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Keyword: modulator

Title Other Keywords Page
Design and Preliminary Tests of a Beam Intensity Monitor for LEP collider, feedback, field, resonance 71
  • K.B. Unser
RF System for High-Power Industrial Irradiators accelerator, cathode, electron, klystron 153
  • J.P. Labrie, S.T. Craig, N.H. Drewell, J. Ungrin, B.F. White
Modification of MEA Modulator-Kystron Units Enabling Short Pulse Injection into a Pulse-Stretcher Ring accelerator, electron, klystron, spectrum 205
  • F.B. Kroes, E. Heine
High-Speed, High-Accuracy Magnet Power Supply Using FET Chopper for Synchrotron Facility acceleration, accelerator, chopper, synchrotron 1145
  • T. Kitayama, N. Kawakami, Y. Sato, A. Shibayama, Y. Uno, Y. Watanabe
High Average-Power Induction Linacs accelerator, cathode, emittance, field 1441
  • D. Prono, D. Barrett, E. Bowles, G.J. Caporaso, Y.-J. Chen, J.C. Clark, F. Coffield, M.A. Newton, W. Nexsen, D. Ravenscroft, W.C. Turner, J.A. Watson
Microprocessor Control for CEBAF RF Control Module CAMAC, accelerator, klystron, software 1861
  • I. Ashkenazi, G.E. Lahti
RF Control System Development at CEFAB accelerator, feedback, field, spectrum 1885
  • S. Simrock, J. Fugitt, C. Hovater, S. Jones
Design and Construction of Long-Pulse Modulator impedance, klystron, linac, proton 2002
  • S. Anami, H. Baba, F. Hanaki, M. Kihara, S. Koseki, T. Kubo, K. Kudo, S. Ogawa, M. Ono, E. Takasaki, T. Takenaka
A Method of Frequency Following of the LINAC with Power Feedback accelerator, accumulation, feedback, spectrum 2010
  • D.-X. Xi