MC6: Beam Instrumentation, Controls, Feedback and Operational Aspects
T26 Photon Beam Lines and Components
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THPGW051 MCP Based Detectors of European XFEL 3703
  • E. Syresin, O.I. Brovko, A.Yu. Grebentsov
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  • W. Freund, J. Grünert
    EuXFEL, Schenefeld, Germany
  • M.V. Yurkov
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Radiation detectors based on microchannel plates (MCP) are used for measurements of the SASE process of the European XFEL. Detectors operate in a wide dynamic range from the level of spontaneous emission to the saturation level (between a few nJ and 25 mJ) and in a wide wavelength range from 0.05 nm to 0.4 nm for SASE1 and SASE2 and from 0.4 nm to 4.43 nm for SASE3. Photon pulse energies are measured by the MCPs with an anode and by a photodiode. The MCP imager measures the photon beam image with a phosphor screen. Three MCP detectors are installed, one behind each SASE undulator (SASE1, SASE2, and SASE3). Calibration and first experiments with the MCP detectors are under discussion.  
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About • paper received ※ 29 April 2019       paper accepted ※ 23 May 2019       issue date ※ 21 June 2019  
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THPGW089 Mechanical Design of a Diamond Crystal Hard X-Ray Self-Seeding Monochromator for PAL-XFEL 3782
  • D. Shu, J.W.J. Anton, S.P. Kearney, K. Kim, Yu. Shvyd’ko
    ANL, Argonne, Illinois, USA
  • H.-S. Kang, C.-K. Min, B.G. Oh, S.Y. Rah
    PAL, Pohang, Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea
  Funding: Work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, under Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357
As a part of the Argonne Strategic Partnership Project (SPP) 85H21, a collaboration between Advanced Photon Source (APS), Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL), we have designed, constructed, and tested a thin-film-diamond monochromator for the PAL X-ray Free-Electron-Laser (PAL-XFEL) hard x-ray self-seeding project*. The mechanical design of the PAL-XFEL diamond crystal hard x-ray self-seeding monochromator is based on the APS design of a diamond-crystal monochromator for the LCLS hard x-ray self-seeding project** with enhanced diamond crystal holder for two thin-film-diamond crystals with thicknesses of 30 microns and 100 microns***. The customized high quality thin-film-diamonds and special graphite holder were provided by the Technological Institute for Super-hard and Novel Carbon Materials of Russia (TISNCM)****, and tested at the APS***. An in-vacuum multi-axis precision positioning mechanism is designed to manipulate the duo-thin-film diamonds holder with resolutions and stabilities required by the hard x-ray self-seeding physics. Mechanical specifications, designs, and preliminary test results of the diamond monochromator are presented in this paper.
*Chang-Ki Min, et al, sub. J. Sync. Rad., 2018
**D. Shu, et al, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 425 (2013) 052004
***Y. Shvyd’ko, et al, FEL2017, Santa Fe
****Polyakov S, et. al, 2011 Diam. Rel. Mat. 20 726
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About • paper received ※ 14 May 2019       paper accepted ※ 21 May 2019       issue date ※ 21 June 2019  
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