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Keyword: diagnostics

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Developments in Non-Destructive Beam Diagnostics accelerator, emittance, ion, proton 2137
  • J.S. Fraser
Applicability of the Fastbus Standard to Distributed Control CAMAC, accelerator, controls, software 2222
  • S.R. Deiss, R.W. Downing, D.B. Gustavson, R.S. Larsen, C.A. Logg, L. Paffrath
Numerical Simulation of Survey Misalignment Effects in the ATA Structure acceleration, accelerator, alignment, survey 2777
  • E.R. Close
FMIT Beamstop irradiation, maintenance, thermal, vacuum 2821
  • R.C. Potter, D.C. Clark, L.B. Dauelsberg, J.L. Uher