Walbridge
BBAT: Bunch and Bucket Analysis Tool
D.-P. Deng
MASTAC - New Code for Solving Three-Dimensional Non-linear Magnetostatic Problems
M. Rojak, E. Shurina, Yu. Soloveichik, A. Grudiev, M. Tiunov, P. Vobly
The Computer Code BPERM for Wakepotential & Impedance Calculations
T. Barts, W. Chou
Byung C. Yunn, Rui Li, Stefan Simrock
New Graphic User Interface for the Charged Particle Beam Program PARMILA
George H. Gillespie, Barrey W. Hill
XWAKE 1.1: A New Impedance and Wake Field Software Package
G.W. Saewert, T.G. Jurgens
The Los Alamos Accelerator Code Group
Frank L. Krawczyk, James H. Billen, Robert D. Ryne, Harunori Takeda, Lloyd M. Young
Beam Simulation and Radiation Dose Calculation at the Advanced Photon Source with SHOWER, an Interface Program to the EGS4 Code System
L. Emery
An Interactive Version of the PBGUNS Program for the Simulation of Axisymmetric and 2-D, Electron and Ion Beams and Guns
Jack E. Boers
Vector Computer Used for Calculation of 3D Magnetostatic Fields
E.P. Zhidkov, M.B. Yuldasheva, I.P. Yudin, O.I. Yuldashev
Impedance Study for the PEP-II B-factory
S. Heifets, A. Chao, E. Daly, K. Ko, N. Kurita, X. Lin, C. Ng, M. Nordby, C. Perkins, J. Seeman, G. Stupakov, U. Wienands, D. Wright, M. Zolotorev, E. Henestroza, G. Lambertson, J. Corlett, J. Byrd, M. Zisman, T. Weiland, W. Stoeffl, C. Bolser
Pressure Stability under a Pump Failure
S.A. Heifets, J. Seeman, W. Stoeffl
Investigation of the Beam Impedance of a Slowly Varying Waveguide
R. M. Jones, S. A. Heifets
Optimal Transport of Low Energy Particle Beams
Christopher K. Allen, Samar K. Guharay, Martin Reiser
Simulation of the Space Charge Effect in RHIC
G.F. Dell, S. Peggs
Magnetic Shielding for the D0 Detector Solenoid Upgrade
J.-F. Ostiguy, R. Yamada
Trapped Modes in the PEP-II B-Factory Interaction Region
E. Henestroza, S. Heifets, M. Zolotorev
A Proof of Principle of a Storage Ring with Fifth-Order Achromatic Bending Arcs
Weishi Wan, Martin Berz
Analytic Electrostatic Solution of an Axisymmetric Accelerator Gap
John K. Boyd
3D-Finite Difference Analysis of Planar Loop Couplers as Beam Electrodes in Stochastic Cooling Systems
R. Schultheis, H.L. Hartnagel, B. Franzke
Some Remarks on the Location of Higher Order Modes in Tapered Accelerating Structures with the Use of a Coupled Oscillator Model
G. Romanov, S. Ivanov, M. Dohlus, N. Holtkamp
The New Possibilities of SuperLANS Code for Evaluation of Axisymmetric Cavities
D.G. Myakishev, V.P. Yakovlev
Transverse EM Fields in a Detuned X-band Accelerating Structure
S.A. Heifets, S.A. Kheifets, B. Woo
RF Cavity Computer Design Codes
P.A. McIntosh
Arbitrary Order Transfer Maps for RF Cavities
Johannes van Zeijts
The Computation of the Dynamic Inductance of Magnet Systems and Force Distribution in Ferromagnetic Region on the Basis of 3-D Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Field
N. Doinikov, V. Kukhtin, E. Lamzin, B. Mingalev, Yu. Severgin, S. Sytchevsky
Advanced Electromagnetic Design of Cavities for High Current Accelerators
Frank L. Krawczyk
Modified PARMILA Code for New Accelerating Structures
H. Takeda, J. E. Stovall
Tracking Particles with Wake Fields and Space Charge Effects
A. J. Riche
On the Importance of Fourth Order Effects on Wakefield Calculations for Short Bunches
Zenghai Li, Joseph J. Bisognano
Coupling Impedances of Muffin-Tin Structures with Closed and Open Sides
M. Filtz
Explicit Soft Fringe Maps of a Quadrupole
John Irwin, Chun-xi Wang

