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Keyword: radio-frequency

Title Other Keywords Page
A Radio-Frequency Transfer Structure for the CERN Linear Collider acceleration, collider, drive beam, linac 100
  • T. Garvey, G. Geschonke, W. Schnell
SUPERFISH Accuracy Dependence on Mesh Size accelerator, field, linac, rf cavities 186
  • J. L. Merson, G.P. Boicourt
Fully Hydroformed RF Cavities field, ion, thermal, vacuum 485
  • C. Hauviller
Phase and Voltage Control in the LEP Radio-Frequency System cathode, feedback, klystron, waveguide 1639
  • J.C. Juillard, E. Peschardt
Phase Compensated Fibre-Optic Links for the LEP RF Reference Distribution chopper, feedback, laser, monitoring 1960
  • E. Peschardt, J.P.H. Sladen