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Keyword: recirculation

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Initial Performance of the Stanford Superconducting Recyclotron accelerator, cw, electron, linac 1091
  • J.R. Calarco, M.S. McAshan, H.A. Schwettman, T.I. Smith, J.P. Turneaure, M.R. Yearian
Status of MUSL-2, the Second Microtron Using a Superconducting Linac accelerator, electron, injection, linac 1133
  • P. Axel, L.S. Cardman, A.O. Hansen, J.R. Harlan, R.A. Hoffswell, D. Jamnik, D.C. Sutton, R.H. Taylor, L.M. Young
Progress in Sodium Vapor Change Exchange Cell Development accelerator, accumulation, proton, vacuum 1600
  • H.R. Hiddleston