Instrumentation and Feedback

Bunched Beam Cooling for the Fermilab Tevatron
Ralph J. Pasquinelli
Fast Digital Dampers for the Fermilab Booster
James M. Steimel Jr.
Fast Feedback for Linear Colliders
L. Hendrickson, C. Adolphsen, S. Allison, T. Gromme, P. Grossberg, T. Himel, K. Krauter, R. MacKenzie, M. Minty, R. Sass, H. Shoaee, M. Woodley
Instrumentation in Medical Systems
W.T. Chu
Laser Diagnostics of a One-Dimensional Ordered Ion Beam
R. Calabrese, V. Guidi, P. Lenisa, U. Tambini, E. Mariotti, L. Moi
Determining Electron Beam Parameters from Edge Radiation Measurement Results on Siberia-1 Storage Ring
O.V. Chubar
Absolute Energy Measurement in e- e+ Linear Colliders
Blaine E. Norum, Robert Rossmanith
INR Activity in Development and Production of Bunch Shape Monitors
S.K. Esin, A.V. Feschenko, P.N. Ostroumov
Conceptual design of a Charged Particle Beam Energy Spectrometer Utilizing Transition Radiation Grating
X.Z. Qiu, X.J. Wang, K. Batchelor, I. Ben-Zvi
An Analysis of the Operational Performance of the Automatic Global Horizontal Beam Position Control System on the SRS at Daresbury
J.B. Fitzgerald, B.G. Martlew, P.D. Quinn, S.L. Smith
A Prototype Fast Feedback System for Energy Lock at CEBAF
M. Chowdhary, G.A. Krafft, H. Shoaee, S.N. Simrock, W.A. Watson
Operation and Performance of the PEP-II Prototype Longitudinal Damping System at the ALS
D. Teytelman, R. Claus, J. Fox, H. Hindi, J. Hoeflich, I. Linscott, J. Olsen, G. Oxoby, S. Prabhakar, W. Ross, L. Sapozhnikov, A. Drago, M. Serio, J. Byrd, J. Corlett, G. Stover
Commissioning of the ALS Transverse Coupled-Bunch Feedback System
W. Barry, J. Byrd, J. Corlett, J. Johnson, G. Lambertson, J. Fox
Operation of a Fast Digital Transverse Feedback System in CESR
J.T. Rogers, M.G. Billing, J.A. Dobbins, C.R. Dunnam, D.L. Hartill, T. Holmquist, B.D. McDaniel, T.A. Pelaia, M. Pisharody, J.P. Sikora, C.R. Strohman
Measuring and Adjusting the Path Length at CEBAF
G.A. Krafft, M. Crofford, D.R. Douglas, S.L. Harwood, R. Kazimi, R. Legg, W. Oren, K. Tremblay, D. Wang
Simulations of the BNL/SLAC/UCLA 1.6 Cell Emittance Compensated Photocathode RF Gun Low Energy Beam Line
D.T. Palmer, R.H. Miller, H. Winick, X.J. Wang, K. Batchelor, M. Woodle, I. Ben-Zvi
Small Gap Undulator Experiment on the NSLS X-Ray Ring
P.M. Stefan, S. Krinsky, G. Rakowsky, L. Solomon
Measurements of Longitudinal Dynamics in the SLC Damping Rings
R.L. Holtzapple, R.H. Siemann, C. Simopoulos
Single Bunch Collective Effects in the ALS
J.M. Byrd, J.N. Corlett, T. Renner
Experiments of Nanometer Spot Size Monitor at FFTB Using Laser Interferometery
T. Shintake, K. Oide, N. Yamamoto, A. Hayakawa, Y. Ozaki, D. Burke, R.C. Field, S. Hartman, R. Iverson, P. Tenenbaum, D. Walz
Transverse Electron Beam Size Measurements Using the Lloyd's Mirror Scheme of Synchrotron Light Interference
O.V. Chubar


