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Keyword: resonance

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Design of the RF Phase and Amplitude Control System for a Proton Linear Accelerator accelerator, damping, field, proton 138
  • R.A. Jameson, N. A. Lindsay, T.F. Turner
A Cyclotron Power-Amplifier RF System Using a 4CW50,000/8350 Tetrode acceleration, cathode, cyclotron, vacuum 174
  • J. W. Osterlund, R. Smythe
Ferrite Measurements for Synchrotron RF Accelerating System Design accelerator, ferrite, field, tune 185
  • Q.A. Kerns, J.E. Katz, G.S. Tool
Field Control Type Current Regulator for Electromagnets cyclotron, electron, feedback, field 421
  • F. F. Cilyo
Transverse Beam Blow-Up in a Standing Wave Linac Cavity field, linac, proton, standing wave 607
  • R.L. Gluckstern, H.S. Butler
Beam Scanner for the Oxford Electrostatic Tandem Accelerator accelerator, field, light source, vacuum 980
  • J. Takacs
Sectored Cyclotrons cyclotron, extraction, field, focusing 985
  • H.G. Blosser