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Keyword: plasma

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Production of Protons and Negative Hydrogen Ions with Low Energy Spread bunching, field, ion, proton 247
  • L. E. Collins, R. H. Gobbett, P. T. Stroud
Analysis of Longitudinal Accelerator Instabilities accelerator, injection, instability, vacuum 561
  • R.L. Pease
Recent Developments in High Intensity Ion Beam Production and Preacceleration brightness, emittance, extraction, ion 746
  • A. van Steenbergen
Ion Sources for High Current Tandem Accelerators emittance, extraction, ion, target 775
  • R. P. Bastide, N.B. Brooks, K.H. Purser, P.H. Rose, A. B. Wittkower
The Brookhaven-Columbia Plasma Lens field, neutrino, proton, target 872
  • E.B. Forsyth, L. M. Lederman, J. Sunderland