Charge Balancing Fill Rate Monitor
J.L. Rothman, E.B. Blum
Sensitivity and Offset Calibration for the Beam Position Monitors at the Advanced Photon Source
Y. Chung, D. Barr, G. Decker, K. Evans Jr., E. Kahana
An Sampling Detector for the RHIC BPM Electronics
W.A. Ryan, T.J. Shea
RHIC Beam Position Monitor Characterization
P. R. Cameron, M. C. Grau, M. Morvillo, T. J.Shea, R. E.Sikora
Duke Storage Ring Tune Measurements System using Razor Blade and Photomultiplier
V.N. Litvinenko, B. Burnham, N. Hower, P. Morcombe, Y. Wu
The Development of Beam Current Monitors in the APS
X. Wang, F. Lenkszus, E. Rotela
Overall Design Concepts for the APS Storage Ring Machine Protection System
A. Lumpkin, R. Fuja, A. Votaw, X. Wang, D. Shu, J. Stepp, N. Arnold, G. Nawrocki, G. Decker, Y. Chung
Status of the Synchrotron Radiation Monitors for the APS Facility Rings
A. Lumpkin, B. Yang
Initial Diagnostics Commissioning Results for the Advanced Photon Source (APS)
A. Lumpkin, D. Patterson, X. Wang, E. Kahana, W. Sellyey, A. Votaw, B. Yang, R. Fuja, W. Berg, M. Borland, L. Emery, G. Decker, S. Milton
Initial Tests of the Dual-Sweep Streak Camera System Planned for APS Particle-Beam Diagnostics
A. Lumpkin, B. Yang, W. Gai , W. Cieslik
A Transverse Tune Monitor for the Fermilab Main Ring
P.J. Chou, B. Fellenz, G. Jackson
Recalibration of Position Monitors With Beams
Kotaro Satoh, Masaki Tejima
Simulation of PEP-II Beam Position Monitors
C.-K. Ng, T. Weiland, D. Martin, S. Smith, N. Kurita
Prototype Bunch Killer System At SRRC
G. J. Jan, Jenny Chen, C. H. Kuo, T. F. Lin, K. T. Pan, Glory Lin, K. T. Hsu
Beam Diagnostics for the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher AmPS
J.G. Noomen, H. Boer-Rookhuizen, N. Dobbe, J. v.Es, E. Heine, F. Kroes, J. Kuijt, J. v.d.Laan, A. Poelman, H. Nieuwenkamp, T. Sluijk
Non-Destructive Beam Profile Measuring System Observing Fluorescence Generated by Circulating Beam
T. Kawakubo, E. Kadokura, T. Kubo, T. Ishida, H. Yamaguchi
The Closed Orbit Measurement of SRRC Booster During Ramping
T.S. Ueng, K.T. Hsu, K.H. Hwu, K.K. Lin
Lattice Function Measurement with TBT BPM Data
Ming-Jen Yang
Optimal Placement of Profile Monitors in a Mismatched FODO Lattice
K. Bertsche
SSRL Beam Position Monitor Detection Electronics
J. Sebek, R. Hettel, R. Matheson, R. Ortiz, J. Wachter
Single-Turn Beam Position Monitor for the NSLS VUV Electron Storage Ring
R. J. Nawrocky, S. L. Kramer
Design of the Button Beam Position Monitor for PEP-II
N. Kurita, D. Martin, S. Smith, C. Ng, M. Nordby, C. Perkins
Study of Fast Electron Beam Profile Monitor System
Ian Hsu, C.I. Yu, C.C. Chu
The Average Orbit System Upgrade for the Brookhaven AGS
D. J. Ciardullo, J. M. Brennan
Feasibility Study of an Orbit Feedback System for the KEKB Facility
Y. Funakoshi, M. Tejima, H. Ishii
Turn-by-Turn Beam Position Measurement for 1.3 GeV Booster Synchrotron
T. S. Ueng, K. T. Hsu, C. S. Fang, Y. M. Chang, K. K. Lin
Beam Position Monitor for the LNLS UVX Synchrotron Light Source
F.S. Rafael, E.K.C.S. Hayashi
Transition Radiation Electron Beam Diagnostic Study at ATF
X.Z. Qiu, X.J. Wang, K. Batchelor, I. Ben-Zvi
Machine Parameter Measurement of the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher AmPS
Y.Y. Wu, R. Maas
Wire Setup Calibration of Beam Position Monitors
D. Wang, B. Binns, M. Kogan, A. Zolfaghari
Beam profile data analysis for the RHIC Injection Line
Ping Zhou
Energy Spread of Ion Beams Generated in Multicusp Ion Sources
M. Sarstedt, P. Herz, W.B. Kunkel, Y. Lee, K.N. Leung, L. Perkins, D. Pickard, M. Weber, M.D. Williams, E. Hammel
A 2 MHz 3-Port Analog Isolation and Fanout Module
Edward R. Beadle
A General Purpose Fiber Optic Link with Radiation Resistance
Edward R. Beadle
DSP Based Data Acquisition for RHIC
T.J. Shea, J. Mead, C.M. Degen
Ion-Chamber Beam-Loss-Monitor System for the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility
M. Plum, D. Brown, A. Browman, R. Macek
Development of Beam Position Monitors for Heavy Ion Recirculators
F.J. Deadrick, J.J. Barnard, T.J. Fessenden, J.W. Meredith, J. Rintamaki
Laser Compton Polarimetry of Proton Beams
A. Stillman
Phase and Synchronous Detector Theory as Applied to Beam Position and Intensity Measurements
J.D. Gilpatrick
Testing Coaxial Switches of BPM using a High-Resolution RF Detector
Takao Ieiri
A Beam Size Monitor Based on Appearance Intensities for Multiple Gas Ionization
T. Katsouleas, J. Yoshii, W.B. Mori, C. Joshi, C. Clayton
Beam Profile Measurement in the Presence of Noise
K. Bertsche, J. Palkovic
Beam Shaping Using a New Digital Noise Generator
H. Stockhorst, G. Heinrichs, A. Schnase, S. Papureanu, U. Bechstedt, R. Maier, R. Tölle
The RHIC Transfer Line Cable Database
E.H. Scholl, T. Satogata
Characterization of Beam Position Monitors for Measurement of Second Moment
S.J. Russell, J.D. Gilpatrick, J.F. Power, R.B. Shurter
Beam Diagnostic Systems and Their Use in the New IUCF Beam Line
W.P. Jones, M. Ball, J. Collins, T. Ellison, B. Hamilton
Tomographic Method of Experimental Research of Particle Distribution in Phase Space
V.V. Kalashnikov, V.I. Moisseev, V.V. Petrenko
Design of the Beam Profile Monitor System for the RHIC Injection Line
R.L. Witkover
Beam Intensity Observation System at SRRC
C.J. Wang, C.H. Kuo, J.S. Chen, Jenny Chen, K.T. Hsu, G.J. Jan
Performance of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linac Beam Position Monitors (BPMs) with Logarithmic Amplifier Electronics
R.E. Fuja, M. White
Preliminary Calculations on the Determination of APS Particle-Beam Parameters Based on Undulator Radiation
A. Lumpkin, B. Yang, Y. Chung, R. Dejus, G. Voykov, G. Dattoli
Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Detector for a Non-Invasive Subpicosecond Bunch Length Monitor
G.A. Krafft, D. Wang, E. Price, E. Feldl, D. Porterfield, P. Wood, T. Crowe
A Beam Test of Button-Type Beam Position Monitor for the ATF Damping Ring
F. Hinode, H. Hayano, M. Tejima, N. Terunuma, J. Urakawa
Application of a Transverse Phase-Space Measurement Technique for High-Brightness, H- Beams to the GTA H- Beam
K.F. Johnson, R.C. Connolly, R.C. Garcia, D.P. Rusthoi, O.R. Sander, D.P. Sandoval, M.A. Shinas, M. Smith, V.W. Yuan
Precision Intercomparision of Beam Current Monitors at CEBAF
R. Kazimi, B. Dunham, G.A. Krafft, R. Legg, C. Liang, C. Sinclair, J. Mammosser
Damped Button Electrode for B-Factory BPM System
T. Obina, T. Shintake, Y.H. Chin, N. Akasaka
Beam Monitors for the S-Band Test Facility
W. Radloff, M. Wendt
Low Energy Regime for Optical Transition Radiation Emission
D. Giove, C. De Martinis, M. Pullia, P. Mangili
Recovery of CTF Beam Signals from a Strong Wakefield Background
Yan Yin, Elmar Schulte, Tord Ekelöf
A Low-Cost Non-Intercepting Beam Current and Phase Monitor for Heavy Ions
J.M. Bogaty, B.E. Clifft
Transverse Emittance Systematics Measured for Heavy-Ion Beams at ATLAS
J.A. Nolen, T.A. Barlow, K.A. Beyer, K.A. Woody
Beam Position Monitors in the TESLA Test Facility Linac
R. Lorenz
Energy Measurement of Relativistic Electrons by Compton Scattering
Ian Hsu, C.-C. Chu, C.-I. Yu, C.-I. Chen, A.-T. Lai, Y.-C. Liu, P.-K. Tseng, G.-Y. Hsiung, R.-C. Hsu, C.-P. Wang, R.-C. Chen
Tests of a High Resolution Beam Profile Monitor
J. Norem, J. Dawson, W. Haberichter, R. Lam, L. Reed, X.-F. Yang, J. Spencer
Airix Alignment and High Current Beam Diagnostics
D. Villate, Ch. Bonnafond, A. Devin, E. Merle
A New Beam Intensity Monitoring System with Wide Dynamic Range for the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
M.J. Meigs, D.L. Haynes, C.M. Jones, C.T. LeCroy
Diagnostic Beam Pulses for Monitoring the SLC Linac
F.-J. Decker, M. Stanek, H. Smith, F. Tian
Observation of Thermal Effects on the LEP Wire Scanners
J. Camas, C. Fischer, J.J. Gras, R. Jung, J. Koopman
CEBAF Beam Loss Accounting
R. Ursic, K. Mahoney, C. Hovater, A. Hutton, C. Sinclair
Nanometer Resolution BPM Using Damped Slot Resonator
S.C. Hartman, T. Shintake, N. Akasaka
An Automatic Tune-Measurement System for the CELSIUS Ring
T. Lofnes


