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Keyword: muon

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Test and Calibration Beams at the Superconducting Super Collider background, collider, shielding, target 890
  • F. Stocker, H. Fenker, R. Schailey
The AGS New Fast Extraction System for the g-2 Experiment and RHIC Injection extraction, kicker, septum, simulation 958
  • M. Tanaka, Y.Y. Lee
Instrumentation for SSC Test Beams beamline, collider, instrumentation, radiation 1281
  • H. Fenker, R. Schailey, F. Stocker
Three-Dimensional Field Map of the Fermilab D0 Dectector collider, field, finite element, hadron 2131
  • J.-F. Ostiguy, R. Yamada
Development of Non-Ferrous Superconducting Magnets field, focusing, lattice, proton 2474
  • F. Krienen, D. Loomba, W. Meng