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Keyword: x-ray

Title Other Keywords Page
Pulserad 1480 - A 9 MV Pulsed Electron Accelerator with an Intensely Focused Beam cathode, electron, impedance, plasma 970
  • P. Champney, P. Spence
Accelerated Particles in Radiation Oncology electron, irradiation, photon, radiation 1211
  • R.S. Heusinkveld, M.L.M. Boone, W.G. Connor
Industrial Applications of Small Accelerators accelerator, ion, neutron, proton 1216
  • J.L. Duggan, I.L. Morgan
Axial Scanning with 900 MeV Alpha Particles cyclotron, electron, radiation, radiography 1752
  • K.M. Crowe, T.F. Budinger, J.L. Cahoon, V.P. Elischer, R.H. Huesman, L.L. Kanstein
Design and Performance of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Project (SSRP) radiation, shielding, synchrotron, vacuum 1794
  • A.D. Baer, M. Baldwin, N. Dean, R. Gaxiola, A. Golde, J. Harris, E. Hoyt, B. Humphrey, F. Johnson, J. Jurow, R. Melen, J. Miljan, B. Salsburg, G. Warren, H. Winick