Software Architecture of the Longitudinal Feedback System for PEP-II, ALS and DAFNE
R. Claus, J. Fox, I. Linscott, G. Oxoby, W. Ross, L. Sapozhnikov, D. Teytelman, A. Drago, M. Serio
Digital I/Q Demodulator
C. Ziomek, P. Corredoura
RF Feedback Simulation Results for PEP-II
R. Tighe, P. Corredoura
TM0,1.5,0 Mode Cavity for Longitudinal Bunch Feedback Kicker
T. Shintake
Low Level RF System Design for the PEP-II B Factory
P. Corredoura, R. Claus, L. Sapozhnikov, H. Schwarz, R. Tighe, C. Ziomek
Experiment of the RF Feedback using a Parallel Comb Filter
S. Yoshimoto, E. Ezura, K. Akai, T. Takashima
Digital Transverse Beam Dampers for the Brookhaven AGS
G.A. Smith, V. Castillo, T. Roser, W. Van Asselt, R. Witkover, V. Wong
Design of the PEP-II Transverse Coupled-Bunch Feedback System
W. Barry, J. Byrd, J. Corlett, M. Fahmie, J. Johnson, G. Lambertson, M. Nyman, J. Fox, D. Teytelman
Simulations of the PEP-II Transverse Coupled-Bunch Feedback System
J.M. Byrd
Fermilab Booster Low Level RF System Upgrades
Robert C. Webber
Energy Stability in a High Average Power FEL
L. Merminga, J.J. Bisognano
Automated Beam Based Alignment of the ALS Quadrupoles
G. Portmann, D. Robin, L. Schachinger
First Results with a Nonlinear Digital Orbit Feedback System at the NSLS
Eva Bozoki, Aharon Friedman, Susila Ramamoorthy
Local Beam Position Feedback Experiments on the ESRF Storage Ring
Y. Chung, E. Kahana, J. Kirchman, A. Lumpkin, J. Meyer, E. Plouviez, K. Scheidt, E. Taurel, A. Ando, S. Sasaki, A. Taketani
Implementation of the Global and Local Beam Position Feedback Systems for the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring
Y. Chung, D. Barr, G. Decker, J. Galayda, J. Kirchman, F. Lenkszus, A. Lumpkin, A.J. Votaw
The RHIC Accelerating Cavity Prototype Tuner
A. Ratti, J.M. Brennan, J. Brodowski, E. Onillon, J. Rose
Ramp Tuning of the APS Booster Synchrotron Magnet Power Supplies
S.V. Milton, J.A. Carwardine
Orbit Stability Improvements at the NSLS X-Ray Ring
J. Safranek, O. Singh, L. Solomon
Digital Orbit Feedback Compensation for SPEAR
J. Corbett, R. Hettel, D. Keeley, D. Mostowfi
Digital Orbit Feedback Control for SPEAR
R. Hettel, J. Corbett, D. Keeley, I. Linscott, D. Mostowfi, J. Sebek, C. Wermelskirchen
Beam Position Feedback Systems for the PF Storage Ring
N. Nakamura, K. Haga, T. Honda, T. Kasuga, M. Katoh, Y. Kobayashi, M. Tadano, M. Yokoyama
The New Booster Synchronization Loop
E. Onillon, J.M. Brennan
Recent Progress in the Development of the Bunch Feedback Systems for KEKB
E. Kikutani, T. Kasuga, Y. Minagawa, T. Obina, M. Tobiyama
60 Hz Beam Motion Reduction at NSLS UV Storage Ring
Om V. Singh
The CEBAF Fiber Optic Phase Reference System
K. Crawford, S. Simrock, C. Hovater, A. Krycuk
RF System Modeling for the High Average Power FEL at CEBAF
L. Merminga, J. Fugitt, G. Neil, S. Simrock
Beam Positioning and Monitoring in the Racetrack Microtron Eindhoven
W. Theuws, R.W. de Leeuw, G.A. Webers, J.I.M. Botman, C.J. Timmermans, H.L. Hagedoorn
Multi-Bunch Systems at DESY
Rolf-Dieter Kohaupt

