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Keyword: neutron

Title Other Keywords Page
Uses of Accelerators in Energy R&D accelerator, ion, irradiation, target 940
  • M.J. Saltmarsh
Liquid Deuterium Neutron Attenuator for Broad-Band Photon Beam Facility cryogenics, photon, proton, vacuum 1201
  • R.W. Fast, M.A. Otavka
Industrial Applications of Small Accelerators accelerator, ion, proton, x-ray 1216
  • J.L. Duggan, I.L. Morgan
Pulsed Beam Chopper for LAMPF accelerator, chopper, field, proton 1526
  • R.F. Bentley, G.P. Lawrence, J.S. Lunsford
The Use of Accelerators to Study Irradiation Effects in Materials accelerator, electron, ion, irradiation 1743
  • C.J. McHargue
An Intense Pulsed Neutron Source for Argonne National Laboratory radiation, scattering, spallation, thermal 1768
  • J.M. Carpenter, D.L. Price
Use of Li (d,n) Neutrons for Simulation of Radiation Effects in Fusion Reactors deuteron, radiation, spectrum, target 1776
  • A.N. Goland, D.M. Parkin, C.L. Snead Jr., R.B. Theus
Design of an Intense Fast Neutron Source accelerator, extraction, ion, target 1809
  • J.D. Hepburn, B.G. Chidley, J.H. Ormrod
Relativistic Heavy Ions for Fusion Applications accelerator, bunching, laser, shielding 1825
  • A.W. Maschke