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Keyword: shielding

Title Other Keywords Page
Development of Beam Profile and Fast Position Monitors for the LEP Injector Linacs linac, pick-up, thermal, waveguide 1917
  • R. Jung, R.J. Colchester
Wide Dynamic Range Beam Profile Monitor field, proton, timing, vacuum 1967
  • D.M. Lee, J.R. Bilskie, D. Brown, R. Hardekopf, O.B. van Dyck
Experience on Overcoming Beam RF Interference to DCCT feedback, field, radiation, synchrotron 2012
  • Y. Yin
New, Semi-Remote Handling Target Stations in the Fermilab Experimental Areas accelerator, alignment, proton, target 3072
  • D. Eartly, R. Currier, J. Lindberg, S. Sobczynski, W. Strickland
Neutron Production by Ne and Si Ions on a Thick Cu Target at 670 MeV A with Application to Radiation Protection ion, neutron, radiation, target 3104
  • J.B. McCaslin, P.R. LaPlant, A.R. Smith, W.P. Swanson, R. H. Thomas
Design of a Three Channel Septum Magnet field, septum, thermal, tune 3646
  • J. Milburn, R. Caylor, J. Porter, R. Reimers, J. Tanabe
Technological Aspects of the LEP Low-Beta Insertions insertion, lattice, quadrupole, vacuum 3704
  • T.M. Taylor
Superconducting Wire with Small Filaments for SSC Magnets collider, field, injection, sextupole 3714
  • Y. Tanaka, Y. Ikeda, H. Tanaka