High Energy Accelerator Beam Dynamics

Results of Final Focus Test Beam
V.A. Alexandrof, V. Balakin, A. Mikhailichenko, K. Flöttmann, F. Peters, G.-A. Voss, V. Bharadwaj, M. Halling, J.A. Holt, J. Buon, J. Jeanjean, F. LeDiberder, V. Lepeltier, P. Puzo, G. Heimlinger, R. Settles, U. Stierlin, N. Akasaka, H. Hayano, N. Ishihara, H. Nakayama, K. Oide, T. Shintake, Y. Takeuchi, N. Yamamoto, F. Bulos, D. Burke, R. Field, S. Hartman, R. Helm, J. Irwin, R. Iverson, P. Raimondi, S. Rokni, G. Roy, W. Spence, P. Tenenbaum, S.R. Wagner, D. Walz, S. Williams
Comparison of Measured and Calculated Dynamic Aperture
F. Willeke
Ion Effects in Future Circular and Linear Accelerators
T.O. Raubenheimer
Nonlinear Wave Phenomena in Coasting Beams
P.L. Colestock, L.K. Spentzouris, F. Ostiguy
The Cure of Multibunch Instabilities in ELETTRA
M. Svandrlik, C.J. Bocchetta, A. Fabris, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, R. Nagaoka, C. Pasotti, L. Tosi, R.P. Walker, A. Wrulich
Nonlinear Analyses of Storage Ring Lattices Using One-Turn Maps
Y.T. Yan, J. Irwin, T. Chen
Precise Determination and Comparision of the SPS Dynamic Aperture in Experiment and Simulation
W. Fischer, F. Schmidt
Coherency of the Long Range Beam-Beam Interaction in CESR
Alexander B. Temnykh, James J. Welch
Effect of Quadrupole Noise on the Emittance Growth of Protons in HERA
T. Sen, O. Brüning, F. Willeke
Nonlinear Mode Coupling Analysis in the Tevatron
S. Assadi, C.S. Mishra
Lattice Design for KEKB Colliding Rings
H. Koiso, K. Oide
Entropy and Emittance Growth
Patrick G. O'Shea
Analysis of Optical Stochastic Cooling Including Transverse Effects
K.-J. Kim

Linear and Nonlinear Orbit Theory

Reduction of Non Linear Resonance Excitation from Insertion Devices in the ALS
D. Robin, G. Krebs, G. Portmann, A. Zholents, W. Decking
Sum Betatron Resonances under Linear Coupling of Oscillations
P.N. Chirkov, I.I. Petrenko
Linear Orbit Parameters for the Exact Equations of Motion
G. Parzen
Tune Modulation Due to Synchrotron Oscillations and Chromaticity, and the Dynamic Aperture
G. Parzen
Normal Mode Tunes for Linear Coupled Motion in Six Dimensional Phase Space
G. Parzen
Fast Symplectic Mapping and Quasi-invariants for the Large Hadron Collider
R.L. Warnock, J.S. Berg, E. Forest
Nonlinear Dependence of Synchrotron Radiation on Beam Parameters
G.H. Hoffstätter
Effects of Imperfections on the Dynamic Aperature and Closed Orbit of the IPNS Upgrade Synchrotron
E. Lessner, Y.-C. Chae, S. Kim
Paraxial Expansion of a Static Magnetic Field in a Ring Accelerator
Lee C. Teng
Experimental Determination of Linear Optics Including Quadrupole Rotations
J. Safranek
Perturbation of Beam Energy Due to Steering and Pretzel Orbit
W. Lou, M. Billing, D. Rice
Lattice Studies for a High-Brightness Light Source
D. Kaltchev, R.V. Servranckx, M.K. Craddock, W. Joho
Transfer Maps Through Ideal Bends (Again?)
Leo Michelotti
Skew Chromaticity in Large Accelerators
S. Peggs, G.F. Dell
The Effect and Correction of Coupling Generated by the RHIC Triplet Quadrupoles
F. Pilat, S. Peggs, S. Tepikian, D. Trbojevic, J. Wei
The Beam Envelope Equation - Systematic Solution for a FODO Lattice with Space Charge
Edward P. Lee
Analytic Second- and Third-Order Achromat Designs
Chunxi Wang, Alex Chao
Measurement of Chromatic Effects in LEP
D. Brandt, P. Castro, K. Cornelis, A. Hofmann, G. Morpurgo, G.L. Sabbi, A. Verdier
The Lattice of the CERN Large Hadron Collider
W. Scandale, B. Jeanneret, J.-P. Koutchouk, X. Luo, F. Méot, R. Ostojic, T. Risselada, C. Rufer, T. Taylor, T. Trenkler, S. Weisz
Sorting Strategies for the LHC Based on Normal Forms
W. Scandale, M. Giovannozzi, R. Grassi, E. Todesco
Algorithms to get a Circulating Beam
André Verdier, Frank Richard
Non-Linear Chromaticity Correction with Sextupole Families
André Verdier
Simulation of Charged Particle Transport in Nonlinear Axisymmetrical Electrostatic Potential
I.P. Yudin, V.V. Andreev
Stochastic Effects in Real and Simulated Ion Beams
Jürgen Struckmeier
Magnetic Field Correction in Nuclotron
I.B. Issinsky, V.A. Mikhailov, V.A. Shchepunov
Effects of the CHESS Wigglers on a Beam with an Angular Offset
James J. Welch
Particle Tracking with Generating Functions of Magnetic Fringing Fields
Godehard Wüstefeld
Computation of Lattice Maps Using Modular BCH and Similarity Composition Rules
J. Irwin
Treatment of Wiggler and Undulator Field Errors in Tracking Codes
W. Decking, O. Kaul, H. Nesemann, J. Rossbach
Experimental Study of the Duke Storage Ring Dynamic Aperture
Y. Wu, V.N. Litvinenko, B. Burnham, J.M.J. Madey

