EPAC1994 Keywords
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Keyword: brilliance

Title Other Keywords Page
Status of the ESRF coupling, insertion, target, x-ray 8
  • J.M. Filhol (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
A Review of Proposed New European Synchrotron Light Sources emittance, lattice, radiation, synchrotron 99
  • M. W. Poole (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Critical Review of Target Specifications for Third Generation Synchrotron Radiation Light Sources emittance, insertion, photon, target 113
  • J. L. Laclare (Grenoble)
Towards an Increased Brilliance at the ESRF coupling, emittance, lattice, skew 582
  • A. Ropert (ESRF Grenoble)
Status Report on the SPring-8 linac, radiation, synchrotron, undulator 597
  • presented by M. Hara SPring-8 Accelerator Group (JAERI-RIKEN)
Possible Retuning of the ESRF Storage Ring Lattice for Reducing the Beam Emittance emittance, lattice, optics, quadrupole 612
  • L. Farvacque, J. L. Laclare, A. Ropert (ESRF Grenoble), H. Tanaka (JAERI-RIKEN, Hyogo), P. Nghiem, J. Payet, A. Tkatchenko (LNS, Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette)
Proposals for New UK Light Sources electron, lattice, radiation, synchrotron 621
  • M. W. Poole, V. P. Suller (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Insertion Devices at the ESRF electron, field, photon, undulator 654
  • J. Chavanne, P. Elleaume (ESRF Grenoble)