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BiBTeX citation export for WEPTS054: Pyg4ometry : A Tool to Create Geometries for Geant4, BDSIM, G4Beamline and FLUKA for Particle Loss and Energy Deposit Studies

  author       = {S.T. Boogert and others},
  title        = {{P}yg4ometry : {A} {T}ool to {C}reate {G}eometries for {G}eant4, {BDSIM}, {G}4{B}eamline and {FLUKA} for {P}article {L}oss and {E}nergy {D}eposit {S}tudies},
  booktitle    = {Proc. 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC'19),
                  Melbourne, Australia, 19-24 May 2019},
  pages        = {3244--3247},
  paper        = {WEPTS054},
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  venue        = {Melbourne, Australia},
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  doi          = {doi:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2019-WEPTS054},
  url          = {http://jacow.org/ipac2019/papers/wepts054.pdf},
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