Author: Tavares, P.F.
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Design Study of the High Gradient Magnets for a Future Diffraction-Limited Light Source at MAX IV  
  • A.S. Vorozhtsov, P.F. Tavares
    MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University, Lund, Sweden
  The introduction of the multibend achromat lattice has ushered in a new era for storage-ring based light sources allowing order-of-magnitude improvements in source performance. A central ingredient in various engineering implementations of the MBA concept is the use of high gradient magnets with significantly smaller apertures than in previous generations of storage rings. Another increasingly common theme is the large scale use of permanent magnet technology. This paper describes the design study of 11 mm bore diameter high gradient magnets in frame of the upgrade concept for a future diffraction-limited light sources reaching the diffraction limit at X-ray wavelengths, i.e. providing emittances on the order of 10 pm·rad within the constraints of the existing MAX IV 3 GeV ring tunnel (528 m circumference). Preliminary lattice designs with 19 bends per achromat have been used as the starting point for the magnet design study. Two solutions such as conventional electromagnet and a hybrid magnet (combination of permanent magnet and electromagnet) are compared. The possible technical challenges that shall be overcome to realize this project are discussed.  
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