Beam-Beam Interaction and Beam Cooling

A New Model of the e+e- Beam-Beam Interaction
K.D. Cromer, B.E. Norum
A Study of Beam-Beam Interactions at Finite Crossing Angles for a B-Factory
K. Hirata, K. Ohmi, N. Toge
Simulation of Beam-Beam Effects in Tevatron
C.S. Mishra, S. Assadi, R. Talman
The Dynamic Beta Effect in CESR
David Sagan
Lifetime and Tail Simulations for Beam-Beam Effects in PEP-II B Factory
D.N. Shatilov, A.A. Zholents
Gamma Ray Sources Based on Resonant Backscattering of Laser Beams With Relativistic Heavy Ion Beams
E.G. Bessonov, Kwang-Je Kim
Observations of the Effects of the Beam-Beam Interaction on the Orbits of Stored Beams in CESR
E. Young
Calculations on Depolarization in HERA due to Beam-Beam Effects
M. Böge, T. Limberg
A Map for the Thick Beam-Beam Interaction
J. Irwin, T. Chen
Transient Beam Loading in the SLC Damping Rings
M.G. Minty, R.H. Siemann
Studies of Halo Distributions Under Beam-Beam Interaction
T. Chen, J. Irwin, R.H. Siemann
The Effect of Phase Advance Errors Between Interaction Points on Beam Halos
T. Chen, J. Irwin, R.H. Siemann
Compensation of the "Pacman" Tune Spread by Tailoring the Beam Current
Miguel A. Furman
Disruption Effects on the Beam Size Measurement
P. Raimondi, F.-J. Decker, P. Chen
Flat Beam Spot Sizes Measurement in the SLC-Final Focus
P. Raimondi, F.-J. Decker
Polarization Correlations in the SLC Final Focus
F.-J. Decker
Supercooling of Bunched Beams by Coherent Synchrotron Radiation
M. Bergher
Analysis of the Tevatron Collider Beam Spectrum for Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling
G. Jackson
Asymmetric Hopf Bifurcation for Proton Beams with Electron Cooling
X. Kang, M. Ball, B. Brabson, J. Budnick, D.D. Caussyn, P. Colestock, G. East, M. Ellison, B. Hamilton, K. Hedblom, S.Y. Lee, D. Li, J.Y. Liu, K.Y. Ng, A. Pei, A. Riabko, M. Syphers, L. Wang, Y. Wang
Space Charge Effects and Intensity Limits of Electron-Cooled Bunched Beams
S. Nagaitsev, T. Ellison, M. Ball, V. Derenchuk, G. East, M. Ellison, B. Hamilton, P. Schwandt
Stability Conditions for a Neutralised Electron Cooling Beam
J. Bosser, S. Maury, D. Möhl, F. Varenne, I. Meshkov, E. Syresin, E. Mustafin, P. Zenkevich
Neutralisation of the LEAR Electron-Cooling Beam: Experimental Results
J. Bosser, F. Caspers, M. Chanel, R. Ley, R. Maccaferri, S. Maury, G. Molinari, G. Tranquille, F. Varenne, I. Meshkov, V. Polyakov, A. Smirnov, O. Stepashkin, E. Syresin
Crystalline Beam Properties as Predicted for the Storage Ring ASTRID and TSR
Jie Wei, Xiao-Ping Li, Andrew Sessler

