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RIS citation export for TUPGW008: PERLE: A High Power Energy Recovery Facility

AU  - Kaabi, W.
AU  - Angal-Kalinin, D.
AU  - Bogacz, S.A.
AU  - Bousson, S.
AU  - Brüning, O.S.
AU  - Calaga, R.
AU  - Chaikovska, I.
AU  - Dassa, L.
AU  - Gerigk, F.
AU  - Hounsell, B.
AU  - Hutton, A.
AU  - Jensen, E.
AU  - Klein, M.
AU  - Levichev, E.B.
AU  - Longuevergne, D.
AU  - Marhauser, F.
AU  - McKenzie, J.W.
AU  - Militsyn, B.L.
AU  - Olivier, G.
AU  - Olry, G.
AU  - Pupkov, Yu.A.
AU  - Rimmer, R.A.
AU  - Stocchi, A.
AU  - Tennant, C.
AU  - Thonet, P.A.
AU  - Vallerand, C.
AU  - Welsch, C.P.
AU  - Williams, P.H.
ED  - Boland, Mark
ED  - Tanaka, Hitoshi
ED  - Button, David
ED  - Dowd, Rohan
ED  - Schaa, Volker RW
ED  - Tan, Eugene
TI  - PERLE: A High Power Energy Recovery Facility
J2  - Proc. of IPAC2019, Melbourne, Australia, 19-24 May 2019
CY  - Melbourne, Australia
T2  - International Particle Accelerator Conference
T3  - 10
LA  - english
AB  - PERLE is a proposed high power Energy Recovery Linac, designed on multi-turn configuration, based on SRF technology, to be hosted at Orsay-France in a col-laborative effort between local laboratories: LAL and IPNO, together with an international collaboration involv-ing today: CERN, JLAB, STFC ASTeC Daresbury, Liverpool University and BINP Novosibirsk. PERLE will be a unique leading edge facility designed to push advances in accelerator technology, to provide intense and highly flexible test beams for component development. In its final configuration, PERLE provides a 500 MeV elec-tron beam using high current (20 mA) acceleration during three passes through 801.6 MHz cavities. This presenta-tion outlines the technological choices, the lattice design and the main component descriptions.
PB  - JACoW Publishing
CP  - Geneva, Switzerland
SP  - 1396
EP  - 1399
KW  - cavity
KW  - linac
KW  - cryomodule
KW  - injection
KW  - gun
DA  - 2019/06
PY  - 2019
SN  - 978-3-95450-208-0
DO  - DOI: 10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2019-TUPGW008
UR  - http://jacow.org/ipac2019/papers/tupgw008.pdf
ER  -