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RIS citation export for THPRB074: Studies Towards the New Beam Screen System of the LHC Injection Kicker Magnet for HL-LHC Operation

AU  - Vlachodimitropoulos, V.
AU  - Barnes, M.J.
AU  - Chmielinska, A.
AU  - Ducimetière, L.
AU  - Vega Cid, L.
AU  - Weterings, W.J.M.
ED  - Boland, Mark
ED  - Tanaka, Hitoshi
ED  - Button, David
ED  - Dowd, Rohan
ED  - Schaa, Volker RW
ED  - Tan, Eugene
TI  - Studies Towards the New Beam Screen System of the LHC Injection Kicker Magnet for HL-LHC Operation
J2  - Proc. of IPAC2019, Melbourne, Australia, 19-24 May 2019
CY  - Melbourne, Australia
T2  - International Particle Accelerator Conference
T3  - 10
LA  - english
AB  - Although no heating issues were observed in the Large Hadron Collider’s (LHC) injection kicker magnets (MKIs) during Run 2, simulations suggest that for operation with the high intensity beams of the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) project, the magnet’s ferrite yokes will reach their Curie temperature, thus leading to long turnaround times before a new beam can be safely injected into the machine. To safely enter the HL-LHC era, a campaign to redesign the kicker’s beam screen was launched. An improved beam-screen has already been implemented in an upgraded MKI, that was installed in the LHC tunnel in the Year End Technical Stop (YETS) 17/18, and has been successfully tested during 2018 operation. However, the improved design alone is not expected to be enough for HL-LHC operation, and further modifications are required. In this work, the approach to the design from an electromagnetic point of view is presented and different considered options are reported, emphasising the final design of the new beam screen system that is currently being implemented.
PB  - JACoW Publishing
CP  - Geneva, Switzerland
SP  - 3982
EP  - 3985
KW  - kicker
KW  - injection
KW  - operation
KW  - vacuum
KW  - simulation
DA  - 2019/06
PY  - 2019
SN  - 978-3-95450-208-0
DO  - DOI: 10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2019-THPRB074
UR  - http://jacow.org/ipac2019/papers/thprb074.pdf
ER  -