Instabilities and Cures

Impedance Matrix - an Unified Approach to Longitudinal Coupled-Bunch Feedbacks in a Synchrotron
S. Ivanov
The Coupling Impedance of Toroidal Beam Pipe with Circular Cross Section
H. Hahn
Bunch Lengthening Study in BEPC
Z. Guo, Q. Qin, G. Xu, C. Zhang
Practical Criterion of Transverse Coupled-Bunch Head-Tail Stability
S. Ivanov, M. Pozdeev
A Code to Compute the Action-Angle Transformation for a Particle in an Arbitrary Potential Well
J. Scott Berg, Robert L. Warnock
Study of Longitudinal Coupled-Bunch Instabilities in the SRRC Storage Ring
W.K. Lau, M.H. Wang, K.T. Hsu, L.H. Chang, Ch. Wang, C.C. Kuo
Suppression of the Transverse Oscillation in the SRRC Storage Ring by RF Knockout Method
J.C. Lee, M.H. Wang, K.T. Hsu, R.J. Sheu, G. Lin, C.S. Hsue
The Observation of Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Motion on Streak Camera at SRRC
M.H. Wang, K.T. Hsu, W.K. Lau, C.S. Hsue, H.J. Tsai, H.P. Chang, J.C. Lee, C.C. Kuo
Resistive-Wall Instability Experiment in Space-Charge Dominated Electron Beams
H. Suk, J.G. Wang, M. Reiser
Mode-Coupling Instability and Bunch Lengthening in Proton Machines
K.Y. Ng
Longitudinal Wakefield for Synchrotron Radiation
J.B. Murphy, S. Krinsky, R.L. Gluckstern
Review of Beam Instability Studies for the SSC
W. Chou
Collective Effects in the NLC Damping Ring Designs
T. Raubenheimer, K.L.F. Bane, J.S. Berg, J. Byrd, J. Corlett, M. Furman, S. Heifets, K. Kubo, M. Minty, B. Scott, K.A. Thompson, P.B. Wilson, F. Zimmermann
Emittance and Energy Control in the NLC Main Linacs
C. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, K. Kubo, T. Raubenheimer, R.D. Ruth, K.A. Thompson, F. Zimmermann
Digital Signal Processing for the APS Transverse and Longitudinal Damping System
D. Barr, W. Sellyey
Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Hole in an Infinite Plane Screen
Yong-Chul Chae
Investigation of Resistive Wall Instability in the 7-GeV APS Storage Ring
Yong-Chul Chae
Longitudinal Instability Analysis for the IPNS Upgrade
K. Harkay, Y. Cho, E. Lessner
Transverse Instability Analysis for the IPNS Upgrade
K. Harkay, Y. Cho
Longitudinal Emittance Measurements in the Fermilab Booster
D.A. Herrup
Analog Dampers in the Fermilab Booster
D.A. Herrup, D. McGinnis, J. Steimel, R. Tomlin
A Study of the Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Instability in the Fermilab Main Ring
K. Junck, J. Marriner, D. McGinnis
Inference of Wake Field Structure by Driving Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Modes in Main Ring
S. Assadi, K. Junck, P. Colestock, J. Marriner
Simulation of Transverse Coupled Bunch Instabilities
S. Khan
The Transition Jump System for the AGS
W.K. van Asselt, L.A. Ahrens, J.M. Brennan, A. Dunbar, E. Keith-Monnia, J.T. Morris, M.J. Syphers
Measurements of Longitudinal Phase Space in the SLC Linac
R.L. Holtzapple, F.-J. Decker, R.K. Jobe, C. Simopoulos
Observation of Induced Beam Oscillation from Actively Displaced RF Accelerating Structures
John T. Seeman, Henk Fischer, William Roster
Measurement of the Effect of Collimator Generated Wakefields on the Beams in the SLC
K.L.F. Bane, C. Adolphsen, F.-J. Decker, P. Emma, P. Krejcik, F. Zimmermann
Beam Trajectory Jitter in the SLC Linac
Chris Adolphsen, Tim Slaton
Emittance Growth due to Decoherence and Wakefields
M.G. Minty, A.W. Chao, W.L. Spence
A Weak Microwave Instability with Potential Well Distortion and Radial Mode Coupling
Alex Chao, Bo Chen, Katsunobu Oide
Wake Field and the Diffraction Model Due to a Flat Beam Moving Past a Conducting Wedge
A.W. Chao, H. Henke
Operating Experience with High Beam Currents and Transient Beam Loading in the SLC Damping Rings
M. G. Minty, R. Akre, P. Krejcik, R. H. Siemann
Deflecting Forces for the Case of Multi Mode Beam - RF Cavity Interaction in Linear Accelerators
V.G. Kurakin
Photoelectron Trapping Mechanism for Transverse Coupled Bunch Mode Growth in CESR
J.T. Rogers
Electron Cooler Impedances
A. Burov
Wall Impedances for Low and Moderate Energies
A. Burov
Impedance Analysis of the PEP-II Vacuum Chamber
C.-K. Ng, T. Weiland
Microwave Instabilities in Electron Rings with Negative Momentum Compaction Factor
S.X. Fang, K. Oide, K. Yokoya, B. Chen, J.Q. Wang
Microwave Stability at Transition
J.A. Holt, P.L. Colestock
Experimental Observations of Nonlinear Coupling of Longitudinal Modes in Unbunched Beams
Linda Klamp Spentzouris, Patrick L. Colestock, Francois Ostiguy
Damping Rate Measurements in the SLC Damping Rings
C. Simopoulos, R.L. Holtzapple
Transverse Multibunch Instabilities for Non-Rigid Bunches
J. Scott Berg, Ronald D. Ruth
Simulations of Transition Crossing in the Main Injector
C.M. Bhat, J.A. MacLachlan
Impedance Budget for the KEK B-Factory
Y.H. Chin, K. Satoh
Single-Beam Collective Effects in the KEK B-Factory
Y.H. Chin, K. Akai, Y. Funakoshi, K. Oide, K. Satoh
Beam Transfer Function and Transverse Impedance Measurements in the Fermilab Main Ring
P.J. Chou, G. Jackson
Experimental Studies of Transverse Beam Instabilities at Injection in the Fermilab Main Ring
P.J. Chou, G. Jackson
Longitudinal Multibunch Feedback Experiment with Switched Filter Bank
A. Pei, M. Ball, M. Ellison, X. Kang, S.Y. Lee, D. Li, J. Liu, A. Riabko, L. Wang
Field Propagation Effects and Related Multibunch Instability in Multicell Capture Cavities
M. Ferrario, A. Mosnier, L. Serafini, F. Tazzioli, J.-M. Tessier
Cure of Transverse Instabilities by Chromaticity Modulation
T. Nakamura
A Fast Beam-Ion Instability
F. Zimmermann, T.O. Raubenheimer, G. Stupakov
Simulations of the Longitudinal Instability in the New SLC Damping Rings
K.L.F. Bane, K. Oide
High-Intensity Single Bunch Instability Behavior In The New SLC Damping Ring Vacuum Chamber
K. Bane, J. Bowers, A. Chao, T. Chen, F.J. Decker, R.L. Holtzapple, P. Krejcik, T. Limberg, A. Lisin, B. McKee, M.G. Minty, C.-K. Ng, M. Pietryka, B. Podobedov, A. Rackelmann, C. Rago, T. Raubenheimer, M.C. Ross, R.H. Siemann, C. Simopoulos, W. Spence, J. Spencer, R. Stege, F. Tian, J. Turner, J. Weinberg, D. Whittum, D. Wright, F. Zimmermann
Alignment Tolerance of Accelerating Structures and Corrections for Future Linear Colliders
K. Kubo, C. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, T.O. Raubenheimer, K.A. Thompson
Refinements to Longitudinal, Single Bunch, Coherent Instability Theory
S.R. Koscielniak
Simulations of Sawtooth Instability
R. Baartman, M. D'Yachkov
Characterisation of a Localised Broad-Band Impedance Phenomenon on the SRS
S.F. Hill
Cavity-Beam Instabilities on the SRS at Daresbury
P.A. McIntosh, D.M. Dykes
Bunch Lengthening Thresholds on the Daresbury SRS
J.A. Clarke
Estimation of Collective Instabilities in RHIC
W.W. MacKay, M. Blaskiewicz, D. Deng, V. Mane, S. Peggs, A. Ratti, J. Rose, T.J. Shea, J. Wei
RHIC Injection Kicker Impedance
V. Mane, S. Peggs, D. Trbojevic, W. Zhang
KRAKEN, a Numerical Model of RHIC Impedances
S. Peggs, V. Mane
Lattice Design of Beijing Light Source
N. Huang, L. Jin, D. Wang, L. Wang, A. Xiao, G. Xu
A Theoretical Study of the Electron-Proton Instability in a Long Proton Pulse
Tai-Sen F. Wang
Recent Progress on Beam Stability Study in the PSR
T. Wang, P. Channell, R. Cooper, D. Fitzgerald, T. Hardek, R. Hutson, A. Jason, R. Macek, M. Plum, C. Wilkinson, E. Colton

