Requirements for JACoW Membership and Publication
JACoW does not make links to other sites: all conferences are required to send files ready for publication.
Conferences have to meet certain standards in the preparation of their files for JACoW. The following page lists the main features which are required and further technical information can be found in JACoW's electronic publication help files. The website is built around a search engine accessed via a custom interface and provides a service to the whole accelerator community.
Membership of JACoW
Membership of JACoW has to be agreed by the Organizing Committees of the various series that currently support the site (see JACoW Terms of Reference). Membership is also conditional on a commitment from Organizing Committees that they will contribute to the site for at least three future conferences.
Technical Requirements for Publication
Paper Size
The text (170mm by 241mm) is centred on paper which is A4 wide by US letter high - this will print well all over the world. This particular paper size is set during the processing of the files by changing the media box (PitStop Action). JACoW provides templates for the authors to prepare their PostScript such that the cropping procedure is simplified. In principle, when the templates have been used correctly, we have to take 18mm from the top of an A4 doc and 6mm from the right of a US letter doc.
Page Layout
We have the text centred on the page and each page carries a page number and conference name (and in some cases copyright information). Therefore when you print an individual paper, you can see the full reference (Title, author, conference and page number) on at least the first page and the conference name and page number on subsequent pages.
Performance Issues
Any individual page should display in less than about 5 seconds on a 'normal' specification computer (say 500MHz machine in 2002).
Hidden Fields
These fields are used so that our search engine on the website is more efficient and people can make Boolean searches on keywords, authors, titles and so on. The fields are therefore used as follows: Title - Title with anglicized characters (in general, no math or foreign characters); Author - author list without affiliations; Subject - variable but often the classification given by the conference; Keywords - list of up to 5 keywords derived by a script from the PDF file contents.
Finished PDF files
The finished files are set to open with Fit Width setting and thumbnails are generated.
Type 3 fonts
We make a maximum effort to avoid type 3 fonts in our PDF files. The main source for these is LaTeX but it can be avoided completely if the LaTeX is processed in the correct environment.
Indexes or 'wrapper' files (author index and table of contents) are required for each conference in HTML form in order to load them on the website (normally editors send us a CD-ROM). It can be seen from the website that the layout for these wrapper files varies from one conference to another, reflecting their own personality but they all contain the same basic information.