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Keyword: lepton

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Installation and Operation of the New RF System for Lepton Acceleration in the CERN-SPS acceleration, controls, damping, injection 106
  • P.E. Faugeras, H.P. Kindermann, T.P.R. Linnecar, V. Rödel, A. Warman
Beam Dynamics Effects in the CERN SPS Used as a Lepton Injector acceleration, coupling, injection, instability 1205
  • D. Brandt, E. Brouzet, K. Cornelis, J. Gareyte, W. Herr, R. Lauckner, T. Linnecar, R. Schmidt
A New Closed Orbit Correction Procedure for the CERN SPS algorithms, injection, kicker, optics 1681
  • W. Herr, T. Limberg, J. Miles, R. Schmidt
The Performance of the SPS as LEP Injector acceleration, extraction, injection, proton 1853
  • K. Cornelis, R. Schmidt