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Keyword: irradiation

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ILU-Electron Accelerators for Industry accelerator, electron, radiation, thermal 288
  • V. L. Auslender (INP, Novosibirsk)
Electron Emission from Ferroelectric Cathodes Excited by Picosecond Laser Pulses with Long Wavelenghs cathode, electron, extraction, laser 1468
  • K. Geissler, J. P. Gourber, A. Meineke, H. Riege (CERN), B. Leblond (LAL Orsay), J. Handerek (Univ. of Katowice)
Advanced Beam Diagnostics for a Compact Cyclotron controls, cyclotron, monitoring, software 1524
  • Z. Kormány, A. Valek (ATOMKI, Debrecen), F. Dworschak, W. Kogler, W. Stellmacher (KFA-Jülich)
Circular Beam Scanning of Large Targets accelerator, field, rf cavities, target 2435
  • Y. K. Batygin (Moscow Physical Engineering Institute), V. V. Kushin, S. V. Plotnikov (ITEP, Moscow)
Application of "Electronica 10-10" Electron Linac for Food Processing accelerator, cathode, electron, radiation 2644
  • W. Maciszewski, A. G. Chmielewski, W. Migdal, B. Owczarczyk (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw)
4 kW, 25 keV Power Electron Source for Studies of Thermal Beam Effects cathode, electron, field, vacuum 2653
  • J. Bigolas, M. Pachan, E. Plawski, J. Pszona, A. Wysocka (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk)