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Keyword: klystron

Title Other Keywords Page
Reliability Engineering for Facility Effectiveness accelerator, field, maintenance, software 1030
  • R.A. Jameson
SLAC8's - A Distributed Acclerator Control and Monitoring System accelerator, controls, maintenance, monitoring 1088
  • W.C. Struven
High Efficiency, CW, High Power Klystrons for Storage Ring Applications cathode, coupling, cw, focusing 1249
  • G.T. Konrad
Design and Operation of the SPEAR II RF System accelerator, coupling, feedback, synchrotron 1269
  • M.A. Allen, R.A. Ecken, L. Genova, B.E. Humphrey, L.G. Karvonen, G.T. Konrad, J.V. Lebacqz, R.A. McConnell, C.W. Olson
Recent Progress on Sled, The SLAC Energy Doubler accelerator, beam-loading, field, waveguide 1299
  • Z.D. Farkas, H.A. Hogg, G.A. Loew, P.B. Wilson
Status Report on Klystron Improvements accelerator, cathode, field, focusing 1324
  • J.V. Lebacqz
A Purpose Built Storage Ring for Synchrotron Radiation Research booster, radiation, synchrotron, wiggler 1817
  • Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source Design Group
Single Bunch Beam Loading Experiments on the SLAC Two-Mile Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, radiation 1870
  • R.F. Koontz, G.A. Loew, R.H. Miller