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Keyword: septum

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Towards a Slow Extraction System for the TRIUMF Kaon Factory Extender Ring with 0.1% Losses emittance, extraction, lattice, tune 269
  • U. Wienands (TRIUMF), R. V. Servranckx (University of Saskatchewan and TRIUMF)
The MIT-BATES South Hall Ring emittance, extraction, injection, target 362
  • K. D. Jacobs, R. D. Biron, J. B. Flanz, E. Ihloff, S. Kowalski, Z. Radouch, T. Russ, A. Saab, W. W. Sapp, C. Williamson, A. Zolfaghari, J. Zumbro (MIT-Bates)
Progress towards H- Extraction at TRIUMF cyclotron, extraction, factory, field 559
  • R. E. Laxdal, G. H. Mackenzie, J. B. Pearson, G. Stinson, R Trellé, R. Worsham, M. Zach (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC)
Low Energy Injection Scheme of Compact Electron Storage Rings electron, injection, linac, synchrotron 573
  • K. Nakayama, Y. Gomei (TOSHIBA Corp., Kawasaki)
Commissioning and Operating Experience with the H- Injection System for the Fast Cycling Synchrotorn of ISIS ferrite, field, injection, synchrotron 582
  • C. W. Planner, S. C. Broughton, W. R. Evans, V. C. Kempson, V. Pugh, M. L. Yates (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
Slow Resonant Extraction at the European Hadron Facility emittance, extraction, insertion, quadrupole 687
  • F. Galluccio (INFN Sezione di Napoli)
Protection of Superconducting Magnets against Irradiation during Fast Resonance Extraction from UNK extraction, field, proton, resonance 926
  • A. N. Akimov, I. S. Baishev, A. I. Drozhdin, Yu. S. Fedotov, M. A. Maslov (IHEP, Serpukhov)
Separation of Reaction or Decay Products from Cooled Ion Beams Stored in the ESR electron, extraction, ion, resonance 1093
  • B. Franzke, G. Eickhoff (GSI Darmstadt)
Dynamic Transfer from MIMAS to SATURNE emittance, extraction, injection, kicker 1223
  • T. Aniel, J. M. Lagniel, A. Tkatchenko (CEN Saclay)
A Beam Splitter for the Parasitic Use of the 72 MeV Proton Beam Line to Produce Isotopes cathode, cyclotron, field, vacuum 1300
  • M. Olivo, H. V. Reist (PSI, Villigen)
The Injection Kicker System of LEP field, injection, kicker, vacuum 1381
  • G. H. Schröder, J. Bonthond, U. Jansson, H. Kuhn, M. Mayer, G. Vossenberg (CERN)
Injection in CRYRING acceptance, emittance, field, injection 1404
  • A. Simonsson (Manne Siegbahn Inst. Stockholm)
COSY - A Compact Electron Storage Ring for Synchrotron Radiation injection, ion, kicker, lifetime 1523
  • E. Weihreter, W. Anders, K. Bürkmann, K. Derikum, G. v. Egan-Krieger, M. v. Hartrott, N. Holtkamp, W. -D. Klotz, H. Lehr, G. Mülhaupt, R. Maier, M. Martin, A. Schiele, L. Schulz, T. Westphal (Berliner Elektronenspeicherring-Gesellschaft für Synchrotronstrahlung mbH)