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Keyword: multipole

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Simultaneous Dynamic Compensation of Stopbands and Multipurpose Location of Correction Lenses in the CERN PS Booster acceleration, booster, damping, skew 3562
  • K. Schindl
Vacuum Contol System for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines booster, field, sextupole, x-ray 3819
  • R.E. Melen, B. Salsburg, J. Yang
Recent Measurement Results of Energy Doubler Magnets field, quadrupole, quench, sextupole 3894
  • M. Wake, D. Blatchley, D.A. Gross, M. Kumada, A.V. Tollestrup
The NSLS Magnet System booster, field, sextupole, x-ray 3919
  • J. Galayda, R.N. Heese, H.C.H. Hsieh, H. Kapfer
Results of Field Measurements for PETRA Magnets field, injection, sextupole 3925
  • U. Knopf, K.D. Nowakowski, O. Peters, S. Wolff