Linear Accelerators and Pulsed Power Devices (oral session)

Title Page
The IH-Structure and Its Capability to Accelerate High Current Beams 567
  • U. Ratzinger
Design of the SSC Linac 572
  • J. Watson, R. Bhandari, T. Bhatia, C. Chang, R. Cutler, L. Funk, R. Garnett, G. Leifete, S. Nath, G. Neuschaefer, D. Raparia, L. Young
Status of PLS 2 GeV Linac Project 575
  • W. Namkung, M. Cho, I.S. Ko, T.N. Lee, Y.X. Luo, C. Ryu, S. Won
Beam-Dynamics Design and Performance of the RF Deflector in the Los Alamos Single-Beam Funnel Experiment 578
  • F.W. Guy, K.F. Johnson, O.R. Sander
Control of Energy Sweep and Transverse Beam Motion in Induction Linacs 581
  • W.C. Turner
Emittance Variations in Current-Amplifying Ion Induction Linacs 586
  • T.J. Fessenden
Fast Risetime BLT Switches for Accelerator Applications 591
  • G. Kirkman-Amemiya, M.S. Choi, M.A. Gundersen, N. Reinhardt