Proc. 21st Int. Conf. on Cyclotrons and their Applications
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The 21st International Conference on Cyclotrons and their Applications took place from September 11 to 16 in Zürich, Switzerland. It was hosted by the Swiss Institute of Technology ETH and the Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI. The international cyclotron conference series boasts a long tradition, dating back to 1959 when the first edition was held in Sea Island, Georgia, USA.
Over the course of the series, the focus and themes of the conferences have changed considerably. Cyclotron concepts and technologies have been developed and refined in many aspects. After years of research and development, this has resulted in many practical benefits for society, with hundreds of cyclotrons now in use for medical and industrial applications. The broad range of applications was made possible through the industrialization of the concepts, leading to robust and cost effective machines that are in routine operation, e.g., at hospitals. At the same time, the use of cyclotrons is evident in new concepts and applications to drive unique research facilities. The conference program illustrates the wide range of activities being covered by researchers in cyclotrons. They vary from improvements to technical solutions for industrial applications, with the aim of making them more economically effective, to elaborate and new ideas for realizing new research facilities. In particular new developments were presented in the fields of rare isotope beam production and cyclotrons for the acceleration of high intensity beams.
Another worthy aspect of the conference is the strong sense of community that it fosters. Scientists at various stages of their career, gather to exchange information, create networks and form collaborations. With every new idea about cyclotrons and their applications the community reinvents itself continuously. Many young people and students participated at the conference and presented their work. This is a good indication of the vibrancy of the field of cyclotrons and a positive outlook for the future.
Finally, I would like to thank all participants for attending the conference and for their numerous scientific contributions that made the conference such a success.
Mike Seidel, Chair

Cyclotrons'16 was hosted by Paul Scherrer Institut and ETH Zürich and held at the Main Building of ETH Zürich, Switzerland, from 11-16 September, 2016   PSI logo  ETHZ logo