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Keyword: maintenance

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A 600-kV, 10-mA dc Cockcroft-Walton Rectifier Using Silicon Diodes at 100 kc heavy-ion, ion-source, modulator, radiation 274
  • L.L. Reginato, B.H. Smith
Operation of a 3 GeV Fast Cycling Proton Synchrotron acceleration, proton, synchrotron, target 445
  • E. P. Tomlinson
Practical Operating Problems at the RPI Linac accelerator, klystron, linac, waveguide 449
  • R. Krasse, R. Browne, R. Fullwood
Power System Operation at the Cambridge Electron Accelerator accelerator, electron, tune, vacuum 517
  • W. S. C. Henry
Proposed Remote Handling Methods for a Modified AGS accelerator, feedback, radiation, shielding 668
  • C. R. Flatau