EPAC1988 Keywords
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Keyword: space-charge

Title Other Keywords Page
GALOPR, A Beam Transport Program, with Space-Charge and Bunching bunching, emittance, field, injection 660
  • B. Bru (GANIL)
Nonlinear Effects in High-Current Beams accelerator, emittance, field, focusing 740
  • A. P. Korolev, P. R. Zenkevich (ITEP, Moscow)
The Longid Simulation Code damping, field, injection, synchrotron 743
  • S. R. Koscielniak (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC)
Strategies for Longitudinal Painting in the EHF Booster at Injection booster, bunching, injection, linac 860
  • E. Gianfelice (INFN Sezione di Napoli), H. Schönauer (CERN)
Design of a Bunching System for a High-Intensity Electron LINAC bunching, electron, emittance, linac 863
  • R. H. Miller (SLAC), C. H. Kim, F. Selph (LBNL)