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Keyword: quench

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Operation of Multiple Superconducting Energy Doubler Magnets in Series accelerator, cryogenics, field 1239
  • G. Kalbfleisch, P.J. Limon, C. Rode
Prototype and Proposed "ISABELLE" Dipoles alignment, field, optics, quadrupole 1242
  • A.D. McInturff, P.F. Dahl, R. Damm, K.E. Robins, W.B. Sampson
Superconducting Coil Manufacturing Method for Low Current DC Beam Line Magnets accelerator, field, instability, proton 1251
  • J.A. Satti
Prototype Test of Energy Doubler/Saver Bending Magnet accelerator, field, sextupole, skew 1309
  • R. Yamada, H. Ishimoto, M.E. Price
Superconducting Magnet Quench Protection for ISABELLE accelerator, field, injection, thermal 1318
  • K.E. Robins, W.B. Sampson, M.G. Thomas
Ultra Stable High Field Superconducting Dipoles accelerator, field, instrumentation, thermal 1323
  • J. Allinger, G. Danby, J. Jackson, A. Prodell
Energy Doubler Refrigeration System accelerator, equilibrium, superconducting magnet, thermal 1328
  • C. Rode, D. Richied, S. Stoy, P.C. VanderArend
ISABELLE, A Proton-Proton Colliding Beam Facility at Brookhaven accelerator, field, proton, vacuum 1845
  • J.R. Sanford