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RIS citation export for THPTS011: Design, Production, and Testing of Superconducting Magnets for the Super-FRS

AU  - Müller, H.
AU  - Allain, H.
AU  - Borceto, A.
AU  - Cho, E.J.
AU  - Daly, M.
AU  - Drago, G.
AU  - Golluccio, G.
AU  - Grafin, P.
AU  - Lucas, J.
AU  - Madur, A.
AU  - Munoz-Garcia, J.-E.
AU  - Quettier, L.
AU  - Reymond, H.
AU  - Roux, C.
AU  - Simon, H.
AU  - Sugita, K.
AU  - Valesi, G.
AU  - Van Den Boogaard, L.X.
AU  - Ventura, D.
AU  - Winkler, M.
ED  - Boland, Mark
ED  - Tanaka, Hitoshi
ED  - Button, David
ED  - Dowd, Rohan
ED  - Schaa, Volker RW
ED  - Tan, Eugene
TI  - Design, Production, and Testing of Superconducting Magnets for the Super-FRS
J2  - Proc. of IPAC2019, Melbourne, Australia, 19-24 May 2019
CY  - Melbourne, Australia
T2  - International Particle Accelerator Conference
T3  - 10
LA  - english
AB  - The Super FRS is a two-stage in flight separator to be built next to the site of GSI, Darmstadt, Germany as part of FAIR (Facility for Anti-proton and Ion Research). Its purpose is to create and separate rare isotope beams and to enable the mass measurement also for very short lived nuclei. Due to its three branches a wide variety of experiments can be carried out in frame of the NUSTAR collaboration. Due to the large acceptance needed, the magnets of the Super-FRS have to have a large aperture and therefore only a superconducting solution is feasible. A superferric design with superconducting coils was chosen in which the magnetic field is shaped by an iron yoke. For the dipoles this iron yoke is at warm and only the coils are incorporated in a cryostat. The multiplets, assemblies of quadrupoles and higher order multipole magnets, are completely immersed in a liquid Helium bath. With the exception of special branching dipoles all superconducting magnets of Super-FRS have been contracted and are being built by Elytt in Spain (dipoles) and ASG in Italy (multiplets). The cold test of all magnets will take place in a dedicated test facility at CERN. This contribution will present the status of manufacturing of dipoles and multiplets, and also gives a short overview on the test facility.
PB  - JACoW Publishing
CP  - Geneva, Switzerland
SP  - 4128
EP  - 4131
KW  - dipole
KW  - quadrupole
KW  - cryogenics
KW  - octupole
KW  - superconducting-magnet
DA  - 2019/06
PY  - 2019
SN  - 978-3-95450-208-0
DO  - DOI: 10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2019-THPTS011
UR  - http://jacow.org/ipac2019/papers/thpts011.pdf
ER  -