Accelerator Technology II - RF, Power Supplies, Operations

Title Page
Relativistic Klystrons 1123
  • M.A. Allen, O. Azuma, W.A. Barletta, J.K. Boyd, R.S. Callin, H. Deruyter, K.R. Eppley, K.S. Fant, W.R. Fowkes, J. Haimson, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, H.A. Hoag, T. Houck, R. F. Koontz, T.L. Lavine, T.G. Lee, G. A. Loew, B. Mecklenburg, R.H. Miller, T.J. Orzechowski, R.B. Palmer, J.M. Paterson, D.S. Prono, R.D. Ruth, R.D. Ryne, H.D. Schwarz, A.E. Vlieks, J.W. Wang, G.A. Westenskow, P.B. Wilson, S.S. Yu
Status of the LEP Accelerating Structure 1128
  • P. Brown, G. Geschonke, H. Henke, I. Wilson
The LEP Main Ring High Power RF System 1131
  • H. Frischolz
Development of the Resonant-Cavity Virtual-Cathode and Large-Orbit Gyrotron High-Power Microwave Sources 1134
  • M.V. Fazio, W.W. Destler, R.F. Hoeberling, J. Kinross-Wright, R. Stringfield, F. VanHaaften
RF Breakdown Studies in Copper Electron Linac Structures 1137
  • J.W. Wang, G. A. Loew
KlystrodeR Experimental Results 1140
  • M. Shrader, D. Preist
High-Speed, High-Accuracy Magnet Power Supply Using FET Chopper for Synchrotron Facility 1145
  • T. Kitayama, N. Kawakami, Y. Sato, A. Shibayama, Y. Uno, Y. Watanabe
Magnetic Performance of the LEP Bending Magnets 1148
  • J. Billan, J.P. Gourber, G. Guignard, K.N. Henrichsen, J.M. Maugain, R. Wolf
Switch Mode Power Converters: Present and Future 1151
  • H.W. Isch, A. Dupaquier, K. Fischer, F. Forrest, J. Pett, P. Proudlock
A Faster Chopper for Programmed Population of the Longitudinal Phase Space of the AGS 1154
  • J.M. Brennan, L. Ahrens, J. Alessi, J. Brodowski, J. Kats, W. van Asselt