Registration Fee

The Registration Fee of US$ 200 must be paid in cash upon registration at the Team Meeting. 

The fee covers the cost of a Reception on Tuesday 9 October, a Dinner on Wednesday 10 October, breakfast and lunches and breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday 9 and 10 October, and breakfast on Thursday, 11 October.

Transport from the Airport to the Hotel upon arrival is at the expense of attendees.

Registration to Attend

Please register to attend the Team Meeting via the InDiCo site:

under the top banner where it says:  Want to Participate:  Apply here.

Please register for the Team Meeting at your earliest convenience, but if at all possible before

Friday, 7 September

On-site registration for Team Meeting attendees will take place on Tuesday, 9 October at 09:00 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

List of Participants

Registered participants are listed just below the link "Want to Participate".