Accelerator Technology I - Instrumentation, Controls, Feedback

Title Page
Orbit Stability and Feedback Control in Synchrotron Radiation Rings 54
  • L.H. Yu
Problems in Measuring Micron-Size Beams 60
  • C. Field
Optical Transition Radiation Measurements of the Los Alamos Free Electron Laser Driver 65
  • R.B. Fiorito, B.E. Carlsten, D.W. Feldman, R.B. Feldman, A.H. Lumpkin, D.W. Rule
Flying Wires at Fermilab 68
  • J. Gannon, C. Crawford, D. Finley, R. Flora, T. Groves, M. MacPherson
Design and Preliminary Tests of a Beam Intensity Monitor for LEP 71
  • K.B. Unser
Advanced Light Source Control System 74
  • S. Magyary, M. Chin, C. Cork, M. Fahmie, H. Lancaster, A. Molinari, A. Ritchie, A. Robb, C. Timossi
The Provision of Telecommunications Links for the LEP Collider 79
  • C.R.C.B. Parker
A Unified Approach to Building Accelerator Simulation Software for the SSC 82
  • V. Paxson, C. Aragon, S. Peggs, C. Saltmarsh, L. Schachinger
The Bates Pulse Stretcher Ring Control System Design 85
  • T. Russ, A. Carter, Z. Radouch, C. Sibley