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Keyword: shielding

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Perpendicular Biased Ferrite Tuned RF Cavity for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Booster Ring booster, ferrite, field, thermal 171
  • R.L. Poirier, T. Enegren, C. Haddock
DC Septum Magnet for Beam Extraction cooling water, field, septum, vacuum 363
  • A. Noda, K. Chida, A. Mizobuchi, F. Soga, M. Yoshizawa
Half Wave Helix Loaded Superconducting Resonator for the Saclay Heavy on Linac booster, field, ion, linac 601
  • B. Cauvin, J.P. Fouan, J. Girard, G. Ramstein
Fail-Safe Ion Chamber Errant Beam Detector Tailored for Personnel Protection electron, ion, radiation, x-ray 1556
  • M.A. Plum, A.A. Browman, D. Brown, D.M. Lee, C.W. McCabe
184-Inch Synchrocyclotron Decommissioning cyclotron, field, radiation, vacuum 1605
  • R. Reimers, J. Haley, G. Hampton
Power Supplies for the LNLS Magnets booster, chopper, klystron, linac 1922
  • J.A. Pomilio, A.C. Lira, D. Wisnivesky
Status of Magnet Power Supply Development for the APS Storage Ring accelerator, quadrupole, sextupole, vacuum 1925
  • D. McGhee