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Keyword: superconductivity

Title Other Keywords Page
Superconducting Magnets and Cryogenics accelerator, alignment, field, radiation 1116
  • J.R. Purcell
Investigations of Superconducting Helix Resonators for a Heavy Ion Post Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, ion 1172
  • B. Piosczyk, G. Hochschild, E. Jaeschke, R. Repnow, J.E. Vetter, Th. Walcher
A New Superconducting Heavy Ion Accelerating Structure Using Chemically Polished Lead Surfaces accelerator, field, ion, radiation 1179
  • K.W. Shepard, G.J. Dick, J.E. Mercereau
Short Sample Test of Superconducting Wire field, quench, solenoid, thermal 1190
  • M.E. Price, R. Yamada