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Keyword: brightness

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Design of a Swiss Light Source electron, emittance, photon, undulator 627
  • W. Joho, P. Marchand, L. Rivkin, A. Streun (PSI, Villigen)
Numerical and Analytical Comptations of Undulator/Wiggler Radiation electron, emittance, radiation, undulator 1241
  • F. Ciocci, G. Dattoli, L. Giannessi, G. K. Voykov (ENEA, CRE Frascati)
Multialkali Thin Photocathodes for High Brightness Guns cathode, electron, lifetime, photon 1456
  • P. Michelato, C. Pagani, D. Sertore (INFN-LASA), S. Valeri (INFM, Modena)
Electron Beam Guns for High Intensity Linear Accelerators and Technological Purposes cathode, electron, gun, vacuum 1489
  • V. A. Polyakov, I. S. Shchedrin (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI))
A High Precision Digitiser and Multiplexer for the New Orbit Processing Electronics at Daresbury accelerator, electron, feedback, software 1551
  • L.M. Ford, M. T. Heron, R. J. Smith (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Closed Orbit Feedback with Digital Signal Processing accelerator, feedback, photon, synchrotron 1592
  • Y. Chung, J. Kirchman, F. Lenkszus, A. J. Votaw (ANL), J. Corbett, R. Hettel, D. Keeley, J. Sebek, C. Wermelskirchen, J. Yang (SLAC)
Hyperemittance Measurement with an Image Processing System accelerator, electron, emittance, laser 1667
  • Y. L. Pan, J.Y. Chen, Y. Q. Gao, X. F. Guan, X. Z. Shi, Q. Sun, Z. Y. Yang (China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE), Beijing)