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Keyword: brightness

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On the Multiturn Injection of High-Power Beams into an Accumulator Ring injection, proton, septum, tune 2767
  • P.F. Meads, Jr.
The Aladdin Frequency Accelerating System Power Amplifier: 140 kW at Considerably Less Than a Dollar a Watt cathode, electron, radiation, synchrotron 2780
  • E.M. Rowe
High Current Experiments in a Wideröe Structure emittance, injection, ion, linac 3452
  • J. Klabunde, N. Angert, R. Keller, P. Spädtke, J. Struckmeier, H. Trautmann
Meqalac Development at Brookhaven extraction, ion, linac, quadrupole 3482
  • G. Gammel, J. Brodowski, J. Keane, A. Maschke, E. Meier, R. Mobley, R. Sanders