Low Energy Accelerator Beam Dynamics

Halos of Intense Proton Beams
Robert D. Ryne, Salman Habib, Thomas P. Wangler
Polarized Proton Beams
T. Roser
Beam Dynamics in Heavy Ion Fusion
Peter Seidl
Crystalline Beams
John P. Schiffer
Injecting a Kapchinskij-Vladimirskij Distribution into a Proton Synchrotron
E. Crosbie, K. Symon
Halo of a High-Brightness Electron Beam
G. Haouat, N. Pichoff, C. Couillaud, J.P. De Brion, J. Di Crescenzo, S. Joly, A. Loulergue, C. Ruiz, S. Seguin, S. Striby
Studies on Halo Formation in a Long Magnetic Quadrupole FODO Channel First Experimental Results
P.-Y. Beauvais, D. Bogard, P.-A. Chamouard, R. Ferdinand, G. Haouat, J.-M. Lagniel, J.-L. Lemaire, N. Pichoff, C. Ruiz
Radial Mode Evolution in Longitudinal Bunched Beam Instability
S.Y. Zhang, W.T. Weng
Stability of a Breathing K-V Beam
Robert L. Gluckstern, Wen-Hao Cheng
Hamiltonian Formalism for Space Charge Dominated Beams in a Uniform Focusing Channel
A. Riabko, M. Ellison, X. Kang, S.Y. Lee, J.Y. Liu, D. Li, A. Pei, L. Wang
Simulation Studies of the LAMPF Proton Linac
R.W. Garnett, E.R. Gray, L.J. Rybarcyk, T.P. Wangler
Functional Dependence of Wakefunctions for v < c
Zenghai Li, Joseph J. Bisognano
Betatron Transients Caused by Rapid Changes in the Closed Orbit
James J. Welch
Phenomenology of Crystalline Beams in Smooth Accelerators
A.F. Haffmans, D. Maletic, A.G. Ruggiero
Beam Dynamics in the 1.3 GeV High Intensity ESS Coupled Cavity Linac
M. Pabst, K. Bongardt
Final Bunch Rotation and Momentum Spread Limitation for the ESS Facility
K. Bongardt, M. Pabst
Design Criteria for High Intensity H--Injector Linacs
K. Bongardt, M. Pabst
Measurements of Vacuum Chamber Impedance Effects on the Stored Beam at CESR
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Beam Dynamics, Misc.

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