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Keyword: muon

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A High Flux Muon Channel Incorporating a High Quality Spectrometer Field acceptance, electron, field, target 3194
  • D.E. Lobb
"Cloud" and "Surface" Muon Beam Characteristics pion, polarization, proton, target 3197
  • O.B. van Dyck, J.K. Black, E.W. Hoffman, R.J. Macek, G. Sanders, R.D. Werbeck
Secondary Beam Line Phase Space Measurement and Modeling at LAMPF accelerator, chopper, software, timing 3430
  • R. Floyd, J. Harrison, R. Macek, G. Sanders
Invited Paper- Impact of Storage Rings on Elementary Particle Physics hadron, lepton, photon, scattering 4252
  • G.H. Trilling