Table of Sessions
MOO1A Monday, first oral session
MOO2A Monday, second oral session
MOD1A Commissioning aspects of new machines - Sala 3
MOD2C BPM system:pickups and readout electronics - Sala 4
MOD3B Timing and longitudinal diagnostics for IV generation Light Sources - Sala 2
MOD4D Transverse Profile measurements - Sala B+C 1st floor
MOO3A Monday, third oral session
TUO1A Tuesday, first oral session
TUPB Tuesday poster session sala 2
TUPC Tuesday poster session, sala 4
WEO1A Wednesday, first oral session
WEO2A Wednesday, second oral session
WEPB Wednesday poster session sala 2
WEPC Wednesday poster session sala 4
WEO3A Wednesday third oral and closing sessions